The Best Netflix Original Action Movies, Ranked (2023)

The hit streaming service has been in the lead for years with its groundbreaking and award-winning originals from every genre. Whether it be a TV show, a horror movie, a rom-com, or an action movie, Netflix has had plenty of hits. Action movies are a standout on the streaming service, with its high-quality action movies that deliver on all fronts. With great stories, and exciting and jaw-dropping action that boasts stellar casts, Netflix's original action movies are certainly not to be missed.

From Army of The Dead and Extraction and more recently, The Gray Man, Netflix have often hit more than they have missed when it comes to action movies, and its with these action movies that has cemented Netflix as a leading streaming service. So with that, here is how we would rank the best Netflix original action movies.


7/7 Revenger (2018)

The Best Netflix Original Action Movies, Ranked (1)

While Revenger doesn't necessarily break any new ground in the genre, it is still a highly-entertaining martial arts action flick. The action scenes are what we are here to see and there is plentiful of exciting martial arts action. Director Lee Seung-Won delivers visually pleasing action scenes with plenty of trackable punches, kicks, and bloodshed. But perhaps the standout action scene of the movie was when Bruce Khan's character picked up a sword and went to town on his foes. The scene delivered some spectacular sword-play which was fast, intense, and real.

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Set in the near future, dangerous criminals are housed on a hellish prison island, while a man who purposely sends himself to this island seeks revenge for the murder of his family.

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6/7 The Adam Project (2022)

The Best Netflix Original Action Movies, Ranked (2)

This action comedy reunites Ryan Reynolds with Free Guy director Shawn Levy for a fun and exciting time travel movie. Time travel isn't necessarily the newest of movie concepts, but The Adam Project does enough to make it stand out from the rest. From its jaw-dropping action, awesome visual effects, and an engaging plot, The Adam Project is certainly a Netflix action movie not to be missed.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect about this movie, is its cast, which includes Ryan Reynolds, Zoe Saldana and Catherine Keener, alongside Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo, playing husband and wife, which makes us all question if this time travel epic is an unofficial 13 Going on 30 sequel. The standout performance was Walker Scobell, delivering a hilarious, and equally heartfelt performance as a young Adam Reed, the younger version of Ryan Reynolds' character. Scobell perfectly mimics Reynolds in the best ways possible and even delivers a hilarious reference to Ryan Reynolds' red spandex-wearing hero; Deadpool. With Scobell quoting "super-hero landing", a reoccurring anecdote throughout the Deadpool movies.

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The Adam Project follows Adam Reed (Ryan Reynolds), as he crash lands in the year 2022 and soon finds the 12-year-old version of himself (Walker Scobell). This leads the pair on a dangerous mission to save the future, by traveling back into the past to re-unite with their dead father (Mark Ruffalo).

5/7 The Old Guard (2020)

The Best Netflix Original Action Movies, Ranked (3)

Charlize Theron has truly cemented herself as an action movie star, with her roles in Mad Max: Fury Road and Atomic Blonde. The Old Guard is no exception, as Theron yet again delivers amazing action scenes that demonstrate her believable physicality and skills as an action star. The film is based upon the comics of the same name, and was written by Greg Rucka, the man behind the original comic books. This gives the film and its lore a sense of authenticity, and is a true and successful adaption of the comic series. The choreography in the action is extremely well-crafted, combining gun-fu, which shot the likes of John Wick to its action movie fame, alongside employing the use of swords and axes to provide some awesome kills. The film received mostly positive reviews, with critics praising Theron's performance, and physicality in the action scenes, as well as the action as a whole.

The movie follows a group of secret centuries-old immortal mercenaries who have the ability to heal themselves. But, when someone soon discovers their secret, the group must fight to protect themselves and their freedom.

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4/7 The Gray Man (2022)

The Best Netflix Original Action Movies, Ranked (4)

The latest film on this list sees Ryan Gosling star in a Russo Brother-directed action extravaganza. This movie was sold to be one of Netflix's biggest action movies yet, and it certainly delivers. All the action scenes are exceptionally directed, with standout scenes being an explosive airplane fight scene, as well as an epic shootout in Vienna. One of the biggest draws to Netflix action movies is the A-listers that star in them, and The Gray Man doesn't disappoint. With Ryan Gosling, Ana De Armas, Rege-Jean Page and Chris Evans, who gave a delightfully fun and evil performance as the mustache-sporting Lloyd. While the plot isn't the biggest sell of this movie, the fun cast, and huge, exciting action scenes make for an incredibly entertaining watch and gets us excited about its potential sequels and spin-offs.

Based off the book series of the same name, The Gray Man follows Six (Ryan Gosling), who is part of the Gray Man initiative (the CIA's top asset), and after uncovering agency secrets, triggers a global hunt by assassins.

3/7 Extraction (2020)

The Best Netflix Original Action Movies, Ranked (5)

Directed by stunt coordinator Sam Hargave, Extraction certainly delivered on what it set out to do. Delivering explosive stunts, beautifully shot action, and amazing choreography, Extraction is one of the best movies on the streaming service. While the film doesn't offer a fresh plot, or many interesting characters, the action is the film's biggest draw, and gives the film its edge over the competition. The film was such a hit, that it quickly led to Netflix announcing a sequel to be released next year.

The film shot to success with its very impressive 12-minute, one-take (continuous) shot, seamlessly transitioning from car chases to shootouts, and finally a tense one-on-one knife brawl. In an interview with Indie Wire, Hargraves stated "It took us from conception to execution, probably four or five months". Which is a substantial amount of time, but it more than paid off as it was one of the most impressive action scenes of 2020.

Extraction follows a black market mercenary, as he is hired to rescue the kidnapped son of an imprisoned international crime lord. But, in the underworld of weapons dealers and drug traffickers, an already deadly mission quickly becomes the impossible.

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2/7 Army of the Dead (2021)

The Best Netflix Original Action Movies, Ranked (6)

Zack Snyder's latest zombie epic, is nothing short of a spectacle, with its grand scale, exciting action, awesome characters, and a zombie tiger. The film sports a star-studded cast, with the likes of Dave Bautista, Hiroyuki Sanada, Omari Hardwick, Tig Natarro, and the standout being Matthias Schweighofer, who is simply lovable as Ludwig Dieter. The character quickly became a fan favorite. So much so, that a spin-off titled Army of Thieves, released not long after Snyder's zombie movie, focuses on Ludwig's journey to becoming a world-class safe cracker.

Zack Snyder is the king of slow-mo movie intros, and Army of the Deaddelivers one of the best of his career. Giving the audience a stylistically epic sequence as Las Vegas becomes overrun by thousands of the undead, with "Viva Las Vegas" on full blast as we get to witness the bloody carnage unfold on screen. Army of the Dead has since been nominated for numerous awards, but most notably, the film took home the award for Oscars Fan Favorite (2021) at the 94th Academy Awards.

The film follows a group of mercenaries as they take on the ultimate heist by walking into a zombie-infested Las Vegas in hopes of pulling off the impossible. There, they have hopes of stealing the money and escaping with their lives.

1/7 The Night Comes for Us (2018)

The Best Netflix Original Action Movies, Ranked (7)

The action in this martial arts extravaganza is simply breathtaking, and is very much in the same vein as The Raid movies. Not only is the action top-notch and comparable to the phenomenal action from The Raid, but the film also stars two main stars from the first Raid movie, Joe Taslim and Iko Uwais. They are incredible martial artists in their own right, which makes their epic, brutal, and very long battle at the end of the film so brilliant.

Be warned, this movie is not for the faint of heart, as it's one of the most brutal, bloody, and all-around violent action movies of all time. It includes many knife slashes, people getting blown to pieces, and a very violent scene in a butcher shop that we won't go into too much detail about. There is so much blood spilled that it could potentially give the Saw franchise a run for its money.

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The Night Comes for Us follows Ito (Joe Taslim), a gangland enforcer, who turns his back on his former life as a killer by rescuing a young girl. Ito must fight for his and the girl's lives as countless thugs are sent to kill them, alongside a deadly gang prospect (Iko Uwais).


What is a very good action movie on Netflix? ›

Popular on NetflixExplore more
  • Enola Holmes 2.
  • Mile 22.
  • Red Notice.
  • Uncharted.
  • Rambo: Last Blood.
  • The Other Guys.
  • Morbius.
  • Rush Hour.

What is the most successful Netflix original movie? ›

"Red Notice" is Netflix's biggest original movie ever, with 364 million hours watched in its first month.

What movie on Netflix has the most action? ›

Best action movies on Netflix right now
  • Project Power (2020) ...
  • Collateral (2004) ...
  • Triple Frontier (2019) ...
  • The Old Guard (2020) ...
  • Star Trek (2009) ...
  • Red Notice (2021) ...
  • Ava (2020) ...
  • Skyfall (2012) This is not how it's supposed to work.
10 Oct 2022

Which is the world No 1 action movie? ›

1. All Quiet on the Western Front (2022) A young German soldier's terrifying experiences and distress on the western front during World War I.

Are there any good Netflix original movies? ›

The 20 Best Netflix Original Movies Right Now
  • 13th. Watch on Netflix.
  • The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. Watch on Netflix.
  • Beasts of No Nation. Watch on Netflix.
  • Gerald's Game. Watch on Netflix.
  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things. Watch on Netflix.
  • The Irishman. Watch on Netflix.
  • The Kindergarten Teacher. Watch on Netflix.
  • Klaus.
21 Sept 2022

What is the most watched on Netflix? ›

Stranger Things 4

What is the most viewed movie on Netflix 2022? ›

Most viewed English-language Netflix films 2022

Action comedy film "Red Notice" was the most popular English-language Netflix movie of all time as of October 2022, based on the number of hours viewed in its first 28 days on Netflix. The film counted around 364 million hours viewed.

What is Netflix best original series ever? ›

The 30 Best Netflix Original Series
  • Squid Game.
  • Queer Eye. ...
  • Lupin. Created by: George Kay, François Uzan. ...
  • Midnight Mass. Created by: Mike Flanagan. ...
  • Maid. Created by: Molly Smith Metzler. ...
  • The Witcher. Created by: Lauren Schmidt Hissrich. ...
  • You. Created by: Greg Berlanti, Sera Gamble. ...
  • Heartstopper. Created by: Alice Oseman. ...
7 Oct 2022

What was number 1 on Netflix? ›

The Lincoln Lawyer

Who is No 1 actor in world? ›

Top 100 Stars in Leading Roles at the Worldwide Box Office
1Scarlett Johansson34
2Robert Downey, Jr.43
3Samuel L. Jackson64
4Chris Hemsworth25
79 more rows

What is the top 10 best action movie? ›

Best Action Movies Ever
  1. 1 Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Best action film ever made. ...
  2. 2 Die Hard. Die Hard is the quintessential action film. ...
  3. 3 The Matrix. ...
  4. 4 The Dark Knight. ...
  5. 5 The Lord of The Rings - The Return of The King. ...
  6. 6 Gladiator. ...
  7. 7 Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. ...
  8. 8 Saving Private Ryan.

What was Netflix's first original movie? ›

In 2007, Netflix began streaming. On Jan. 6, 2016, Netflix went live in 130 countries simultaneously. The first Netflix Original was Lilyhammer.

What is a good true story on Netflix? ›

Gangsters, fighters, athletes, serial killers, celebrities and so much more–these films are the best of the based-on-a-true-story stories.
  • Outlaw King.
  • Father Stu.
  • 2 Hearts.
  • Girl, Interrupted.
  • My Best Friend Anne Frank.
  • Blow.
  • King of Thieves.
  • First They Killed My Father.

What are the current top 10 movies on Netflix? ›

The 10 most popular movies on Netflix right now
  • The School for Good and Evil (2022) Trailer. ...
  • The Takeover (2022) Trailer. ...
  • Oblivion (2013) Trailer. ...
  • All Quiet on the Western Front (2022) Trailer. ...
  • Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015) Trailer. ...
  • The Good Nurse (2022) Trailer. ...
  • Enola Holmes 2 (2022) Trailer. ...
  • The Bad Guys (2022) Trailer. 64 %
3 days ago

What are the top 5 most watched shows on Netflix? ›

Netflix's most-watched TV shows of all time
  • Stranger Things 3 (July 4, 2019) – 582 million.
  • The Witcher: Season 1 Dec. ...
  • 13 Reasons Why: Season 2 (May 18, 2018) – 496 million.
  • 13 Reasons Why: Season 1 (March 31, 2017) – 476 million.
  • Maid: Limited Series (Oct. ...
  • You: Season 3 (Oct. ...
  • You: Season 2 (Dec.
3 Jan 2022

What is hot on Netflix right now? ›

The Best Netflix Shows and Original Series to Watch Right Now
  • The Lincoln Lawyer (2022-present) Image via Netflix. ...
  • Inside Man (2022) Image via BBC. ...
  • Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities (2022) ...
  • The Watcher (2022) ...
  • The Midnight Club (2022) ...
  • The Empress (2022) ...
  • Fate: the Winx Saga (2021-present) ...
  • Cobra Kai (2018-present)
4 Nov 2022

What is the most viewed movie of 2022? ›

2022 Highest Grossing Movies Worldwide
  • Top Gun: Maverick (2022) ...
  • Jurassic World: Dominion (2022) ...
  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) ...
  • Minions: The Rise of Gru (2022) ...
  • The Batman (2022) ...
  • Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) ...
  • Water Gate Bridge (2022) ...
  • Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (2022)

Which is the No 1 series in Netflix 2022? ›

TOP TV Shows on Netflix in 2022
1.All of Us are Dead1,107
2.Stranger Things1,049
3.Business Proposal793
4.Money Heist659
5.Squid Game539
5 more rows

What is the longest Netflix original series? ›

(Surprisingly, no Netflix show has run for more than 100 episodes.) The current record-holder for Netflix's longest running series is Grace and Frankie, the sitcom starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin whose lives are thrown upside when their respective husbands announce they are leaving them to marry each other.

Where is Netflix most popular? ›

The United States is not only the place where Netflix got its start as a DVD rental service in 1997, but the country also remains Netflix's largest market now that the company has evolved into the most popular SVOD platform worldwide. According to the company's latest filings, the.

What are the top 5 most viewed movies? ›

Most Watched Movies Of All Time
  • Titanic (1997) ...
  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) ...
  • The Wizard of Oz (1939) ...
  • Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977) ...
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) ...
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) ...
  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) ...
  • The Lion King (1994)

Who is the No 1 best movie in the world? ›

All Time Worldwide Box Office
22019Avengers: Endgame
42015Star Wars Ep. VII: The Force Awakens
67 more rows

Who is the most powerful person in movie history? ›

The 10 Strongest Movie Characters of All Time
  • 8/10 Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street) ...
  • 7/10 Sauron (Lord of the Rings) ...
  • 6/10 Imhotep (The Mummy) ...
  • 5/10 The T-1000 (Terminator 2) ...
  • 4/10 Genie (Aladin) ...
  • 3/10 Godzilla (Godzilla) ...
  • 2/10 Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter) ...
  • 1/10 Neo (The Matrix)
21 Aug 2022

Who is the No 1 beautiful actress in the world? ›

According to Silva's list of the year, Hollywood actress Jodie Comer has topped the list for most beautiful women in the world. Comer's features have been found to be 94.52% accurate to the Golden Ratio of Beauty — also known as Phi — an ancient Greek method of measuring proportioned attributes of a face.

Who is the richest actor? ›

As of 2022, Jerry Seinfeld is the richest actor in the world with a net worth of $1 Billion. Who is the 2nd richest actor in the world? Tyler Perry with a net worth of $800 million.

Who is the most loved actor? ›

popularity is the % of people who have a positive opinion of a all-time actor/actress. Find out more
  • 1 Betty White85%
  • 2 Robin Williams84%
  • 3 Morgan Freeman84%
  • 4 Denzel Washington80%
  • 5 Harrison Ford77%
  • 6 Sean Connery77%
  • 7 Keanu Reeves76%
  • 8 Tom Hanks75%

What is the most liked movie of all time? ›

Most Liked Movies of All Times
  • Jeremiah Johnson (1972) GP | 108 min | Adventure, Drama, Western. ...
  • Stolen Women, Captured Hearts (1997 TV Movie) ...
  • Open Range (2003) ...
  • Dances with Wolves (1990) ...
  • Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) ...
  • The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) ...
  • Stagecoach (1939) ...
  • True Grit (1969)

Who is the king of action movies? ›

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Whether as part of the Conan and Terminator franchises or in Commando, Predator, or Total Recall — he even poked fun at himself in Last Action Hero — Arnold truly is the lord of the action movie world.

What is the biggest action movie of all time? ›

Best Action Movies of All Time, Ranked
  • 8/11 Speed.
  • 7/11 John Wick.
  • 6/11 James Bond.
  • 5/11 Mad Max.
  • 4/11 Die Hard.
  • 3/11 Face/Off.
  • 2/11 Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • 1/11 Mission Impossible.
5 days ago

What are the top 10 current movies on Netflix? ›

The 10 most popular movies on Netflix right now
  • The School for Good and Evil (2022) Trailer. ...
  • The Takeover (2022) Trailer. ...
  • Oblivion (2013) Trailer. ...
  • All Quiet on the Western Front (2022) Trailer. ...
  • Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015) Trailer. ...
  • The Good Nurse (2022) Trailer. ...
  • Enola Holmes 2 (2022) Trailer. ...
  • The Bad Guys (2022) Trailer. 64 %
3 days ago

What are the top 10 on Netflix right now? ›

Some territories are included in the countries list for convenience.
  • The Bad Guys. #1 this week. ...
  • Enola Holmes 2. #2 this week. ...
  • The Good Nurse. #3 this week. ...
  • Hotel Transylvania 2. #4 this week. ...
  • All Quiet on the Western Front. #5 this week. ...
  • Oblivion. #6 this week. ...
  • The Takeover. #7 this week. ...
  • The School for Good and Evil.

What's the latest action movie 2022? ›

Feature Film, Released between 2022-01-01 and 2022-12-31, Action (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)
  • All Quiet on the Western Front (2022) ...
  • Black Adam (2022) ...
  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022) ...
  • Enola Holmes 2 (2022) ...
  • The School for Good and Evil (2022) ...
  • Bullet Train (2022) ...
  • The Woman King (2022) ...
  • Top Gun: Maverick (2022)

What is the most watched on Netflix 2022? ›

As of October 2022, the most popular English-language Netflix TV show of all time was the fourth season of American science-fiction series "Stranger Things," based on number of hours viewed in the show's first 28 days on the platform. It counted over 1.3 billion hours viewed.

What is the number one movie in 2022? ›

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness currently has the highest weekend debut of 2022. Top Gun: Maverick broke Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End's record ($114.7 million) for the highest Memorial Day weekend debut.

What are the top 5 Netflix? ›

The Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows on Netflix Right Now
  • The Great British Baking Show.
  • Blockbuster.
  • The Watcher.
  • From Scratch.
  • Inside Man.
  • Killer Sally.
  • Love Is Blind.
  • Manifest.
6 days ago

Who is the best action movie 2022? ›

TOP ACTION MOVIES: 2000-2022 (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)
  • All Quiet on the Western Front (2022) 7.9. Rate. ...
  • Black Adam (2022) 7.1. Rate. ...
  • Bullet Train (2022) 7.3. Rate. ...
  • The Woman King (2022) 6.7. ...
  • Top Gun: Maverick (2022) 8.4. ...
  • Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) 8.1. ...
  • Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) 6.3. ...
  • The Batman (2022) 7.9.

What are the top 10 movies to see right now? ›

30 Most Popular Movies Right Now
  • #1. Black Adam (2022) 40% 90% ...
  • #2. All Quiet on the Western Front (2022) 92% 90% ...
  • #3. Enola Holmes 2 (2022) 93% 80% ...
  • #4. Weird: The Al Yankovic Story (2022) 85% 87% ...
  • #5. The Banshees of Inisherin (2022) 98% 77% ...
  • #6. Barbarian (2022) 92% 67% ...
  • #7. My Policeman (2022) 45% 93% ...
  • #8. Terrifier 2 (2022)

Which movie is highest rated in IMDb 2022? ›

1. Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities (2022– )


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