15 Best Travel Companies in India (2022) | BizApprise (2024)

Looking for top travel companies in India to plan out your next trip? Then this post is RIGHT for you.

We have curated the list of the best Indian Travel companies with all the necessary information based on their services, budget-friendly, and tour holiday packages to guide you to the best-suited travel company for your requirements.

As we are entering 2022, the travel industry has started to gain a steady pace with the advantage of working from home. When people are looking for opportunities to work and travel together.

The top travel companies in India have taken this opportunity to reshape the target audience and engage more travel packages that revolve around work-from-home strategies.

These plans include quiet and peaceful places to work with sightseeing and adventure sports in the evening. The packages are so variant and diverse that one cannot resist but take advantage of this opportunity.

So, we present before you the best travel companies in India to fulfill all your travel needs, be it flight/train/cab booking, hotels, resorts or homestays, or group packages for family or elders or couple packages, we got you all covered!

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Best Travel Companies in India [2022 Updated List]

Here is the complete list of the best travel companies in India based on their services and national-international reach to different locations.

So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at all these top travel companies to plan your next memorable trip. 😀

1. Yatra

15 Best Travel Companies in India (2022) | BizApprise (1)

Next on the list of the top 10 travel companies in India is Yatra. It’s the online portal for your travel destinations established in 2006. It is a Gurgaon-based company with a variety of services to offer from airline ticketing, tour packages, and accommodation bookings for corporate clients and individuals.

The company established its mark in top travel companies in 2012 when Salman Khan picked up the stakes and joined Yatra as the brand ambassador turning all the heads to Yatra.com.

The website is very user-friendly, and they offer multiple discounts and coupons to use and save on your bookings. The USP of Yatra.com is the service “Activities” within the holiday packages the company provides additional benefits to cover shopping experiences, heritage walks, adventure activities sightseeing, and many more other items.

2. MakeMyTrip

15 Best Travel Companies in India (2022) | BizApprise (2)

MakeMyTrip was first launched in 2000 by Deep Kalra which later turned into a series of accomplishments and changed the face of the travel industry in India.

The quote “With great position comes great responsibilities” played a key role in this organization shaping up and achieving what none of the travel companies had done before.

The company merged with Goibibo and Redbus in 2017 and become one of the best tourism companies in India’s travel industry.

This travel company has more than 20 million unique customers as far as they allow their customers to research and plan their own travel experience with different products and offers.

The company offers a variety of services from flight bookings to rail booking, accommodations booking, travel packages, holiday planning, and many more services that not only build trust within, the clients but also allow them to have a stress-free holiday.

3. Thomas Cook India

15 Best Travel Companies in India (2022) | BizApprise (3)

Thomas Cook is one of the best travel companies in India which offers a complete one roof solution to all your travel requirements. On Thomas Cook, you can search flights for your destination, make hotel room bookings, buy forex, sell forex or send money abroad.

This travel company is known for its travel destination holiday packages such as international holiday packages to Thailand, Maldives, Dubai, etc., and India holiday packages to experience the diversity of landscapes and cultures in India. You can also check the most frequently booked Visas, honeymoon holiday packages, and much more.

4. Club Mahindra Holidays and Resort

15 Best Travel Companies in India (2022) | BizApprise (4)

One of the newest additions to this list of the best Travel companies in India is Club Mahindra. It offers The Club Mahindra Experience where you can get access to 100+ resorts across India and the World where a universe of experiences opens for you. Relax by the beach in Goa. Stay in an igloo in Manali.

Watch the Northern Lights put up a spectacular show in Finland. Dine-in a treehouse in Munnar. There’s so much this travel company has to offer.

The company has created various new resorts such as Club Mahindra Acacia Palms, Club Mahindra Varca, Club Mahindra Gir, Symphony Palms, Havelock Island, and many more. It also offers the flexibility to Transport yourself to their resorts with 360º virtual tours of all the resorts directly from your home.

5. EaseMyTrip Planners

15 Best Travel Companies in India (2022) | BizApprise (5)

EaseMyTrip is a listed travel agent in India that started its business in 2008. This company was founded by three brothers: Nishant Pitti, Rikant Pittie, and Prashant Pitti. Their USP of providing Zero Convenience Fees* is what attracts the customers most. They always have heavy deals and discounts on flights, hotels, buses, cabs, and holiday packages.

They also avoid any hidden charges which do not result in an increased amount than what you have expected and gain more confidence in the audience. The website is also user-friendly with both Android and iOS compatibility.

6. Goibibo

15 Best Travel Companies in India (2022) | BizApprise (6)

Another one of the best travel companies in India is Goibibo, founded in 2007 by Ashish Kashyap.

The company specializes in online booking of flights, trains, buses, hotels, and cars and bagged multiple awards around the globe including The Economic Times ‘Best Tech Travel Aggregator Brand’ Award for 2015.

The app and website are very user-friendly and provide a wide range for customers to choose and plan from. The USP for them is the booking experience which is said to be the quickest search and booking, fastest payments, and customer service dedication for refunds, and settlements.


15 Best Travel Companies in India (2022) | BizApprise (7)

This Mumbai-based travel company is rooted way back in 1949. SOTC Travel Private Ltd is a step-down subsidiary of Fairfax Financial Holdings Group and is committed to its client base.

The major products for this travel company are Leisure travel packages, Incentive travel packages, and business travel packages which also helped them to beg SOTC Travel Honored at the 2019 French Ambassador’s Travel Awards.

The company has had a vast clientele of lakhs of customers in the 70 years. Its vast services have taken holidays to an entirely new level with lucrative offers.

8. Expedia

15 Best Travel Companies in India (2022) | BizApprise (8)

Expedia is a US-based company and has had an operating unit in India too since 1996 introduced by Rich Barton. The company made its way to the top travel companies in India by dedicating its time to providing the most affordable travel deals and packages to its customers.

They have a huge collaboration with almost 80,000+ hotels all over the world and won the Award for Leading Online Travel Agency Website 2013 which is one of the most promising awards in the industry.

The company has expanded its services from hotel accommodation to activities and travel services as well. They have also considered the various budgets and have multiple offers and options in your preferred budget.

9. ixigo

15 Best Travel Companies in India (2022) | BizApprise (9)

ixigo is one of the best travel companies in India that started its business in 2007. Founded by Rajnish Kumar and Aloke Bajpai, ixigo is working great in this industry.

They believe in providing the best customer experience. Thus, they interlinked technology, innovation, and cost-efficiency together. You will get good offers/discounts on this app.

From Train, Bus, Flight, and Cab bookings to hotel and destination bookings, they are ready to satisfy your every travel need.

10. Clear Trip

15 Best Travel Companies in India (2022) | BizApprise (10)

The Clear Trip is arguably one of the best top travel companies in India and was established in 2006 by Hrush Bhatt, Matthew Space, and Stuart Crighton.

The USP of this Mumbai-based company is to make things simpler for the customers. The clear trip proved its excellence to the market by grabbing the Excellence in Travel Blogging Award in the category of Company Operated Blog in 2018.

If you are a traveler and want a user-friendly interface to book tickets on the go Clear Trip will be the best choice for you. The interface is smooth, without much hassle and the app is also compatible with Android and iOS devices.

11. Musafir

15 Best Travel Companies in India (2022) | BizApprise (11)

The company is a UAE original travel company established in 2007 by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulla Al Thani, Sachin Gadoya, and Albert Dias.

The company launched itself with a bang signing Sachin Tendulkar as the brand ambassador for all the travel operations. The Company expanded in the last 10 years and achieved a huge link-up of almost 3,000 airlines and airports, 80,000 accommodation facilities, and much more.

Musafir has become a popular choice among travelers who are looking for the best travel and accommodation deals. Currently, the company is offering very lucrative discount offers to attract customers and expand its clientele.

12. The Travel Guru Inc.

15 Best Travel Companies in India (2022) | BizApprise (12)

Travel Guru is another best travel company in Inda established in 2005, is currently led by Sanjeev Kumar, and is catering to Indian travelers’ needs to the utmost. But what makes it a great travel company in India is that it covers 60,000+ hotels in India across 1,100+ cities with no hidden charges.

The website is user-friendly and therefore gives ease to the customers while browsing through the catalog, packages, and planning part. The site offers a variety of products from airline tickets, hotel rooms, vacation packages, and many more, and is planning to expand the services to various other factors including car rentals and bus bookings.

Since the company is currently expanding, they are focused on providing good customer service at a reasonable price and you will be able to find many lucrative packages on the website which are hard to pass by.

13. Kesari Tours

If you are looking for budget-friendly trips with your family and friends, then you can check Kesari Tours. This company offers Unbelievable Holidays at Unbeatable prices. You can also get the best budget deals during the period from January to March of the year.

What makes it one of the best budget-friendly travel companies in India is that it also offers Tirthyatra packages as well to holy places like Dwarka, Madurai, Somnath, Tirupathi, and many more. You can also check it out for North-East places like Sikkim and more.

It also offers group tours, tailor-made holidays, and last-minute deals to places like Kerela, South India, Andaman, Andhra Pradesh, and more. If you are interested in international group tours, it got you covered with its group tour packages to Africa, Dubai, the Middle East, Europe, Sri Lanka, and more.

14. International Travel House Limited

International Travel House Limited is one of the best travel companies in India which started operations in 1981. This travel company is currently operating in 19 Indian cities with 39 offices and over 1,000 employees managing a clientele base of over 3,000 delighted customers.

What makes this travel company one of the best is that it offers several specialized services as well to its customers. The services include The Safe car promise, safely drivable getaways, magical journeys, Safe homestays, transient accommodation solutions, emergency travel services along with corporate travel advisory services.

Be it from Kashmir to Visakhapatnam or Kolkata to Jaipur, wherever you want to go, this travel company will make sure that you keep going with their well-connected network.

Wrapping up on Best Travel Companies in India

These companies made our best travel companies in India list based on the facilities and services they offer to their customers as a one-stop-shop. All the companies have been leading the travel industry of India for a long time now and have proven their worth in this market.

It is time that you made a fully informed decision and plan your trip at ease without any hassle using the advantages these companies have to offer.

Some travelers might like the user-friendly interface while others might go for the experience these companies possess but one definitely cannot compare the advantages of one site with another.

What would you prefer while planning your next trip and why? Do let us know your experience using any of the above sites and how it made you feel in the comments section below. Your experience might help others to choose wisely.

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15 Best Travel Companies in India (2022) | BizApprise (2024)


Which is the best Travelling company? ›

The 7 Best Tour Companies for 2022
  • Best Overall: Classic Journeys.
  • Best for Exclusive Perks: Prior.
  • Best for Eco- and Socially-conscious: G Adventures.
  • Best Budget: Intrepid Travel.
  • Best for Foodies: Salt & Wind Travel.
  • Best for Offbeat Travel: Atlas Obscura Trips.
  • Best Cruise: Linblad Expeditions.
17 Oct 2022

Which is the best tour planner in India? ›

Top 10 Best Travel Planners In India
  • Thomas Cook. ...
  • Yatra. ...
  • MakeMyTrip India Pvt Ltd. ...
  • Expedia. ...
  • Goibibo. ...
  • Cleartrip. ...
  • Club Mahindra Holidays. ...
  • Travelguru. Travelguru is associated with the best hotels in India and they offer the best plans and discounts with the bookings.
10 Feb 2020

Who is the No 1 Traveller in the world? ›

Marco Polo (1254-1324)

The most popular traveller of all time, Marco Polo travelled through Persia, Afghanistan, Mongolia and China. The path they took is now known as the Silk Route. Marco Polo settled in Beijing, from where he led expeditions to other parts of China, the then Burma and India.

Who is the No 1 travel blogger in India? ›

Parnashree Devi is a travel writer, and photographer. The infinite passion to share her travel stories led her to foray into the world of blogging and very soon, she started her own blog, 'My Travel Diary', to share her experiences. She is one of the TOP TRAVEL BLOGGERS in India.

What are the big 5 travel? ›

Seek out Africa's headlining wildlife on a Big Five safari

Today – thankfully – Big Five is used by guides and tourists to group together some of the most popular African wildlife species: African leopard, African lion, Cape buffalo, African elephant and rhinoceros.

What are the 4 types of travel? ›

  • Travel and Tourism. ...
  • Domestic Tourism – Taking Holidays and Trips in your own country. ...
  • Inbound Tourism – Visitors from overseas coming into the country. ...
  • Outbound Tourism –Travelling to a different country for a visit or a. ...
  • Different Types of Travel. ...
  • Leisure Travel - includes travel for holidays, cultural events, recreation.

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All of them can be tailor-made to your needs in 24 hours.
  • From the Himalayas to the Taj Mahal. ...
  • Secret Southern India - Kerala. ...
  • Spiritual North India: Rajasthan and the Ganges. ...
  • Photogenic Rajasthan and Ranthambore Safari. ...
  • India's North-West Frontier Tour. ...
  • Unique India with Taj Mahal and Toy Train.

Who is the biggest travel agency? ›

Expedia Group

Which month is best for tour? ›

The best time to visit India is between October and March, when the weather is more likely to be warm, sunny, and dry. During this time, the north offers clear blue skies. However, December and January are much cooler, with potential fog, while the higher Himalaya can be very cold, but with clearer mountain views.

Which country tour is cheapest from India? ›

10 Cheapest Countries You Must Travel To From India In 2022
  • Nepal.
  • Vietnam.
  • Bhutan.
  • Myanmar.
  • United Arab Emirates.
  • Oman.
  • Indonesia.
  • Malaysia.

Which state is best for tour? ›

Top 5 Tourist States in India – Foreign Tourists
  • Maharashtra.
  • Tamil Nadu.
  • Uttar Pradesh.
  • Delhi.
  • West Bengal.

Which country tour is best? ›

  • Spain. #1 in Solo Travel Rankings. No Change in Rank from 2021. ...
  • Italy. #2 in Solo Travel Rankings. ...
  • Greece. #3 in Solo Travel Rankings. ...
  • New Zealand. #4 in Solo Travel Rankings. ...
  • Australia. #5 in Solo Travel Rankings. ...
  • Portugal. #6 in Solo Travel Rankings. ...
  • Netherlands. #7 in Solo Travel Rankings. ...
  • Ireland. #8 in Solo Travel Rankings.

Which is the best holiday packages in India? ›

List of India Holiday PackagesNo. of DaysPrice*
Super Saver Kashmir6 Days / 5 NightsRs. 22,999
Inspirational Himachal6 Days / 5 NightsRs. 23,199
Simply North East7 Days / 6 NightsRs. 30,999
Short trip to Bhutan5 Days / 4 NightsRs. 31,999
2 more rows

Who is the youngest Traveller? ›

Lexie began travelling with her parents, as her mother owns a travel agency. So by the time she was just 18, she had already been to 70 countries. Alford said in an interview that one of her biggest dreams was to live a year of her life without school or work, so she saved up, and took a gap year to travel the world.

Who is famous for travelling? ›

Christopher Columbus - undoubtedly one of the most famous world explorers (1451 -1506) Undoubtedly one of the most famous explorers in history, Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa in 1451. From a young age his impulse to travel was strong - he went to sea as a teenager and made Portugal his base.

Who is the top 5 blogger in India? ›

Top Indian Bloggers & the Best Indian Blogs
  • Amit Agarwal.
  • Harsh Agrawal.
  • Deepak Kanakaraju.
  • Pritam Nagrale.
  • Pradeep Kumar.
  • Anil Agarwal.
  • Jitendra Vaswani.
  • Amit Bhawani.

Who is the top 3 blogger in India? ›

Top 10 Bloggers in India and Their Earn from Blogging
Harsh Agrawalshoutmeloud.com$52,434
Faisal Farooquimouthshut.com$50,000
Shradha Sharmayourstory.com$30,000
Varun KrishnanFoneArena.com$22,000
6 more rows
1 Aug 2022

What makes 2022 the greatest of all trips? ›

Beach destinations, shopcations and adventure tourism are the highest in terms of travel priorities right now. A report compiled by World Travel and Tourism Council and Trip.com stated that 70 per cent of leisure travellers across the globe plan to spend more money in 2022 than they have in the past five years.

What are the 10 travel constraints? ›

The major constraints affecting travel are social, political, physical, financial, time, health, family stage, lack of interest, fear and safety, lack of transportation, companionship, overcrowding, distance, and limited information about potential destinations (Carneiro and Crompton, 2010, Jackson, 1988).

What are 5 ways to travel? ›

Travel Tips: Top 10 Modes of Transportation
  1. Walking. The easiest (and cheapest) form of transportation is to just walk. ...
  2. Biking. Do a quick google search and see if you're traveling in a city that is biker friendly. ...
  3. Cars. ...
  4. Trains. ...
  5. Buses. ...
  6. Boats. ...
  7. Subways. ...
  8. Aerial Tramways.

Is India safe to visit? ›

Exercise increased caution in India due to crime and terrorism. Do not travel to: The union territory of Jammu and Kashmir (except the eastern Ladakh region and its capital, Leh) due to terrorism and civil unrest. Within 10 km of the India-Pakistan border due to the potential for armed conflict.

Which city is best for tour? ›

  • 1 Best Cities to Travel in India. 1.1 Jaipur. 1.2 New Delhi. 1.3 Goa. 1.4 Sikkim. 1.5 Chennai. 1.6 McLeodganj. 1.7 Munnar.
  • 2 Make your road trip memorable with zingbus. 2.1 Related.

Which is the longest tour in India? ›

The Golden Quadrilateral Highway is the longest road trip road in India and consists of a road trip starting from any of these four places: Delhi (North), Mumbai (West), Chennai (South), and Kolkata (East). As the numbers presented by the government, it is 5846 KMs.

What is the biggest travel website? ›


Who is the largest online travel company? ›

With a market cap of approximately 104.25 billion U.S. dollars, Airbnb ranked first among the leading online travel companies worldwide as of December 2021. Competitors Booking.com, Expedia, and Trip.com followed on the list. Second-ranked Booking.com's market cap amounted to roughly 98.52 billion U.S. dollars.

Which is the largest online travel agency in India? ›

The market keeps growing year after year, with online booking accommodation making 33% of all bookings in 2021. As the leading OTA in India, we still have MakeMyTrip with a 60% market share. Its biggest competitors are major international OTAs, including Booking.com, Expedia, Agoda, and Airbnb.

Is Saturday good day to travel? ›

Travels started on Friday evenings are considered auspicious. Only a travel back to home if required, is recommended on a Saturday and if possible, a travel on a Saturday is best avoided.

Which city has cool climate in India? ›

Drass, Jammu and Kashmir

Situated at an elevation of 3350 m, Drass is the coldest place in India and second to the coldest inhabited region on Earth. The average temperature during winter season goes down to -23 ºC.

Which date is good for travelling? ›

In general, Moon in Aswini, Rohini, Mrigasira, Punarvasu, Pushyami, Magha, Hasta, Anuradha, Moola, Sravana, Dhanishta, Uttarabhadra, Revathi are considered as best nakshatra days for travel. And, during waxing period of moon (between newmoon and fullmoon days) : 2,3,5,7,10,11,13 lunar days are considered auspicious.

Which is the safest country to travel from India? ›

Safest countries to travel in the world
  • Iceland.
  • Switzerland.
  • Denmark.
  • New Zealand.
  • Canada.
  • Spain.
  • Portugal.
  • Ireland.

Which is the cheapest city to travel in India? ›

Kanyakumari. Located on the southernmost tip of the country, Kanyakumari is one of the most beautiful cheap places to visit in India.

Which country has the cheapest ticket? ›

A new report has crowned Malaysia the world's cheapest country for air fares. The annual Flight Price Index, published by Kiwi.com, claims the south-east Asian nation offers the best opportunities for affordable air travel.

Which is the No 1 place in India? ›

1. Delhi. One of the historic spots in India, Delhi is home to some of the spectacular scenes. This the capital city of India and the most visited by tourist as it is the first destination which tourists visit ever.

Which is the No 2 tourist places in India? ›

Best Places to Visit in India:
  • Goa | #1 of 15 Cliched Tourist Destinations in India.
  • Agra | #2 of 15 Cliched Tourist Destinations in India.
  • Rajasthan | #3 of 15 Cliched Tourist Destinations in India.
  • Delhi | #4 of 15 Cliched Tourist Destinations in India.
  • Munnar | #5 of 15 Cliched Tourist Destinations in India.
11 Jan 2022

Which is the No 1 state in India? ›

Top 10 Largest States of India by Total Area
2Madhya Pradesh308252
8 more rows

Is India cheap to visit? ›

India is not the cheapest country to vacation in, but it is one of the cheapest major destinations in the world and you'll spend far less than would in Europe and most of Asia on a vacation.

Which is the top 10 country in the world? ›

Entrepreneurship, excellent citizenship, Open for Business, and quality life all ranked Switzerland among the top ten.
  • Canada. After beating Switzerland, today, Canada stands as the number 1 country in the world, as per the reports in 2021. ...
  • Japan. ...
  • Germany. ...
  • Switzerland. ...
  • Australia. ...
  • USA. ...
  • New Zealand. ...
  • United Kingdom.

What is the cheapest place to travel? ›

  1. Thailand. There's a reason why Thailand remains so popular with backpackers – it's got idyllic islands , a rich culture, beach-huts aplenty, tantalising cuisine and adventures galore , and all available at often staggeringly low prices. ...
  2. South Africa. ...
  3. Vietnam. ...
  4. Uruguay. ...
  5. Cuba. ...
  6. Prague, Czech Republic. ...
  7. Greece. ...
  8. Guatemala.

Which place is best for family tour in India? ›

Top 34 Family Holiday Places to Visit in India in 2022
  • Leh Ladakh. As summer is here, this place is meant to make it to the top of our list. ...
  • Hampi. Hampi is the best place for Family trip. ...
  • Srinagar. It is not for nothing that this place is known as heaven on Earth. ...
  • Wayanad. ...
  • Manali. ...
  • Panchgani. ...
  • Auli. ...
  • Shimla.

Which is the best online travel agency in India? ›

Therefore, we have got the 10 Best Online Travel Booking Websites & Agencies in India 2022 so let's check them out.
  • MakeMyTrip. MakeMyTrip is a 21 year old online travel agency with Indian operations started in 2005. ...
  • Yatra. Yatra is based in Gurugram, India. ...
  • Goibibo. ...
  • Oyo Rooms. ...
  • EaseMyTrip. ...
  • Booking.com. ...
  • Ixigo. ...
  • redBus.

Which is the No 1 state in India for tourism? ›

The two states with the most domestic tourists visiting are Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh with 140.65 million and 86.12 million, respectively. The Taj Mahal, a UNESCO world heritage site, was among the 10 most popular centrally-protected ticketed monuments for domestic visitors in 2021-22, according to the report.

Who is the richest travel company? ›

List of top earning travel companies
RankCompany2019 sales
1Expedia Group$99 billion
2Booking Holdings$92.7 billion
3American Express Global Business Travel$33.7 billion
4BCD Travel$27.1 billion
19 more rows

What is the salary of a Traveller? ›

The national average salary for a Traveler is ₹28,972 in India.

Which country travels India most? ›

Bangladesh was the largest source of foreign tourists arriving to India in 2020 at over 549 thousand visitors.
Leading source countries of foreign tourist arrivals in India in 2020 (in 1,000s)
CharacteristicForeign tourist arrivals in thousands
United States394.09
United Kingdom291.87
6 more rows
4 May 2022

Which travel website is cheapest? ›

The 12 Best Websites for Booking Flights at the Cheapest Prices [...
  • Book Direct Through the Airline's Website.
  • Momondo.
  • Kayak.
  • Expedia.
  • Priceline.
  • Orbitz.
  • Agoda.
  • Hotwire.
29 Sept 2022

What is the #1 travel app? ›

My number one go-to travel app is Google Maps. On the ground, it shows you where you are and how to get to where you need to go, whether by foot, public transit, car, or bicycle. Google Maps is equally helpful when you want to explore what's around, including hotels, restaurants, and gas stations.

Which is the No 1 beautiful city in India? ›

Varanasi. One of India's most beautiful cities, Varanasi is a wonderful destination. The city is one of the holiest for Hindus across the world, situated by the holy River Ganga, the city is a spiritual wonder where people come to seek blessings.

Which is the No 1 beautiful place in India? ›

1. Kashmir Valley. Kashmir valley is no doubt the most beautiful tourist places in India.

Which is the No 1 beautiful state in India? ›

Kerala. Rightly known as 'God's Own Country', Kerala is among the most beautiful and green states in India. The backwater state is prized for some of the country's most pretty beaches, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

What is the largest travel platform? ›

1. Booking.com. Booking.com is the world's largest accommodation booking website, and it also offers customers the chance to book their travel and car rental, too.

Which country has the best travel industry? ›

Here are the 10 countries with the most tourism:
  • United States - 79,300,000.
  • China - 65,700,000.
  • Italy - 64,500,000.
  • Turkey - 51,200,000.
  • Mexico - 45,000,000.
  • Thailand - 39,800,000.
  • Germany - 39,600,000.
  • United Kingdom - 39,400,000.

Who is the most successful travel blogger? ›

The best travel blogs in the world offer amazing travel tips, photography, and video content.
  • Hey Ciara. ...
  • Atlas and Boots. ...
  • Nomadic Matt – Top Travel Blogger. ...
  • The Broke Backpacker. ...
  • Going Awesome Places. ...
  • Never Ending Footsteps.
2 Aug 2022

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