Pampers Club & Rewards FAQs (2023)

We are always working to develop a program that is exciting and valuable for our loyal members. Parents told us they desired a simpler and more straightforward way to earn. Based on this feedback we launched Pampers Cash* on June 7, 2021 to better communicate the value.

We retired points on June 1, including unused balances. If you had a Cash Back balance, your cash was either transferred to your PayPal account (if you had linked it) or rolled over into the new Pampers Cash* currency. You can find your Pampers Cash* balance in the upper right corner of the app.

Parents told us having two earning systems was too complex. Pampers Cash* simplifies the experience and does not require you to link a PayPal account. You can spend Pampers Cash* in the catalog.

No. You don't have to take any action to enroll, and you are still a Pampers Club member. The only difference is how you earn.

Pampers Club is a loyalty program available via a mobile app, that can be downloaded for Android or iPhone. Collect and redeem Pampers Cash* to get items from our catalog for you and your little one. You’ll get $0.20 Pampers Cash* for every diaper code you enter and $0.05 Pampers Cash* for every wipes code you enter.


For each diaper scan you will receive $0.20 Pampers Cash* and for each wipe you will receive $0.05 Pampers Cash* which you can redeem in our Pampers Club catalog. On top of this, you’ll receive additional offers, so don’t forget to turn on push notifications!

Download the Pampers Club mobile app from the Play Store or the App Store, enter your details to join and you’re in!

Yes, it’s free to download the app and join Pampers Club.

Yes, if you have already joined you can use the same login details for the app. You will need to download the app from Google Play or the App Store.

Every time you purchase a Pampers product, open the app and scan the in-pack codes to earn Pampers Cash* instantly. For certain wipes products, manually enter the code found on the bottom of the pack.

You’ll get $0.20 per diaper code and $0.05 per wipe code. Larger diaper packs contain more codes, so you’ll earn more.

Special offers will give you the chance to get even more Pampers Cash*. Turn on push notifications to learn about special offers, tap the offer to activate, and scan codes to earn.

Redeem them for coupons and gift cards in our rewards catalog in the Pampers Club app.

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Inside each package of Pampers diapers or training pants you'll find a small white label with your Pampers Club code. Wipes rewards codes are printed either directly onto the pack (refills) or on a white sticker (tubs). Here are some additional tips for finding the codes.

Diapers or Pants Bag: The Pampers Club code sticker is glued inside the bag. If it's not visible, turn the bag inside out.

Diapers or Pants Box: The Pampers Club code stickers are inside each of the bags within the box. If the stickers aren't visible, turn the bags inside out. Be sure to enter the code from each bag to earn all your Pampers Cash*!

Wipes Tubs / Wipes Refill Packs: There is no code printed on the tub. All codes are printed directly on the individual wipes packages on the outside of each package or under the back seam. Be sure to look on all sides as the Pampers Club codes may not always be in the same place. For multi-packs: each pouch has a Pampers Club code. Be sure to enter them all for the maximum Pampers Cash* value!

Pampers Cash should be added within 24 hours. Please see the details for the specific offer.

When using the Pampers digital offer at the store, make sure your purchase meets the offer terms and conditions:

  • The offer is only good at participating retailers Giant Eagle, Family Dollar, CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart and Kroger
  • Make sure to use the digital offer before the expiration date.
  • This item isn't redeemable on-line. It can be redeemed in store only.
  • It is not a printable item. You must scan the barcode at checkout.
  • The Digital offer Is redeemable on Pamper diapers and pants product including Easy Ups, Splashers and Cruisers 360
  • It does not include Luvs, Ninjamas or wipes products.

You always have the option to change to a different retailer if desired. To change the retailer in the app, click the down arrow next to the retailer’s name and select another of the stores listed.

The digital offer has instructions for the cashier to follow. The steps are specific to each retailer. When showing the digital offer to the cashier, make sure you have selected the correct retailer, so they have the correct instructions when scanning the barcode at the checkout.

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Yes, you can. Please see the details under each gift/coupon in the catalog for the maximum quantity for each item.

Visit our Pampers Club catalog to browse through the list of rewards available to you. You will also find the amount of Pampers Cash* needed to redeem each of our rewards.

Your Pampers Cash will not expire as long as you remain an active member. If your account is inactive for more than 12 months, then your Pampers Cash* will expire. So make sure you enter codes regularly to earn Pampers Cash* and enjoy your Pampers Club gifts!

You can find all your Pampers Club orders and promotional codes in the app. Go to your profile (the head icon) and them My Rewards. There you can see a history of all orders you have placed.

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For a gift card orders, you will receive an email with the redemption code. For most other items, you will be able to find the redemption code directly in the app.

  1. Go to My Rewards
  2. Find the item you ordered and click on “order details”.
  3. Click on “your vouchers” to see the redemption code.

You can find the gift card code in the app, under the "My Rewards" section. Select the item and click on "View Gift Card" to see the gift card code.

You can find the promo code in the app, under the "My Rewards" section. Select the item and click on "Order Details", then click on the "Your Vouchers" button to see the promo code that you need to enter on the product website to apply your offer. Below that you can click on the teal “Code Details” button to see the full terms and conditions for the offer.

Most items are delivered within 24 hours, but it can take up to 4 business days during periods of high volume. You can find your order in the app under “My Rewards”.

Please click here to see the previous Pampers Club Sweepstakes winners.

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