Italy in winter: Top 8 destinations | Bookmundi (2023)

Italy is a magical place at any time of the year, but in winter it takes on a distinctive charm of its own. From snow-capped mountains and alpine ski runs to relaxed city breaks and a hint of Mediterranean sun, a tour to Italy in winter is bound to impress and delight!

1. Venice

The beautiful city of Venice is a wonderful place to visit during the winter months. The attractions and sites are quieter, and the air clearer than during the summer when pollution and crowds can detract from the surroundings. From gondola rides to beautiful baroque architecture and fabulous food and wine, Venice has something for everyone. If nothing else, simply relax with a coffee in St Mark’s Square, and enjoy watching the world go by Italian style.

  • What to do: Take a gondola ride through the fog. The landscape in winter becomes even more mystical (great for photographs!) and there are less crowds, meaning no jostling of gondolas in the waterway. Wish for a light snowfall for the most magical experience!
  • Best time to visit: In January and February Venice is at its crisp, cold best with bright clear winter days.
  • What to take: Venice is a city of fashion, you’ll see fur coats and stylish suits in abundance; be sure to dress to impress and to keep warm!
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Italy in winter: Top 8 destinations | Bookmundi (2)

Palermo, the capital of Sicily is a good base for exploring this fabulous island. In December and early January, you’ll find an abundance of Christmas markets and nativity scenes adding to its charm. One can also try the coastal town of Cefalu for a beautiful beach and medieval charm. If you’re looking for a temperate climate and guaranteed winter sun, then look no further than Sicily where you will find pleasant weather and a warm welcome throughout the winter months.

  • What to do: Go to Termini Imerese, which is half an hour car ride from Palermo. The town holds a Christmas nativity play in the streets, so you are actually a part of the play. It is a not-to-miss experience even for a non-religious person. The play even has belly dancers!
  • Best time to visit:A trip to Sicily is pleasant throughout the winter, visit in January or February for a dose of summer sun in contrast to the chills of northern Europe. But if you have your heart set on seeing some wonderful Christmas markets or do some Christmas shopping, December is the time to go.
  • What to take: You can ditch the winter thermals and opt instead for lighter spring clothing, don’t forget the sunscreen too!

3. Rome

Italy in winter: Top 8 destinations | Bookmundi (3)

Italy’s capital is quieter in the winter but no less beautiful, and with fewer crowds you can explore highlights such as the Vatican museums and the Roman Forum at a more relaxed pace. Along with a plethora of fashion stores you’ll find lots of opportunities for craft and art in Rome’s narrow winding streets. And after a hard day of walking, the city provides numerous bars and restaurants which at this time of year are quieter but no less atmospheric.

  • What to do: Shop till you drop! Winter in Rome is the best time to cash in on the grand, holiday sales the stores have.
  • Best time to visit: In December, Rome comes alive with the preparations for Christmas including the spectacular nativity scene in St Peter’s Square.
  • What to take: If you’re planning to see the sights a good pair of walking shoes are essential, an umbrella is useful too for those sudden Roman downpours.
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4. Turin

Italy in winter: Top 8 destinations | Bookmundi (4)

Exploring in the northern city of Turin provides a gateway to the Alps, and many skiers arrive here before heading to the mountains. But the city is a destination in itself. A particular highlight is the annual Luci d’Artista, a celebration of art through light, which sees the city lit up in many creative and imaginative ways. The city is also a food lover’s paradise with the original ‘Eatly’ store located here, showcasing the finest Italian produce. Be sure to check it out alongside the flourishing restaurant scene where Italian favourites are mixed with a decidedly alpine flavour!

  • What to do: Enjoy Bicerin at Caffe Al Bicerin. Bicerin is a traditional Piedmontese drink, a decadent concoction of coffee, chocolate and cream, and the cafe serves the best of its version. A must-do if you are in Turin during winter.
  • Best time to visit: Stay here before or after your ski trip and enjoy northern Italian hospitality.
  • What to take: Close to the Alps, this most northern of Italian cities can get very cold during the winter; you’ll need appropriate clothing and good footwear.

5. The Amalfi Coast

Italy in winter: Top 8 destinations | Bookmundi (5)

During the winter a visit to Amalfi Coast provides an attractive proposition for those wanting a temperate climate and a pleasant seaside experience. Take a road trip along the coast when the area is quieter, and you can enjoy the coast without the crowds. It’s a particularly good place if you’re looking to do some winter walking; the coastal paths provide an ideal opportunity for longer hiking excursions, while the towns and villages come alive with celebrations during Christmas and the New Year .

  • What to do: Find Pansa Pasticceria in Piazza del Duomo in Amalfi. It is as historic as the cathedral next to it, preparing sweets and pastries for two centuries. Pop in for some special local desserts that are only available during the holiday season. Otherwise, their famous panettone is a good bite any day. There are also concerts happening all around Amalfi during winter if you’re in for some good music.
  • Best time to visit: Take a trip here in December to banish the early winter blues and enjoy the Amalfi coast without the crowds.
  • What to take: You can opt for lighter clothing though temperatures can still be cool here during the winter months.
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6. Tuscany

Italy in winter: Top 8 destinations | Bookmundi (6)

The Tuscan countryside, with its numerous picturesque medieval towns and villages, provides a stunning backdrop to an Italian winter break. Explore the wineries and vineyards, or take a pleasant walk in the countryside. The ski slopes at Abetone are only an hour or so away from Florence and winter also provides a time for truffle hunting – a famous Tuscan pastime! With the opportunity of combining stunning countryside with a visit to some of Italy’s most famous Renaissance sites, a winter break here is bound to impress!

  • What to do: There are plenty of hot springs sprinkled all over Tuscany. Relax in the thermal water spas as you enjoy the snow-covered vistas around.Rent a classic luxury villa in Tuscanyfor an escape and wake up to majestic views of the country side in the morning.
  • Best time to visit: Visit for the new year celebrations to see traditional Italy at its best or come in the late winter months for the first signs of spring.
  • What to take: Snow isn’t unheard of here during the winter so warm clothes and good footwear are essential if you’re planning on getting out into the countryside.

7. Naples

Italy in winter: Top 8 destinations | Bookmundi (7)

The city of Naples is famous for its Christmas nativity scenes, something of a speciality throughout Italy but given a particular flare here during the festive season. Naples is one of the most atmospheric winter destinations in Italy. You’ll find the presepi (nativity scene) set-up from early December through to January and in Naples there are hundreds of examples across the city. Visit those on Via San Gregorio Armeno to see some of the best!

  • What to do: Winter is sunny in Naples, so it is a great time to visit the beach and work on your tan, if the Christmas setting is not much of an attraction.
  • Best time to visit: Between early December and January when the nativity scenes are displayed.
  • What to take: You’ll need a good pair of walking shoes if you’re planning to see the hundreds of nativity scenes displayed, but with a more temperate climate you can pack lighter clothes and leave the thermals at home.
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8. Cortina d’Ampezzo

Cortina d’Ampezzo cannot be missed when one is speaking of winter in Italy. Known as ‘the Queen of the Dolomites’ this glorious landscape is a beautiful backdrop for any snow enthusiast. It has become a popular skiing destination after the Winter Olympics in 1956, and the town is well worth walking around for possible shopping escapades. You can even try your hand on the Olympic Bobsleigh run if you grow tired of the slopes!

  • What to do: Ski!
  • Best time to visit: December to March is ski season.
  • What to take: It snows in Cortina so pack adequately for winter. Don’t forget your ski gear.

Italy is a fabulous country to visit at any time of the year but Italy in winter is something special. Wherever you choose to go, rest assured that you’ll find the famous Italian combination of good food, good wine, beautiful locations, and warm, friendly people on your Italy tour.

All these destinations can be a part of your customized tours to Italy with the help of our local travel experts. For more detailed information, read our travel article on the best time to visit Italy and/or how many days to spend in Italy.

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Which part of Italy is warmest in winter? ›

Off the southern coast of Italy, the Mediterranean island of Sicily has some of the country's warmest weather year-round. Even winter lows in January seldom dip below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Which part of Italy is best in December? ›

The best places to visit in Italy in December
  • Bolzano, Merano and their Christmas markets. ...
  • Venice in December. ...
  • Milan in December. ...
  • Manarola (Cinque Terre) ...
  • Rome and the Vatican in December. ...
  • Naples. ...
  • Amalfi Coast in December: what to expect. ...
  • Florence and Tuscany in December.

Is it worth visiting Italy in winter? ›

Winter is an ideal time to book a visit to Italy. In this season, prices are lower and in the cities there are fewer tourists. Also, Italy has plenty of festivals and events to keep you entertained in winter, from the Christmas festivities, to the superb Venice Carnival.

Is Amalfi worth visiting in winter? ›

Is it worth visiting the Amalfi Coast in winter? Yes, it is. There is always a good reason to visit the Amalfi Coast. Although the temperatures don't allow you to swim and stay on the beach, the weather is milder than in other Italian places.

Where is the hottest place in Italy in February? ›

Southern Italy is the warmest part of the country in February, but it's not sunbathing weather! Temperatures tend to hover around 13°C (55°F). The south tends to see more sunshine than other parts of the country during February, and more rain than other times of the year.

Where is the hottest place in Italy in December? ›

1. Re: Which part of Italy is warmest in December (not Sicily)?? Although Sicily would be the warmest, you might consider Campania or even Puglia – Stay in low elevations areas, usually along the coast, although coastal towns are very quiet during low season.

Is anywhere in Italy hot in January? ›

January is the heart of winter in Italy, but if you head south, you'll find some of the warmest cities in Europe in January. In fact, the regions of Puglia, Sicily, Sardinia, and the Amalfi Coast have temperatures as high as 59°-61°F (15°-16°C) in this month.

Is Amalfi Coast good in December? ›

Amalfi weather in December is colder than autumn but temperatures are still very mild. You'll get plenty of sunshine per day with a moderate chance of rainfall. It's a great time to visit if you want to do a lot of sightseeing during your stay.

Where in Italy is nice at Christmas? ›

Quick Recommendation: For a Christmas visit to Italy, my top picks are the Dolomites (Christmas markets, snow, scenery), Venice (quiet, romantic, lights and decorations), Rome (religious celebrations, Christmas markets and decorations, shopping), and Florence (Christmas lights and decorations, shopping).

Is it worth going to Italy in December? ›

Twinkling lights, fresh cool air, snow in the mountains, seasonal foods, fewer tourists – Italy in December can make for a surprisingly pleasant visit. In fact, I'll let you in on a little secret – December in Italy is magical! In this article you'll learn: if visiting Italy in December is a good choice for you.

Is Italy cheap in winter? ›

Winter is low season in Italy, which means that hotels and flights will be less expensive. Without the huge crowds, you'll be able to experience the most authentic side of Venice… without breaking the bank!

What is the Amalfi coast like in December? ›

By December, temperatures on the Amalfi Coast are quite cold, though rarely freezing. It frequently rains, however, and seas are choppy.

What is Lake Como like in winter? ›

The lake never fully freezes over, so ferries run year-round. With temperatures ranging between 25°C to 30°C in summer and -5°C to +5°C in winter, there truly isn't a bad time to visit. In 2014, Huffington Post dubbed Lake Como as the most beautiful lake in the world for its superb microclimate and wonderful scenery.

Which is better Amalfi or Sorrento? ›

Amalfi is closer to the beaches as well as quite flat in comparison to Sorrento or Positano, and that makes it a great location to visit with kids. It's much easier to navigate around and without the crowds of Positano or Sorrento, you're likely going to have a much more relaxing trip with little ones.

Is Positano better than Amalfi? ›

Overall, Positano is definitely better than Amalfi.

Both cities will take your breath away.

Is Sicily good to visit in winter? ›

Winter temperatures fall to around 50˚F (10˚C). The discounted rates and lack of crowds are a good reason to travel to Sicily at this time. Outdoor adventures and swimming in the sea is still possible in November and December. Spring is still pretty cool until temperatures reach 70˚F (21˚C) or so in May.

Where in Italy should I go first? ›

Must-visit destinations in Italy. If you have just a week to spend in Italy, start with the country's big three headline acts: Rome, Florence and Venice.

Is Amalfi Coast hot in February? ›

Amalfi Coast Weather in February: February doesn't bring much change and is another one of the coldest months of the year on the Amalfi Coast, although the average high temperature increases a degree to 13°C. Precipitation only decreases slightly, down from 104mm to 99mm.

Is Amalfi coast cold in February? ›

In the winter You don't have to deal with any of that. Not to mention that the weather, while too chilly for sunbathing, is balmier than you'd expect: Average temperatures for Amalfi in December, January and February, for example, range from a low of about 40°F to a high of 55°F.

Where is the warmest place in Europe in the winter? ›

Almeria, Spain

Well, Spain is the warmest country in Europe in winter and the southern city of Almeria is located in the driest area in Europe, with very little rain throughout the year. This makes it a great location for some winter sun! There are plenty of things to do in Almeria too.

Is Sicily worth visiting in December? ›

Although it's a bit damp at times, December is a great time to travel to Sicily for the holiday season with a good deal of sunshine and very quiet towns and resorts. Sicily is the largest Mediterranean island and enjoys mild but damp winters.

What is Tuscany like in December? ›

Sunny and mild with a fair amount of rain, temperatures across the region average 40-54°F (4-12°C), with nights being a little colder and temperatures in the mountains being colder still, hovering freezing.

How hot is Sicily in December? ›

Temperatures across the island range between an average low of 52˚F and high of 61˚F (11-16˚C) with the hills in the interior of the island being colder (sometimes seeing snow during cold spells), and mountainous areas over 3,300 feet (1,000 m) sometimes receiving an abundance.

What is the Amalfi coast like in January? ›

January is the coldest month of the year on the Amalfi Coast, with overcast or wet days. Heavy rains often bring mud slides and blockages along the coastal highway 163 that runs between the towns long the coast, and traffic can be blocked for days at a time.

Is it worth going to Italy in January? ›

The pros of traveling to Italy in January are: Smaller crowds, especially towards the middle and the end of the month. Lower prices (low season) Great shopping – January is sales season.

Is Sicily warm in winter? ›

Sicily is a subtropical climate, so the winter months (at least on the east and north coasts and in the center of the island) tend to be chilly, although mild. That is, in the low 40s F to about 60 degrees F and rainy (or on Etna, snowy) this time of year.

Is Naples Italy Nice in December? ›

Winter in Naples is amazing, the temperature is even higher compared to other major cities in Italy. This condition will give you the chance to walk on the seaside without wearing heavy jackets. December is generally sunny with temperatures around 15 degrees. Christmas is one of the best periods to visit the city.

Is Naples worth visiting in December? ›

It is a major tourist destination since tourists appreciate the unique shops. If you're visiting Naples in December or during the Christmas season, it really is a must-visit place. But beware – the crowds are heavy and it can be a stressful experience!

Is Naples Italy warm in December? ›

The Naples weather in winter is generally cold and rainy. The winter months last from November to February, although the city does not experience snow, just a lot of rain! The average daily temperatures are around 14° during the day and go down to about 5° in the night.

Where Is Christmas the prettiest? ›

Rovaniemi - Lapland, Finland

Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland, may be the best place on earth to celebrate Christmas. Located just north of the Arctic Circle, Finns argue that it makes a much likelier home for Santa than even the North Pole.

Is Christmas a big deal in Italy? ›

Christmas is a major holiday in Italy… which means Italians celebrate lots of great, unique Christmas traditions! Across Italy, Natale tends to be a family-centric holiday, a time to stay at home (and eat!) with loved ones.

What is Sicily like at Christmas? ›

Children across Sicily and Italy sing carols, light candles and read scripture in dedication to Santo Natale. During this time the architecturally prominent cathedrals that decorate much of Sicily are turned into an everflowing stream of choir music, celebration and community – and a must-see site.

What month is the cheapest to go to Italy? ›

High season is considered to be June and July. The cheapest month to fly to Italy is February.

What time of year is cheapest to travel to Italy? ›

Cheapest Time to Travel To Italy

The low season, particularly November, is generally considered to be the most affordable time to go to Italy.

Where is the best place to go in Europe in December? ›

Some of the best places that you must visit during your Europe tour in December are Zermatt in Switzerland, Val Thorens in France, Hallstatt in Austria, Nuremberg in Germany, Prague in Czech Republic, Venice in Italy, and Cpoenhagen in Denmark.

What is the cheapest destination in Italy? ›

Cheap places to visit in Italy
  • Naples, Campania.
  • Palermo, Sicily.
  • Matera, Basilicata. Map of Italy.
  • Reggio Calabria, Calabria.
  • Ancona, Le Marche.
  • Spello, Umbria.
  • Urbino, Le Marche.
  • Lecce, Puglia.
30 Jun 2022

What part of Italy is the cheapest? ›

Abruzzo. Located to the east of Rome, Abruzzo is arguably the cheapest and the best region to live in Italy. It has great mountains, fantastic scenery, good food, lovely Italian people and plenty of expats. This region is often compared to Tuscany.

Is it worth visiting Rome in winter? ›

And yet, the Italian capital can be incredibly rewarding to visit during the cold months. Between the abundance of cultural sights, noticeable lack of crowds, vibrant café and bar scene, and mild climate that allows carefree sightseeing, Rome in winter may just be the ideal Italy holiday destination.

Is Venice worth visiting in December? ›

Venice is at its best in the winter with beautiful light, fewer crowds, lower prices, and a festive holiday atmosphere. What is there to do in Venice in winter? Venice's attractions are all open during the winter, although sometimes with shorter opening hours.

Is Positano worth visiting in December? ›

Positano is famous as a perfect summer destination in Italy. But it is definitely great to visit during autumn and winter.

Is it worth going to Capri in winter? ›

Capri is still worthwhile to visit during the winter if you want to see some historical sites and museums such as the Villa Lysis.

Is 2 days enough in Lake Como? ›

Many think that Lake Como is a good stop for a couple of nights and then they should move on but they are mistaken. 2-3 days are not enough to explore Lake Como and its surroundings! Lake Como is the perfect location for a longer stay – even a week or more – in Northern Italy.

Why is Lake Como so special? ›

The lake is famous for the natural beauty of its setting and for the handsome villas on its shores. Among the many noted lakeside resorts are Como, Lecco, Bellagio, Tremezzo, Menaggio, and Varenna. Several towns are connected by steamer services.

What is Florence like in the winter? ›

Florence enjoys a transitional Mediterranean climate throughout the year which means it is one of the milder European cities in December. The sun is still shining (relatively most days) and the average day time temperature is around 11°C, while it goes down 3°C during the nights.

Is Tuscany good to visit in winter? ›

There are lots of activities and sports that can be done in Tuscany during the cold, snowy winter season. One of them is skiing. You can choose among large districts or smaller ski resorts, where the main activity is skiing but where you can also enjoy the natural winter wonderland with snowshoes or trekking.

Where is the warmest place in Italy in February? ›

Italy weather February

The north is generally much cooler than the milder southern regions, so if you want a marginally warmer climate head to Rome or Sicily. Milan and Venice are a few degrees colder, but it can be a good time to explore the sights as long as you wrap up warm.

Is Italy cheaper in winter? ›

If you're trying to plan a less-crowded trip on a budget, go in November or February (the cheapest months to visit). If you want the best weather, go in January or February (much drier than November and December). If you want the warmest temperatures, go in November (around 65F in southern Italy).

Which city in Italy is warm in December? ›

Italy weather in December is cool at times but there's plenty of sunshine each day of the month and mild temperatures in places like Venice, Rome and Sicily.

Is Amalfi Coast worth visiting in January? ›

We don't want to discourage you, but unfortunately January is by far the worst month of the year to visit the Amalfi Coast. After the Christmas and New Year holidays, most businesses close for the season, only to open back up for Easter.

Is Lake Como worth visiting in winter? ›

Indeed, Lake Como is a gorgeous winter destination. The region has a much more local vibe, restaurants are less crowded, and accommodation is much more reasonably priced. Ferries still run (albeit on a reduced schedule), and you'll skip the hordes of tourists that descend each summer.

What is Tuscany like in January? ›

Without a doubt, January in Tuscany will be it's coldest with average temperatures across the region ranging between 37-52°F (3-11°C). And while Tuscany as a whole experiences mild, relatively sunny weather with about eight days of rain, the area has varying climates.

Is Florence worth it in winter? ›

It doesn't stop there!

Visiting Florence in winter is the only time to really experience the city like a true local. So the answer is YES: Florence in winter is definitely worth it.

What is Sardinia like in December? ›

The average temperature in Sardinia this month is 11°C, with highs of 15°C in the afternoons. Temperatures reach lows of 7°C after dark, so make sure you come prepared for colder nights. Just four hours of sunshine are expected each day in December, along with 40mm of rain spread across 15 showery days.

Is Amalfi Coast warm in February? ›

Not to mention that the weather, while too chilly for sunbathing, is balmier than you'd expect: Average temperatures for Amalfi in December, January and February, for example, range from a low of about 40°F to a high of 55°F.

Is the Amalfi Coast Nice in February? ›

You can avoid the crowds by visiting the Amalfi Coast in the winter months (December, January & February aka the low season). In my experience, February can be a good month to visit the Amalfi Coast. The temperature is still warm enough for outdoor activities and the weather stays dry most of the time.

Is it worth visiting Italy in February? ›

February is a lovely time to visit Rome. During this month, the weather is overall mild, ranging from warm in the sun to chilly in the shade: it is the perfect weather for sightseeing!


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