American Pie Movies Ranked, According To IMDb (2023)

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The American Pie movies weren't exactly cinematic masterpieces, but there were still some good ones in the bunch.

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The originalAmerican Piewas somewhat of a comedic game-changer in the world of cinema, bringing back raunchy comedy to the masses.


Breaking ground in a new way, the studios wanted to keep the magic going for as long as possible turning it into a juggernaut franchise for the times. Audiences flocked to theaters to watch the gang engage in debauchery and laugh along at all of the jokes. Along the way the main flicks stopped being made but the studio kept pumping out films connected to the world of the originals, here they all are ranked according toIMDb.

Updated on April 10th, 2021 by Kristen Palamara: There are 9 movies in the American Pie franchise at the moment, but it looks like there are even more movies on the way that will continue the raunchy adventures of characters connected to the original cast. The American Pie movies began in 1999 and the franchise is still releasing new movies as recently as 2020. Although the newer movies aren't rated as high as the original movies, there are still new stories to be told in the universe and audiences will continue to go see the movies even if they aren't as enjoyable as the originals.


American Pie Presents: Girls' Rules (2020) 3.7/10

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Four friends are about to graduate high school who finally decide to take charge of their lives and get what they want in their senior year. Whether it's losing their virginity or blackmailing the principal, Annie, Kayla, Michelle, and Stephanie spend the raunchy movie doing whatever it takes to find success.

The movie is the most recent and lowest rated in the franchise and although the movie tried new approaches and focused more on the women characters, it was a bit of a misfire. Also, Eugene Levy didn't return for this movie, and his absence is felt as he's appeared in every other movie in the franchise.

American Pie Presents: The Book Of Love (2009) 4.8/10

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One of the more recent additions in the spin-off series of American Pie Presents: The Book Of Loveis one of the lowest-rated in the entire franchise. The film follows a group of teens exactly ten years after the original film took place, finding the infamous "Bible" that character Kevin Myers used in the original.

After destroying "The Bible" they must track down every man that has contributed any single move to it over the years to try and put it back together. Along the way running into Jim's dad Noah Levenstein who is the sort of through-line from the original cast to the younger kids in the "Presents" portion of the films.

American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile (2006) 5.1/10

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Erik Stifler is the cousin of Steve and Matt Stifler from the main franchise and his girlfriend just gave him a free pass to do whatever he wants this weekend so he heads off to a college campus to run inThe Naked Mile.

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Erik is not like the hard-partying members of his family and this is meant to help break him out of his shell and so his other crazy cousin Dwight who is already in college tries to acclimate him to the party scene. This whole frat raunchy scene and the connectivity of having it be a Stifler is another way the studio and writers kept the franchise pushing ahead without main cast members attached to the plotline. The movie was not hated likeBook Of Lovewhich didn't star a "Stifler" but also not beloved by audiences.

American Pie Presents: Band Camp (2005) 5.1/10

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The first movie following the initial trilogyAmerican Pie Presents: Band Campwas a bit bigger than everymovie after it with both Eugene Levy and Chris Owen returning as Noah Levenstein and Sherman respectively.

Following Matt Stifler who is ordered to attend band camp following a prank and the hijinx that ensue, actor Tad Hilgenbrink actually did a pretty great job mimicking Seann William Scott's mannerisms as Stifler. The cast overall was pretty well rounded for a direct-to-video release but it was hard for audiences to move on in just two years' time from the cast that had been there for many years.

American Pie Presents: Beta House (2007) 5.3/10

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Beta Housewas the only spin-off film to be a direct sequel to the one that came before it as well, audiences responded well to Dwight and Erik Stifler and so they were both brought back for this one. Most fans actually liked this one better and so it was a great idea on the studios part to bring them back for another go around.

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Being the most well-received of all of the spin-off series it is a wonder to many fans of the series why they moved away from the Stifler pair over to focus on a new group of teens anyway when it was clear that things were moving only up.

American Wedding (2003) 6.3/10

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The third film which was meant to be the last film in the entire franchise showed a lot of character development for Steve Stifler. Yet there was a big Oz sized hole in the gang who fans had come to know and love, and groups that are that tight-knit just don't function as well when they are not whole.

Each film gave more screen time and more character development to different characters and it seemed intentional, until the third when Oz was gone and Kevin was essentially non-existent. Seen by many fans and critics as the weakest in the main franchise it is no wonder it has the lowest score. While it is about Jim's wedding these are always supposed to be group effort films.

American Pie 2 (2001) 6.4/10

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Often referred to by fans as the most laugh-out-loud funny of the entire franchise due to the rapid-fire nature of the raunchy jokes. This film was made at a time when nothing was off-limits, many of the jokes would not be okay in today's climate whatsoever. The second film dealt with a lot of issues that many teens deal with in real life when going off to college.

Kevin's older brother telling him to get the beach house to stay connected to his friends is such sound advice that more kids coming out of school should look to. The core of the film, staying connected no matter what changes is actually extremely beautiful and that is why many fans connect so deeply with it to this day. The jokes flowing freely makes it feel like it could be any group of friends at any house just holding onto their youth.

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American Reunion (2012) 6.7/10

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The infamous return to form was brought on by Jon Hurwitz & HaydenSchlossberg, writers who once advertised their film as "the Asian guy fromAmerican Pie& the Indian guy fromVan Wilder."

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Regarded by many fans and critics as the closest to the first one in tone as well as humor the fact that everyone returned was enough to get fans to flock to theaters for an international box office total of $234,736,898. The cast seemed to not miss a beat as they delivered quick-witted lines just like no time had passed as well as those heartfelt group moments the franchise had become known for. The writers also made sure to drop in some moments that were fresh to the franchise as well as acknowledging the age of everyone involved in a comedic way.

American Pie (1999) 7/10

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A raunchy comedy that brought back the genre in a viable way as a box office smash as well as a genre in which audiences were ready to receive stories again.

Not since probablyAnimal Househad a raunchy comedy lifted the genre in such a way that it became the talk of all of Hollywood, and that is why this is a timeless movie. One that will be talked about amongst die-hard fans and friends that they showit to for generations.

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