Tour 3 Grand Tour | Mormon Heritage Association (2023)

Palmyra to Kirtland


Missouri to Nauvoo to Winter Quarters

Tour 3 Grand Tour | Mormon Heritage Association (1)2023 Tour Dates:
~July 17-28
~September 18-29

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12 days, 11 nights. Experience exciting LDS Church historybeginning with Mendon to Palmyra, Fayette, and the Susquehanna to Kirtland then you will fly to Independence and travel to Richmond, Liberty, Far West, Adam-ondi-Ahman, Quincy, Nauvoo, Carthage, and follow Brigham Young’s Iowa Trail to Winter Quarters. Combining Tours I and II saves a day in transit and considerable airline costs, too! As always, visiting sites in historical order, as we have always done, allows for clearer understanding and perspectives on this immense, crucial history.


Deluxe continental breakfasts at motels, tasty lunches (some meals served at sites such as Adam-ondi-Ahman), and wonderful catered meals or buffets for dinners. Great food is plentiful and so have been the compliments on past tours!


Endowment, sealing, or initiatory sessions at the Nauvoo Temple (the temple has re-opened to group visits!). Nauvoo rents ordinance clothing. Baptisms for the dead possible – discuss options upon signup.

Visit Palmyra Temple grounds and gather for group photo. Tour the historic and incredible Kirtland Temple grounds. Stop by the new Kansas City temple for a quick visit & photo op. Also visit the beautiful Winter Quarters Temple grounds adjacent to the Pioneer Cemetery and Trail Center. There is not time to do a session at these three working temples without missing other important sites, nearby. We fly home in the evening after we visit Winter Quarters Temple grounds.

Special features

Niagara Falls USA stay including thrilling Maid of the Mist exciting boat ride up to the Falls–Your shoes will get wet, but a raincoat is provided! Enjoy exploring the falls up-close and personal and even walking out on the platform hanging over the raging river!

Two inspiring presentations by Karl R. Anderson (author, patriarch, wonderful person!) about early Kirtland and the building of the Kirtland Temple and the glorious events that took place therein.

Inspiring visit at the Lincoln-Douglas debate monument in Washington Park in Quincy, Illinois.

Optional endowment or baptism session in the re-builtNauvoo Temple (if temple re-opens by travel date)!

Each day starts with a hymn and a prayer and ends the same way. Presentations on the bus while traveling between the sites are inspiring and informative and are given by expert hosts who love to share this history and do so in a most inspiring way. Tour members who wish to be are invited to carefully present selected stories and accounts. As much as practical, sites are visited in historical order to make this complex history easier to understand and remember.

COVID note: Full Coronavirus Vaccine required for2022travelers. Beginning with2023tours, Coronavirus vaccine proof will not be required** – as always, tour members travel at own risk and must follow MHA protocols.
**MHA reserves the right to make changes in this policy, if deemed necessary.

(Video) A Gentleman's Grand Tour 1801 - 1803

At the sites listed below, carefully-prepared vignettes and historical accounts are given of the faith promoting events that took place. At some of the sites, tour members are invited to read scriptures and words of those who were there during this crucial history.

Tour 3 Grand Tour | Mormon Heritage Association (2)Mendon NY

Brigham Young, his father, and all ten living brothers and sisters joined the Church here in 1833. So did their spouses. All went through immense hardships as a result. None ever apostatized. Heber C. Kimball joined, too. Heber’s father is buried here, as is Brigham Young’s first wife, Miriam Works Young. This is a wonderful, wonderful stop. Twelve miles from Palmyra.

Palmyra NY

Smith family farm and log home where Moroni’s visits took place. Sacred Grove (including private meditation time), Hill Cumorah, Grandin Press, Martin Harris Farm, Palmyra Cemetery, group photo at the Palmyra Temple. This is an absolutely unforgettable day!

Fayette NY

Peter Whitmer Farm where the Church was first organized. Site of the visions to the three witnesses (PLUS a fourth witness!). Many D&C sections received here. Headquarters of the Church during the time Joseph lived here.

Harmony PA

Home of Emma’s family. Most of the Book of Mormon translated here. Susquehanna River and the restoration of the Priesthood. Temple-like atmosphere at the Susquehanna River. Tour the newly-rebuilt homes of Joseph & Emma and her parents Isaac & Elizabeth Hale along with a beautiful visitor’s center (new renovations completed and dedicated in 2015 by then-Elder Russell M. Nelson!). Visit the graves of Emma’s first child, Alvin, and her parents Isaac & Elizabeth.

Colesville & South BainbridgeNY

Visit inside the privately-held and carefully restored homes of Joseph & Emma’s friends Joseph Knight Sr (also was the home of the “Colesville Branch”) and Josiah Stowell/Stoal. Travelalong the beautiful Susquehanna River to the approximate site where the restoration of the Melchizedek Priesthood took place.

Kirtland OH

Did you know that the main group of the early Saints lived in Kirtland longer than they lived in Nauvoo? It’s true! By far, more heavenly manifestations, visitations, and revelations were received in Kirtland than any other Church history site. Feel the Spirit in the Newel K. Whitney Store (School of the Prophets; Word of Wisdom received here with several other D&C sections). Also spectacular Kirtland Visitors Center (built in 2005), the newly-restored John Johnson Inn, saw mill, ashery, and family history facilities. Visitthe Isaac Morley Farm where the united order was first practiced and where a schoolhouse was the scene of heavenly direction. Enjoy a private tour of the Kirtland Temple and marvel at this still-dedicated House of the Lord.

Hiram OH

(Video) Britain's Most Controversial Art Critic Tours Italy | Brian Sewell's Grand Tour Ep1 | Perspective

John Johnson Farm. Joseph Smith lived here for a year while producing the “Inspired Translation” of the Bible. He was also viciously tarred and feathered here. Many sections of the D&C received including the great 76th three degrees of glory.

(Fly from Cleveland to Kansas City – saves two daysover travelingby bus! and keeps our visits in better historical order)

Independence MO

Location of the Garden of Eden. Center of the future City of Zion (millennial world capital). Lost ten tribes to gather there and build “The New Jerusalem.” The Great Temple of Zion to be built at its center in which Christ will appear before the Second Coming.

Richmond MO

Monument to Alexander Doniphan, one of the greatest Americans in history (saved the life of Joseph Smith). Experience the Rebuking of the Guards narration of Parley P. Pratt where the Richmond Jail once stood. Also visit: the grave of Oliver Cowdery – hearhis testimony in first person; the grave of Judge Austin King, and the grave of David Whitmer and hear his testimony in first person.

Liberty MO

See Liberty Jail where Joseph Smith and others were held captive for five months. Inspiring visitor’s center. Wonderful presentations by full-time missionaries. Learn whythis site is referred to as a “temple prison.”

Far West MO

Last gathering place for the saints before the Missouri expulsion. Dedicated temple site. We hear from: Emma Smith, Mary Fielding, Hawn’s Mill eyewitness, miracle of the departure of the Twelve on missions to England from the south-east cornerstone of the temple lot prophesied in D&C 118.

Adam-ondi-Ahman MO

Adam dwelt here after expulsion from the Garden of Eden. Three years before his death, he blessed his posterity and prophesied important future events of this earth. A great meeting will take place here before the Second Coming, attended by millions from both worlds. Every prophet who ever held keys will report his stewardship to Adam and return keys to him. The Lord will then appear and Satan will be stripped of his power. Finally, Adam will deliver the keys to Jesus Christ in preparation for His thousand-year reign.

Quincy IL

Town that rescued 5,000 Mormon refugees when driven from Missouri in the winter of 1839. It is a beautiful, small city that has been richly blessed and protected ever since. Also enjoy a visit toaLincoln-Douglas debate site visit with an expert on Abraham Lincoln.

(Video) The Grand Tour Explorer: A Digital Resource for the Study of Eighteenth-Century Travel to Italy

Warsaw IL

Town (what’s left of it) that raised the mob that killed Joseph Smith. See stark contrast with Quincy.

Nauvoo IL

Fabulous, new Nauvoo Temple! Attend an optional temple session or do baptisms for the dead (if temple open on ourtravel date). Also tour many wonderfully restored homes and shops with senior missionaries as they teach about pioneer life and the inspiring people who lived in these many homes and shops. Delightful Pioneer entertainment. See theRed Brick Store where the temple endowment was first given and the Relief Society was organized.

Carthage IL

Visit Carthage Jail and Visitors’ Center with the missionaries as they tell of the events of the martyrdom of the prophet Joseph and his faithful brother, Hyrum. Always a very emotional experience.


Follow the Mormon Trail across the former wilderness of Iowa. Learn of the pioneers’ arduous journey thru storms, mud, freezing temperatures, and the good days, too! Hear about the efforts of today’s inspiring Iowans as they discovery & preserve our history.

MT. PISGAH & Monument

Most important & largest Iowa temporary settlement for our pioneers leaving Nauvoo. Beautiful and peaceful setting atop rolling hillsides with a fitting monument to those pioneers who died at the site. Fascinatingwagon ruts on the pioneer trailwith dug-outs, cabin sites, grave sites.

Winter Quarters NE

Outstanding visitors’ center and cemetery, where the pioneers camped in sod huts, dug-out caves, and crude cabins that awful winter of 1846-47 before embarking for the Salt Lake Valley.


We hope you can join us for this extraordinary GRAND TOUR and experience, in a most memorable way, where the First Vision took place, where the Book of Mormon came forth, where many of our early prophets began their ministry, and where the Church began. We’ll then fly to Kansas City to begin the second portion of the tour visiting and learning about the historic and prophetic sites of Independence, Liberty, Far West, and Adam-ondi-Ahman. We will travel to wonderfully restored sites in Nauvoo and Carthage and follow the Mormon trail across Iowa to Winter Quarters Nebraska. Twelve busy days filled with visits to incredible sites, an uplifting temple session, and inspiring presentations–all in one Grand Tour.


This is truly a superior tour at a modest price – actually a fantastic price!

Price each by number of persons per motel room:


Pricing – Smart phones swipe left/right

Tour NumberDaysPrice if One per roomPrice EACH if Two per roomPrice EACH if Three per roomPrice EACH if Four per roomComments & Tour Hosts
GT40June 5-16, 2023
12-day tour
$4150 with airfare

$3550 if own airfare

$3390 each with airfare

$2790 each if own airfare

$3185 each with airfare

$2585 each if own airfare

$3080 each with airfare

$2450 each if own airfare

Great early-summer weather, no crowds.
Optional Nauvoo Temple session. Niagara Falls USA overnight +boat ride. ($600 for SLC group airfare to/from tour.)
HOST: John Shoell
GT41July 17-28, 2023
12-day tour
$3550 +airfare
Group airfare will be offered when airline schedule opens, by early spring
$2790 each +airfare$2585 each +airfare$2450 each +airfareIncludes TWO PAGEANTS in Nauvoo + optional Nauvoo Temple session. Niagara Falls overnight +boat ride.
HOST: Doug Meredith
GT42September 18-29, 2023
12-day tour
$3550 +airfare
Group airfare will be offered when airline schedule opens, by mid-spring
$2790 each +airfare$2585 each +airfare$2450 each +airfareMild early-Autumn season. Optional Nauvoo Temple session. Niagara Falls overnight +boat ride.
HOST: Doug Meredith

Above schedule isupdated promptly as new dates and detailsare announced…

Host names are those currently scheduled and most likely to serve. We reserve the right to make changes of tour hosts or adjustments to the tour schedule–which we will do only if absolutely necessary.

Mormon Heritage Association Incis an independent, private entity which offers inspiring tours exploring the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Tour hosts and tour planners are faithful members anddiligent researchers/students ofthis history and are prepared to present the tours in a respectful and agreeable manner conducive to The Church of Jesus Christ’s teachings, attitudes, and direction.

[1] Your reservation is secured with a $100 deposit per seaton a first-come, first-served basis. The balance is due seven weeks prior to departure. Mail checks to Mormon Heritage Association, 2367 W Goldenpointe Way, West Jordan, UT 84088. Be sure to indicate the tour ID number or departure date and for whom you are paying. Credit cards by phone +5% fee,801-272-5601 or toll-free 866-335-5601.Full terms and conditions contained in individual confirmation letters or available pre-deposit, if requested.

If you have to cancel,there is a $50/person cancellation/administrative fee, at minimum. If someone takes your place,payments are refunded less any costs we incur to procure your replacementand $50 cancel/admin fee. If nobody takes your place, you would lose $50 cancel/admin fee and any non-refundable costs at the time of your cancellation.

[2]Advertised prices include: all meals (except at airports), nice lodging, deluxe charter bus, tickets to scheduled events, and expert guide services;*SLCGROUPAIRFARE included IF noted untilall our air seats are claimed orairline requires purchase, whichever comes first. Air from other cities also available, by request. Individuals may provide own air to/from the tour (mustcoordinate with group flight schedule to avoid missing any sites or incurring additional personal expenses such as a taxi). Bus driver tip is additional & collected on tour.No surprise add-ons.

If not flying with the SLC group (such as using awardmiles orcoming from another city), it is your responsibility to notify MHA upon signup and coordinate your schedule with the group schedule.Please call for details. 801-272-5601, 866-335-5601.

Traveling alone?Would you like help finding aroommateto decrease your tour price? Let us know when you REGISTER and we’ll do what we can to connect you with a compatible roommate. You might just make a new, long-lasting friendship!

Call 801-272-5601 or register online now for THE VERY BEST CHURCH HISTORY TOURS!

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