The 9 Best Rival Nerf Guns 2022 - Yoda Plush (2023)

Do you want to join a serious nerf guns squad? If that’s the case, you’ll need to pick the best rival nerf gun that looks different but is also suitable for team play. People who are into Nerf like Rival, one of the most popular Nerf blasters, because it’s so cool.

During a toy show in the fall of 2015, it made its first appearance as a gun line. This series is unique because it has a lot of balls and a lot of young people. It has been an evergreen endeavor for all the fun shooter outbound activities fans.
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Both inside and outside, these weapons have a good range. They’re also fun to use. You can use these tips to help you choose the best Nerf Rival weapons. If you want to know more about Nerf Rival, check out our review.

There are NERF weapons that have more power. The NERF Rival line of products might be able to help. The Rival weapon range has high-performance blasters for “Red vs. Blue” team play.

At all ranges, rival blasters are built for speed and power, aiming for the fastest possible rate of fire at all times. Rival blasters don’t use NERF darts. Instead, they use “high-impact rounds” that are round. The Rival series is a must-have if you want to improve your fighting skills.

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You have come to the right page, whether you have just started the hobby this year or want to look for something new in 2022. Here are the best rival nerf gun recommendations you can reserve on your wish list in 2022. Happy shopping!

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Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K

The mythical God of Fire, Prometheus, is a well-known figure to most people. Some rival blasters are named after Greek deities, like Zeus. He is one of the most famous and feared mythical characters. Prometheus has a long and exciting history. In Greek mythology, it is said that he was a god of fire.
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He steals fire to save the human race from being killed off by it. There’s also no need to buy batteries for this. It shoots at a rate of 8 revolutions per minute. Isn’t it weird? Yes! This is true of this beautiful animal. It looks like it can use the power of Prometheus. Bullet hose, in other words. Many people might not be able to read it because it can rain bullets on your enemy and knock them to the ground. It’s not true.

Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Hades XVIII-6000

As the name implies, the Phantom Corps is a group of criminals whose targets change all the time. It’s Sunday, and they switch to either the red or blue team. They go after them on Monday.
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So, the game is constantly changing, so this is why. The Phantom Corps Hades might have a 60% increase in their ammo stockpile. This is the top of the Springer Rivals’ fight. The slam firing option on the Hades XVIII-6000 was a big hit with Nerf fans.

Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000

Another gun, the Phantom Corps Hades XVIII-6000, has the third-largest magazine capacity out of all the pistols in its class. It is a mighty machine gun. You’ll be ready for any Nerf fight with your sixty foam darts.
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Like the Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000, this blaster has a built-in magazine system that makes it easy to load. During a fight, mags can’t be taken out or changed. There is a Phantom Corps Hades Nerf Rival that acts like Artemis. Hades XVII-6000, made by Nerf Rival, can shoot foam balls. A Nerf gun that will end all firearms. You can see the Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Hades at work in the video.

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Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K

Nerf Rival is one of our favorite best rival nerf gun because of the powerful blasts that make it so fun to use.
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People in Greece call her Goddess Nemesis, and she is a goddess. Agony and vengeance are the things she is the god of. The name “Nemesis MXVII” was based on the Greek goddess Nemesis. Because it weighs 4 pounds, this weapon is not suitable for kids under 10.

The length is a little longer than usual to fit bigger Nerfers. With a Rival Nemesis MXVII, you can shoot more and have to reload a lot less often. The best thing about this pistol is that it hasn’t been found in Khios. Even though it has almost the same features.

Nerf Rival Kronos XVII-500

For a cheap Nerf Rival, the Kronos XVII-500 is a good choice. It doesn’t matter that the blaster can only hold five foam balls because it has a lot of extras. As it moves, the Kronos can go up to 90 mph.
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Are you having a hard time getting your Nerf battle team to work together? Kronos, made by Nerf, come in two colors: red and blue. Rival series weapons are good with a group because they help each other. Because the Phantom Nerf Rival comes in a new color. You may be wondering how to use this white blaster in future team games. We’ll show you how.

Nerf Rival Atlas XVI-1200

New names have been given to the Nerf Rival Atlas, an elite weapon in the Nerf Rival line of guns. As a result, the Rival Shotgun became known because of this. The Nerf Rival Atlas can fire at a rate of about 80 feet per second, about the speed of sound.
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Because the Atlas fires two foam balls simultaneously, it’s different from other Nerf Rival blasters in that it takes longer to fire. This blaster is effective, but it also doesn’t hurt you. Keep the trigger locked so you won’t lose any of your foam balls.

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NERF Rival Charger MXX-1200 Motorized Blaster

The NERF Rival Roundhouse is a small and light blaster. It’s easy to load the Roundhouse’s five built-in magazines by pulling a lever on the side of the blaster. Each magazine has three high-impact bullets that can fire 15 shots.
The 9 Best Rival Nerf Guns 2022 - Yoda Plush (8)
You can quickly figure out how many rounds are left in your magazine before going through the pain of reloading. Make sure the magazine guard is moved forward, then load your magazines, and you’re done. A tactical rail is a piece of metal with many holes in it. You can put your gear on it to improve your performance.

NERF Rival Roundhouse XX-1500 Red Blaster

Hasbro breaks your illusions just as you start to feel safe. There are a lot of ways to curve the Rival Curve Shot Sideswipe. It can go to the right, left, or even down. You can’t have Nerf fights if you don’t have a cover. The Sideswipe is very likely to fail. We also like how the integrated magazine is built into the grip of this pistol.
The 9 Best Rival Nerf Guns 2022 - Yoda Plush (9)
When a bullet is fired, it comes out of the side port and into the magazine. After you reload the bolt action, you can fire a shot. With the Sideswipe, you can put the bolt-action parts of the rifle on either side of the gun, making it great for people who like to shoot with their left or right hand.

NERF Perses MXIX-5000 Rival Motorized Blaster

Unlike other Rival guns, this one has a “quick load” magazine. The Finisher is the most basic of the guns. When you put the 7-round detachable magazine into the bottom of the blaster, you can shoot it. It’s that simple.
The 9 Best Rival Nerf Guns 2022 - Yoda Plush (10)
This is an excellent option if you’re looking for a cheap way to see how fast the Rival series fires. Even though the blaster is manual and affordable, it won’t have a lot of things to do.

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What is your favorite best rival nerf gun from our list? What did we miss here? Let us know in the comment section below.


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