Nintendo Download: 2nd May (North America) (2024)

The latest Nintendo Download update for North America has arrived, and it's bringing new games galore to the eShop in your region. As always, be sure to drop a vote in our poll and comment down below with your potential picks for the week. Enjoy!

Switch eShop - Highlights

Endless Ocean Luminous (Nintendo, 2nd May, $49.99) - Take a deep breath and plunge into the Veiled Sea, an unexplored region with discoveries that change with each dive. Scan sea creatures and learn about over 500 species of marine life – some of which are presumed extinct, or even mythical. Swim together in groups of up to 30 with a Nintendo Switch Online membership.* Greet your fellow divers with a friendly gesture and then delve into the depths to share discoveries. Find a way to play that fits your style: have a leisurely swim in the sea or meticulously catalog every creature you see – it’s all up to you! - Read our Endless Ocean Luminous review

Switch eShop - New Releases

Adventure Field Remake (Elushis, 5th May, $4.99) - Delve into the tale of a once-glorious kingdom ensnared by darkness, a story that begins with a young boy haunted by prophetic dreams. As evil corrupts the heart of the Sarook King, leading him to command his monsters against his own people, the stage is set for an epic saga. The Premise: Uncover the legend of a kingdom plunged into despair, betrayed by its monarch. In the mystical realm of Sarook, a young hero is awakened by visions of light, only to find his world threatened by a malevolent force. The king, once a protector, now spreads terror, commanding a legion of beasts to ravage his land. The Game: "Adventure Field™ Remake" is a turn-based JRPG that reimagines the original classic with breathtaking 3D graphics. Navigate through treacherous dungeons, battle formidable enemies, and uncover the secrets of the kingdom.

All Noobs must die – Craft, Survival, Mine (404, 3rd May, $12.99) - Build traps, use secret levers, have fun and wield cold and firearms in the battle against the massive army of zombie monsters! Strike the levers with your pickaxe to activate rare frost traps or a machine gun-wielding guard! Mine resources with your pickaxe for crafting new weapons at the crafting table! Level up and unlock new traps! Construct your unique defense using traps, turrets, magic towers, and levers!

Arcade Archives NUMAN ATHLETICS (HAMSTER, 25th Apr, $7.99) - "NUMAN ATHLETICS" is an sports game released by NAMCO (Bandai Namco Entertainment) in 1993. Choose one of the four superhumans and win a total of 8 types of competitions. Each competition has a NEED value, and unless you exceed that record, you will not be able to clear the competition and move on to the next competition.

Arcade Fusion Bundle (Mass Creation, 23rd Apr, $19.99) - Then, dive into the adventure of "The Crystals of Atlantis. XPOSED SWITCHED Draw rectangles to uncover the background area. Expose enough to complete the level. Uncover unique backgrounds and hit the highest score while mastering your skills. Simple controls, demanding levels, but a rewarding experience.

Armed and Gelatinous: Couch Edition (Three Flip Studios, 2nd May, $14.99) - Prepare for an intergalactic showdown like never before in Armed and Gelatinous: Couch Edition, the ultimate multiplayer party game that pits friends and family against one another in a fast-paced cosmic brawl. Dash to victory in a multitude of fully customizable battle modes. Customize matches and unleash chaos with a fully loaded arsenal of lethal weaponry, including an impressive selection of firearms, rockets, lasers, and melee blades. Team up and throw down in a variety of high-energy sports minigames including Blob Soccer, Dodgeball, and Football

Baking Time (QubicGames, 3rd May, $4.99) - Stack all kinds of mouth-watering baked goods, from croissants to cookie hearts and everything in between! Grab your spatula, lift the baked goods out of the oven, and put them on display so that customers can buy them! With a steady stream of hungry customers waiting in line, it's up to you to deliver their orders quickly and efficiently! Satisfy your customers and earn money that you can spend to hire additional staff and expand your bakery! Unlock new recipes and serve even more delicious pastries! Need a helping hand? Invite your friend to play in local co-op mode and expand your bakery to the next level! Grab your aprons and get ready to bake up a storm in Baking Time together!

Bomb Cat (RedDeer, 3rd May, $6.99) - Bomb Cat takes inspiration from classic 2048 games but elevates the challenge with an insane bomb mechanic. In other words, it’s pretty simple – match the fluffy cats carefully, and watch out – the bombastic Bomb Cat can either assist you or completely disrupt your game.

Coconut Farm 3D (House of Pandas, 6th May, $9.99) - Coconut Farm 3D: Embark on a thrilling farmyard adventure where classic arcade excitement meets charm! Navigate through a vivid 3D world as you help our lovable farm animals — a courageous cow, a cheeky rooster, a cunning cat, and a playful pig — clear each level of coconuts. As you progress, you'll encounter a quirky cast of monsters, including spectral ghosts, menacing werewolves, and lumbering zombies. These foes will do their best to hinder your progress. Thankfully, you're equipped with powerful upgrades to turn the tide against them. Use these power-ups wisely to outsmart the monsters, or dodge them with skillful maneuvering when you're not powered up.

Corgi’s Travel (Nerd Games, 4th May, $9.99) - A scientist is conducting experiments with a machine that can shrink objects. To ensure safety, he decides to do the experiments a bit away from his house, but he makes the mistake of bringing his dog along. Without the scientist noticing, the dog accidentally presses the machine's button, getting shrunk and gaining superpowers. Thus begins the dog's journey back home, trying to find a way to reverse the effect and return to normal size, while facing various challenges, including giant insects.

Cyber Citizen Shockman 3: The princess from another world (Ratalaika Games, 2nd May, $5.99) - Originally released in 1992, Cyber Citizen Shockman 3: The princess from another world brings another blast from the past! After Sonya wins a big prize in the lottery, she and Arnold travel to a tropical southern island to enjoy some well-deserved holidays. However, paradise soon turns into hell when a strange spaceship appears all of a sudden and starts attacking the city. Unable to just sit around and do nothing while chaos unfolds, Arnold and Sonya transform into Shockman and head to battle this new mysterious enemy!

DungeonSmash – Medieval Dungeons (404, 4th May, $5.99) - This captivating game combines classic block-breaking with thrilling dungeon adventures. Bash your way through 40+ handcrafted levels or unleash your creativity with the intuitive level editor. Test your skills on player-created maps and climb the leaderboards in exciting tournaments

Exit Slum 11 (Playstige Interactive, 3rd May, $2.50) - Rules are simple: If you observe an anomaly, something out-of-place or something not-seen-before, run back to where you started. Otherwise, keep running. When you reach Exit 11, you’ll manage to escape from this nightmare.

Finding America: The Pacific Northwest Collector’s Edition (Ocean Media, 25th Apr, $9.99) - Dive into this wondrous region and witness all its delightful sights, from the cityscape of Seattle to Washington's lakes and Oregon's natural attractions, in a gorgeously rendered Hidden Object style. Play lovely minigames that dig deeper into the region's culture and cuisine, each one with fun facts for you to discover!
Enjoy one stunning chapter after another and experience all that the Pacific Northwest has in store in this all-American Hidden Object game!

FoxyLand Collection (Ratalaika Games, 2nd May, $9.99) - Help Foxy Fox on a dangerous journey to rescue his love, Jennie. Without your help, Foxy won’t be able to save her.

Freddi Fish 2: The Case of The Haunted Schoolhouse (UFO Interactive, 2nd May, $14.99) - Good thing super-sleuths Freddi Fish and Luther are on the case. Their plan: build a trap to capture and expose the phony ghost. To reach their goal the two friends need your child's help to find a few things-and the list of items changes every time they play. Kids will dive right in to direct this undersea mystery filled with old friends, new faces and a festive sing-along soundtrack.

Freddi Fish 5: The Case of the Creature of Coral Cove (UFO Interactive, 2nd May, $14.99) - Join Freddi Fish and her best friend, Luther, for the grand opening of beautiful Coral Cove Park - But wait! A mysterious sea creature has been seen lurking inside. If the park is to open on time you have to help Freddi and Luther find the clues, solve the puzzles and get to the bottom of this watery predicament.

Freddi Fish Collection (UFO Interactive, 2nd May, $49.99) - The Freddi Fish Collection includes these 5 titles on Nintendo Switch™. These games will provide limitless hours of fun and replay-ability with full animation, professional voice acting, award-winning music and tons of mysteries to solve!

Full Metal Sergeant (PolyCrunch, 1st May, $9.99) - Be the drill instructor! Insult recruits with no remorse! Can you transform flabby recruits into lean war machines within 12 weeks?

Horrific Xanatorium (KEMCO, 25th Apr, $7.99) - A world where Spiria, a virus that causes delusions and hallucinations, has become an epidemic. The protagonist, Rui Genzaki, unfortunately gets infected with Spiria and begins to have hallucinations. His younger sister, Mone, takes him to Kamikawa Sanatorium Hospital. There he encounters his first love, Riza, the suspicious director, Anri, and strange monsters. Is the world you see reality? Or is it delusion? As a bonus, a beach episode with Mone and Riza has been added! You may have a wonderful time with the two of them!

Knight Sim Life (SimulaMaker, 3rd May, $9.99) - Embark on a journey to build and defend your own medieval kingdom in "Knight Sim Life," a captivating 3D farming and city-building simulation game. Set in a vibrant low-poly world, players assume the role of a valiant knight tasked with cultivating the land, constructing magnificent structures, and safeguarding their burgeoning realm from looming threats.

Matsutake Game (Mamekujira, 2nd May, $3.29) - Stick the same mushrooms together to evolve! Aim for a high score by changing mushrooms to prevent them from overflowing the basket! If the basket overflows, the game is over. Aim for a high score by creating large matsutake mushrooms!

MotoGP24 (Milestone, 2nd May, $49.99) - Challenge your abilities in MotoGP™, Moto2™ and Moto3™ categories, and immerse yourself in the exhilarating journey of the 2024 campaign. Experience the thrill of official rosters and tracks exclusive to MotoGP™24! Embark on your quest to become a MotoGP™ legend and shape your own epic saga. From humble beginnings to triumphant heights, the path is yours to forge. Engage in thrilling rivalries, build your reputation, and leave your mark on the history of your beloved team. But wait, there's more! As a new season dawns, the winds of change are sweeping through the pit crews. With the groundbreaking Riders market, riders can now transfer between teams to reshuffle the deck and inject a surge of unpredictability into the competition!

My Horse Stories (QubicGames, 3rd May, $7.99) - Put on those cowgirl boots, style your new horse, and start racing like a champ! You were looking forward to chilling this summer in NYC, but your plans have changed. You're sent to middle-of-nowhere Kentucky to spend the summer with your grandma on a star-stable horse farm. Soon, you realize that this summer adventure holds untold potential! The horse farm becomes your heaven, and with each passing day, you grow closer to your loyal companion - a graceful horse with whom you'll weave your own unique horse-riding tale! To rise above the competition and conquer the racetracks, you must train tirelessly, immersing yourself in the art of horsemanship.

Ninja Flip (Ultimate Games, 2nd May, $4.99) - Ninja Flip is an adrenaline-pumping arcade game that invites players to immerse themselves in the role of a nimble ninja navigating through a vividly illuminated, futuristic world. Set against the backdrop of an endless environment, players are tasked with leaping from block to block, executing a series of increasingly complex flips and jumps to traverse the skyline. Each successful jump not only advances the player further through the city but also racks up points, contributing to their overall score.

Ninja Shuriken Master (GAMETOTOP.CC, 5th May, $5.99) - In Ninja Shuriken Master, you become an experienced ninja on a journey of survival in a dark anime-inspired world. Use your quick reflexes and shuriken throwing skills to battle your way through waves of enemy ninjas.

Outbreak The Fedora Files What Lydia Knows (Dead Drop Studios, 3rd May, $19.99) - Super and extra-natural phenomena around the world are officially disavowed. In the United States, these phenomena are unofficially investigated by an elite squad of agents known as the Federal Disaster Organic Response Agency, FEDORA. These are their stories… This two punch, two game pack based in the Outbreak Universe, explore the before and after of the Outbreak with new eyes. FEDORA Files: What Lydia Knows In our first file of “The FEDORA Files” three part limited series: What Lydia Knows, play as intrepid detective Lydia Daniels as she tries to discover the mystery behind her partner's disappearance.

PAC-MAN Mega Tunnel Battle: Chomp Champs (Bandai Namco Entertainment, 9th May, $19.99) - PAC-MAN Mega Tunnel Battle: Chomp Champs is an online-only PAC-MAN eating competition! Eat your way through multiple interconnected mazes using Power Pellets and a variety of Power Items to chomp the GHOSTS and opponent PAC-MAN players! Be the last PAC standing at the end of each match in this 64-player Battle Royale to be the Chomp Champ!

Pirates Golden Quest (DEMENCI, 3rd May, $4.99) - Embark on a swashbuckling adventure in "Pirates Golden Quest," a thrilling 2D platformer that puts you in the boots of a daring pirate on a mission to save the world from sinister foes! Set sail across treacherous seas and explore vibrant, handcrafted levels filled with danger and excitement. As you navigate through each challenging environment, you'll encounter a variety of enemies standing in your way. From cunning pirates to fearsome sea monsters, every encounter will test your skills and courage. But fear not, for you wield both sword and pistol in your quest for victory! Engage in fast-paced combat as you slash, shoot, and dodge your way through hordes of adversaries.

Recycle Master (Entity3, 27th Apr, $0.99) - Vaccum up the rubbish and clear the areas in this satisfying quirky game! Upgrade your speed, suck and capacity to help you get things done faster! Earn rewards and unlock new hoovers! Can you be the Recycle Master?

Reigns: Complete Set (Devolver Digital, 24th Apr, $14.99) - This bundle includes the complete set of Reigns games: Reigns: Kings & Queens, Reigns: Game of Thrones, Reigns: Three Kingdoms, and Reigns: Beyond. Reigns: Kings & Queens Reigns: Kings & Queens includes both award-winning games Reigns and Reign: Her Majesty. Sit on the throne as a benevolent (or malevolent) monarch of the modern age and swipe your royal decrees to the left or right to impose your will upon the kingdom. Reigns: Game of Thrones Reigns: Game of Thrones is the heir to the award-winning HBO® TV series Game of Thrones® and the smash-hit swipe ‘em up series Reigns from Nerial and Devolver Digital.

Sclash (Just For Games, 2nd May, $9.99) - Sclash is a plug’n play 2D samurai fighting game full of tension where one hit is enough to kill. Play as a hand-drawn samurai in beautiful painted settings and fight your opponent in epic solemn duels where each move matters. Manage well your stamina, breath and take your time to land a deadly hit.

(MASK, 2nd May, $3.99) - This game offers a delightful way to learn Japanese KANJI through fill-in-the-blank puzzles. The game features a vast collection of aesthetically pleasing, popular, and practically useful KANJI characters. Learn the charms of KANJI that will deepen your appreciation for Japanese culture through an engaging gaming experience!

SOWON : The Toy Wonderland (CFK, 2nd May, $8.99) - "Where did all the toys go? " In time with a little girl's parents disappearing, a mysterious invitation is left in their place by an entity that seems somewhat familiar. The girl opens the attic door that was always left locked and bravely ventures out in search of her parents. . . There she finds a strange and beautiful world of toys! SOWON : The Toy Wonderland is an adventure game about Sowon, a girl who accidentally finds herself in a world of toys. Players must search each corner of the map for hints, venturing into this world full of enigmatic riddles. Will Sowon ever be able to unravel the mysteries of the invitation and return to her world?

Space Mercenary Defense Force (eastasiasoft, 1st May, $4.99) - Defend against an alien invasion and take down the mother ship in joyously hectic roguelike style! Space Mercenary Defense Force is a tactical sci-fi action shooter where your primary objective is survival. Equip your ship’s directional module slots with various weapon technology – explosive, defensive, beam, deployable and more. Over 600 upgrades with branching advancement paths make each run unique depending on your strategic choices

Supermarket Shopping Simulator (Kanuni Games, 27th Apr, $5.99) - Supermarket Shopping Simulator offers an exhilarating journey through the aisles of various supermarkets, each with its own unique layout and challenges. In this vibrant and engaging simulation game, players embark on a quest across 27 distinct levels, racing against time to gather a specific list of items ranging from everyday groceries to exotic delicacies. Armed with a shopping cart, you'll navigate through bustling supermarket environments, dodging obstacles and making strategic decisions to fill your cart with the required products before the clock runs out. Each level increases in complexity and urgency, testing your speed, precision, and planning skills.

Surmount (Jasper & Jonas, 2nd May, $14.99) - Surmount is a free-flowing, physics-based platforming adventure where you’ll experience the joys of mountain climbing. Make your perilous ascent through the various handcrafted and procedurally generated challenges of Mount Om, all the while following a silly story with eccentric folks along the way. Master your own unique style of climbing either alone or with a friend, upgrade and customize your climber to stand a better chance, and maybe just maybe, you'll be the first ever to reach the top!

Swipe Right or Left Geography Binary Quiz (MASK, 2nd May, $3.99) - Answer binary-choice trivia questions about countries around the world with simple swipe gestures in this innovative quiz game.

The Night of the Rabbit (Daedalic Entertainment, 8th May, $19.99) - Lose yourself in a tale of magic and wonder, where anything is possible and where nothing is quite as it seems: Join young Jerry and follow a peculiar white rabbit to the wondrous realm of Mousewood, a land where critters can speak and where mystery abounds. It is here that Jerry’s dream of being a magician comes true, though a haunting, sinister force casts a long shadow over the forest. Someone offers the residents of Mousewood the deal of their lifetime - tickets to the greatest magic show that the world has ever seen. But the price is steep, as they'll have to stake their most precious possessions and also their lives.

The Prisoner of the Night (eastasiasoft, 8th May, $14.99) - The Prisoner of the Night is a side-scrolling action platformer presented in nightmarish 2.5D style, where the lovely girl Nartide must survive terrible monsters and traps in the darkest, scariest night of her life. Prepare to guide little Nartide through 159 insane and terrifying stages, where every step could lead to a painful death

Timberdoku (Leoful, 25th Apr, $3.99) - Timberdoku is a classic block puzzle game featuring a variety of wooden block shapes. Place block pieces on the board and clear blocks by filling a line or square. Earn points by placing and clearing as many blocks as you can. The game ends once there's no space left!

TORIDAMA2: Brave Challenge (G-MODE, 25th Apr, $5.59) - TORIDAMA, the courage-testing game, is back and better than ever! TORIDAMA features a collection of mini ""chicken"" games. The number of mini games to diagnose your Chicken Level has been increased to 25! In Crazy Mode, where heated competitions take place for the worldwide rankings, the current month and previous month's rankings will be viewable in addition to the usual overall rankings. The game still features the casual and fun gameplay of the previous title, so you can enjoy playing together with friends and family.

Touhou Mystia’s Izakaya (Phoenixx, 2nd May, $26.99) - "Touhou Mystia's Izakaya" is a fan game of the "Touhou Project", where Mystia Lorelei, a resident of Gensokyo, struggles to revive her own izakaya. During the day, players procure ingredients and interact with residents of Gensokyo, while at night, they operate the izakaya. The basic flow of the game involves welcoming various customers every night with delicious dishes and aiming to create an izakaya beloved by the residents of Gensokyo

Tractor Farming Simulator 3D (DEMENCI, 2nd May, $6.99) - In Tractor Farming Simulator 3D, players embark on a journey to build their farming empire. Complete a variety of tasks and challenges to earn money, then reinvest your earnings to upgrade to more powerful tractors and equipment. With each upgrade, you'll unlock new opportunities to increase your productivity and profitability.

Train Your Brain! Spot the Difference with Dog Photos (MASK, 2nd May, $3.99) - Get soothed by extremely cute dog photos while easily training your brain with this spot-the-difference game. The game supports both button controls and touch controls, allowing you to play in TV mode, handheld mode, or tabletop mode. ※This game is designed to be played on the Nintendo Switch™ in vertical orientation.

TriggerHeart EXELICA (Red Art Games, 2nd May, $29.99) - The Nintendo Switch version of Triggerheart EXELICA features: - Story, Arcade, Arrange and Training Modes - Three playable characters (Exelica, Cruelty, Faintear) - Play while listening to either Original or Arrange versions of the soundtrack - Internet Rankings - Tate mode Japanese dub - Languages supported: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish

World War: Battle of the Bulge (TROOOZE, 25th Apr, $14.99) - The Battle of the Bulge, one of the most famous battles in history, begins. Following the historic D-Day landings in Normandy (Operation Overlord), you can play a series of battles that took place during the winter months of December 16, 1944 to January 25, 1945 on the Western Front during World War II, the last major German offensive. It is a solo single player / FPS game set in World War II, favored by military enthusiasts. Be a hero on a battlefield full of gunfire and blood!

What will you be downloading this week? (165 votes)

  1. Endless Ocean: Luminous21%
  2. Adventure Field Remake1%
  3. All Noobs must die - Craft, Survival, Mine 0%
  4. Arcade Archives NUMAN ATHLETICS5%
  5. Arcade Fusion Bundle 0%
  6. Armed and Gelatinous: Couch Edition 0%
  7. Baking Time 0%
  8. Bomb Cat 0%
  9. Coconut Farm 3D1%
  10. Corgi's Travel1%
  11. Cyber Citizen Shockman 3: The princess from another world2%
  12. DungeonSmash - Medieval Dungeons2%
  13. Exit Slum 11 0%
  14. Finding America: The Pacific Northwest Collector's Edition 0%
  15. FoxyLand Collection 0%
  16. Freddi Fish 2: The Case of The Haunted Schoolhouse1%
  17. Freddi Fish 5: The Case of the Creature of Coral Cove1%
  18. Freddi Fish Collection1%
  19. Full Metal Sergeant1%
  20. Horrific Xanatorium 0%
  21. Knight Sim Life 0%
  22. Matsutake Game 0%
  23. MotoGP241%
  24. My Horse Stories1%
  25. Ninja Flip 0%
  26. Ninja Shuriken Master 0%
  27. Outbreak The Fedora Files What Lydia Knows 0%
  28. Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle: Chomp Champs12%
  29. Pirates Golden Quest2%
  30. Recycle Master 0%
  31. Reigns: Complete Set1%
  32. Sclash1%
  33. Slot & Learn KANJI2%
  34. SOWON : The Toy Wonderland 0%
  35. Space Mercenary Defense Force 0%
  36. Supermarket Shopping Simulator1%
  37. Surmount2%
  38. Swipe Right or Left Geography Binary Quiz 0%
  39. The Night of the Rabbit2%
  40. The Prisoner of the Night1%
  41. Timberdoku1%
  42. TORIDAMA2: Brave Challenge2%
  43. Touhou Mystia's Izakaya1%
  44. Tractor Farming Simulator 3D 0%
  45. Train Your Brain! Spot the Difference with Dog Photos 0%
  46. TriggerHeart EXELICA5%
  47. World War: Battle of the Bulge1%
  48. Nothing for me this week27%

So that's your lot for this week's North American Nintendo Download. Go on, be a sport and drop a vote in the poll above, and comment below with your hot picks!

Nintendo Download: 2nd May (North America) (2024)
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