Ihlara Valley - Attractions, Tour, Length, Depth, Entrance Fee (2023)

Ihlara, a province of Aksaray, has hosted many civilizations since the past. Located in the Güzelyurt district of Aksaray, which borders the Salt Lake, Ihlara is known for its valley. Ihlara Valley is a unique place that has been popular since ancient times and has been the subject of books. It is a rare region where different plant and living species are found and almost untouched by human hands. The fact that the region is based on a very old history brings along historical ruins. Today, Ihlara Valley is one of the places preferred by tourists for sightseeing purposes. It is possible to go hiking in certain parts of the region. The valley fascinates its visitors with its unique view. In the middle of the valley, which reaches gigantic dimensions, lies the natural beauties hidden by the trees. Ihlara Valley, where its lush trees and different creatures continue their lives in harmony, are places that should be visited in this sense. The height of the valley varies between 100 and 150 meters. The valley offers visitors a unique view, especially at sunrise and sunset. Ihlara Valley is the address to get established a little bit from the tiring pace of business life and to surrender yourself to nature.

You can enjoy the comfort and nature by absorbing the fresh air to your bones. A nice walk in the Ihlara Valley, which is an undeniable fact of nature's impact on the earth, is not bad at all. Of course, it is your right to get away from your tiring days and leave yourself in the arms of nature. You can immerse yourself in the sunrise and sunset of Ihlara Valley by making small getaways. Ihlara Valley, which is a common meeting place for people of all nationalities, is an incomparable blessing. The region is protected by the state with extensive security measures. At the same time, measures have been taken to prevent the stones from moving and falling. All examinations that can be foreseen by the authorities are handled without any problems. In this way, possible loss of life and property is prevented and a safer environment is prepared for the guests. You will exit through your tour guide Ihlara Valley Excursion It shows you beauties that you have not met. All you have to do is to leave yourself in the unique arms of mother nature.

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What Kind of a Place in Ihlara Valley? Travel Is it happening?

The valley consists of 26 or more meandering streams. The bird's eye view of these rivers is determined as 8 kilometers. But its actual length is about 13 kilometers. Although the river is not very deep, it is useful to be careful. Especially parents with young children need to be more sensitive in this regard. Ihlara Valley can be visited from one end to the other in different ways. Tour companies usually give you time to see Ihlara Valley from the top of the hill. Then, the journey into the valley begins with wooden carved stairs. This walk, also called nature walk, helps you get fresh air and feel good. Nature prepares a very nice environment to organize the mood of the person. This environment paves the way for the elimination of negative thoughts and factors in people's minds. Therefore, leaving yourself alone with nature at certain intervals will help you feel better mentally.

The formation period of Ihlara Valley dates back to ancient times. Ihlara Valley, which has been formed by the blending of nature for years, is formed by the eruption of Hasandağı volcano at certain times. Ihlara Valley was formed as a result of the erosion of the river as a result of the eruption of the volcano. The difference between the number of tourists in Ihlara Valley 2020 and 2021 in Ihlara Valley is striking. It is stated that the region will become more valuable both materially and spiritually in the following period. The fact that Ihlara Valley has a depth of 150 meters and a width of 200 meters has allowed it to be among the largest discovered canyons. In addition, Ihlara Valley has a different attraction network. It is an undeniable fact that the smallest stone or rock found in the region is thousands of years old. Ihlara Valley, which is one of the natural beauties of our country, is the center of culture and civilization. There are hundreds of different churches and rock carvings in the area. Hosting people of all religions, languages ​​and races, it has enabled the region to have a wide cultural network.

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Places to Visit in Ihlara Valley

Ihlara Valley, which is in harmony with the phrase "travel, see and enjoy"; It stands out with its scenery, unique history and places worth seeing. It is a place where people of all nationalities love to visit. In addition, there are historical buildings from very ancient times. These structures are waiting to be discovered on the dusty shelves of history. You should take a day to fully understand and digest the origin of the Ihlara Valley. The valley, which has a wide area, amazes its guests with its size. From the first minute you enter the valley, you will have stepped into a magical journey. The unique nature of the region will allow you to experience this magical journey to its peaks. It is possible to enjoy a different nature walk in Ihlara Valley. It is not possible to forget the Ihlara Valley, especially if you are hiking in the summer months in a light breeze at sunrise or sunset. After immersing yourself in the unique magic of the region, the real pleasure of the valley will begin.

Ihlara Valley is a very important place for the Christian world. Therefore, the number of churches in the region is quite high. In this sense, the churches you can stop by when you go to Ihlara Valley are as follows:

  • Treealti Church
  • Hyacinth Church
  • Serpentine Church
  • Smelly Church

Treealti Church

After descending the stairs in Ihlara Valley, Ağaçaltı Church welcomes you on the right. Agacaltı Church is the closest church to the entrance of Ihlara Valley. Therefore, it is one of the most visited churches by tourists. Another address to closely understand the effective structure of the region is the Ağaçaltı Church. The main entrance of the church has remained underground today. The new entrance of the church for tourists is on the 2nd floor, where the apse is located. According to local people, since the church did not have a central entrance gate, it was possible to enter the church with the support of tree branches. This caused the church to take the name of Ağaçaltı today.

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The church consists of three apses. It was made according to the free cross plan. At the same time, the continuation of the cross of the church was strengthened with barrel vaults. In addition, the area called the main place is covered with a dome. This dome was made of very solid materials compared to those times. The fact that it is still standing today is proof of that. The frescoes that appear when you raise your head in the center of the church have very different meanings. It is suggested that it has different meanings in many sources. The church has a very important place for the Christian world.

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Sümbüllü Church

When you set foot in Ihlara Valley, it is immediately on the left. The name of the church comes from the hyacinths that grow in the region and stand out with their aesthetic beauty. The entrance of the church consists of a narrow and small window. According to estimates, the church was built in the 11th and 12th centuries with a cross plan. Sümbüllü Church is home to many different saint depictions. The church has a very important place for the Christian world. Today, the church is among the places to visit in the Ihlara Valley.

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Ihlara Valley Snake Church

The Yılanlı Church is located on the Selime side of the Ihlara Valley. The stairs are reached after crossing a historical bridge with a length of 20 meters. It is among the most visited churches due to the attractiveness of its location and being in the center of the valley. It is possible to see Sümbüllü Church on the opposite slope of the church. There are several features that distinguish Yılanlı Church from other churches in the Ihlara Valley. One of them is his frescoes.

The frescoes in other churches in Aksaray Ihlara Valley feature scenes from the Bible. However, the situation is a little different in the Yılanlı Church. In the frescoes of the Serpent Church, besides the Bible, there are descriptions of the invisible but believed world. It is not known exactly when it was built, but it is said to have been built between the 9th and 12th centuries. The Yılanlı Church, which is a more attractive structure compared to other churches in the valley, also hosts different types of motifs. This church was also built with the Greek cross planning. Today, the church has been exposed to influx of tourists as it has taken on a mysterious structure.

Ihlara Valley Kokar Church

Kokar Church, which is one of the oldest churches in Ihlara Valley and whose ruins date back to the 9th century, has a unique structure. It is estimated that its construction continued until the second quarter of the 11th century. And the frescoes in the church have survived to the present day without any damage. Of course, the material used to reach the present day without being damaged is also effective. The most striking feature of Kokar Church is that it has 2 tombs. It is understood from the carvings that the church was also actively used in the Byzantine period.

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Historical Mystery and Features of Ihlara Valley

Aksaray Ihlara Valley is one of the rarest regions of the Christian world. It is a place where monks and priests rested and found their selves in early Christianity. The presence of more than 105 religious buildings in the region is proof that the religious belief in the region has been going on for centuries. As a result, only 105 of the 14 churches are suitable for sightseeing. Most of the remaining structures are in danger of collapse, so they are not suitable for sightseeing. Aksaray Ihlara Valley churches cover a long time period in terms of story. It went through a process that lasted from the beginning of the 4th century to the end of the 11th century. The Seljuks, who set foot in the region at the beginning of the 11th century, did not allow the construction of more churches in the region. However, the existing churches allowed the Christian people to perform their worship. The region also has a very important place for Turkish and Christian history.


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