Fate: Souls and Singularities (Dark Souls/Fate Grand Order Crossover) (2022)



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"Noble Phantasms"


Chapter 17: Duels

Ritsuka peaked his head out from behind Mash as her Noble Phantasm began to dissipate. He let out a sigh as he saw the carnage which had been wrought upon the surrounding area as a result of the enemy attack.

"I…" He swallowed "I take it that was Archer?"

"Indeed." Siegfried frowned, they had seen the sky light up and Mash had instantly darted in front of the group and thrown up her shield to protect them "I knew they were under madness enhancement...but to act this brazenly." he turned to Ritsuka and bowed his head "Sorry, this was an outcome I could not foresee."

"It's fine." Ritsuka waved his hands as he addressed the knight "Its not like any of us knew their Archer was going to do that."

"He speaks truly," Jeanne spoke as she walked past them, then lowered her flag so the tip was pointing ahead of them "It seems as though Archer has come to face us herself."

The group turned to where she was pointing, only to see a figure stride forwards across the battlefield. A rabid and crazed look in her eye as she twitched, likely a result of her madness enhancement.

Animal ears shot up in alert as she drew back her bow "K-kill you…" she growled out "I'll kill you! I'll kill you! Then…" she let loose a barrage of arrows, Mash widened her eyes and raised her shield, digging herself into the ground as the impact of over a dozen arrows in rapid succession registered on her shield.

"Saber! Ruler!" Ritsuka called out "Flank her! Mash, provide cover for us!" he turned to Kiyohime "Could you give us a smokescreen of fire?"

"Of course, Master-sama." The teal haired girl smiled and waved her fan in front of her face before steeling her expression.

"Go!" Ritsuka cried out, Kiyohime stepped in front of him at the same time Mash raised her shield.

Archer raised her bow to fire, only to wince and jump away when Kiyohime released a torrent of flames in her direction. The Archer released a snarl of annoyance at the attack as she readied her bow to fire through the flames.

She then widened her eyes as she caught sight of the shine of metal in sunlight. Her eyes darted to her side just in time to see both Siegfried and Jeanne rushing at her from opposite directions.

Whatever plan she made to avoid them was cut short when Kiyohime struck her in the chest with several balls of fire. Archer choked out a breath as she was forced back, eyes widening in pain at the burns.

She raised her head just in time to see Balmung slicing through the air towards her neck while Jeanne rushed her back with the tip of her standard.

Ritsuka grimaced as Archer's head was separated from her body and Jeanne ran her through, the headless corpse slumped over, the only thing stopping it from it from falling to the ground was the face it was being held up by Jeanne's standard.

"Enemy defeated, Master." Mash announced as the body began to fade into motes of light.

"Y-yeah." Ritsuka looked away from the corpse, face still scrunched up as he took in a deep breath "S-sorry...not quite used to seeing that yet…"

"Senpai…" Mash went to rub his back when Kiyohime swatted her hand away with her fan.

"Wh-" Mash began, only to receive a glare from the dragon girl.

"Keep your hands away from my Anchin-sama, harlot." She hissed out.

Mash's eyes widened in surprise at the insult and implication "H-harlot!?"

Whatever she was going to say in rebuttal was cut off when a massive explosion registered to the group, they all turned in surprise to see a giant mushroom cloud of dust kicked up into the sky.

"Rider calling all Servants!" The pink haired boys voice echoed through their mind "Ooooh! I can do this now? Awesome! Anyway! Onion dude is currently fighting not-evil but not good God Rider at the moment...also I'm still being chased by a dragon…"

"Wait? Was that the explosion just now?" Ritsuka asked in alarm he received a crazed laugh in response.

"Yep! He literally jumped off Hippo-kun and just tackled the guy off his dragon in middair! Best plan I ever saw! Or the worst...but hey! It worked right?"

"Ash? How are you coming along with finding Lancer?" Ritsuka asked next.

"Found him. Talk later." Was the only reply he received.


"Found Saber. Talk later." Another swift reply. Ritsuka blinked and shrugged at the group "Guess everything is going according to plan so far…" he sighed "Hope it stays that way…" he clapped his hands "Lets go find us a dragon to kill!"

"You sound like Siegward, Senpai." Mash pointed out which made him blink then look thoughtful.

"Is he rubbing off on me?" He idly wondered then shook his head "Doesn't matter, lets go find Fafnir!"

"Yes, Master." Siegfried replied.

Marie POV

Marie threw up a small barrier of crystals as Sanson swung his claymore at her, the metal blade striking the makeshift shield and shattering off portions of it before stopping. The white haired man 'tsk'd in annoyance before pulling his sword back and punching through the barrier.

Ordinarily, his strength wouldn't have allowed this. One of the few things he was thankful for when it came to the madness enhancement.

Marie widened her eyes in surprise as her barrier was smashed to pieces as the Assassin followed in the wake of the destruction. Sanson slashed downwards as he leapt at her, Marie darting to the side as the blade impacted the dirt where she had stood.

Sanson shifted his grip on his claymore and slashed upwards towards Marie's direction, the pale skinned woman ducked underneath the slash as it separated several long strands of hair from her head.

Sanson bodily throwing himself into the strike left his chest open however, Marie held out her palm and instantly cast a bright pink orb of mana which struck him dead centre. Sanson released a snarl of pain as he was blasted off his feet and into a roll away from her.

Righting himself after a few meters he came to a stop and levelled a glare at Marie, although from her perspective he seemed to be angrier at himself than anything else.

"Why?" He muttered to himself as he charged Marie again, his movements were erratic and desperate. Marie threw up another makeshift crystal shield to block his strike and retaliated with a shard to his knee.

Sanson let out a cry of pain as the shard buried itself in his leg, pushing past his pain he slashed across the shield with as much might as he could muster into his being. The shield shattered, yet Marie had already jumped out of his range by the time. His sword slicing through empty air yet again.

"Why!?" Sanson let out another cry of irritation "Why can't I hit you!?" he ran at her, his strike barely skimming past her neck "Why!? I've killed so many since that day! I've become a much stronger executioner! So why!?"

His eyes were wide at this point, desperation and anguish leaking from them as he failed to land a hit on Marie. The woman, for her part, took his face in with sympathetic note.

"Oh Sanson…" She spoke for the first time, he paused as she spoke "How sad...I should have told you when we reunited…"

"W-what?" Sanson blinked at her in confusion.

"Our relationship ended that day." She gave a sorrowful expression "You can't defeat me...because your blade has rusted."

"Rusted?" He parroted in confusion "I-I don't-"

"You've killed so many...you increased your proficiency as a killer…" Marie agreed "But a killer and an executioner are two different things...The more skilled you became at killing, the rustier your blade became. At this point...you are no longer a saviour of criminals."

Sanson just stared at her wide eyed, his shoulders dropping.

"Its sad...by the time you followed the Dragon Witch, you were no longer the Sanson I knew."

"N-No! Lies!" Sanson snarled at her, his face frenzied "It cannot be! I kept my faith that you would eventually come here! I shall show you how skilled I've become!" He slammed his claymore into the ground as the air behind him shimmered, a gargantuan guillotine manifesting itself behind the executioner "I shall give you the perfect execution! That ecstasy before death! A beheading you truly deserve!" he ripped his sword free and pointed it at her "Le Mort Espoir!"

Ghostly hands immediately rushed from underneath the giant blade and towards Marie. The woman sighed and shook her head.

"In that case, dear Sanson, I shall have to show you." Her face shifted into a determined one as she cast her crystal horse into existence and leapt atop it. The mount rushing through the air as it avoided the hands.

Marie stared back at Sanson on the ground as he stared back at her. She closed her eyes and released a breath as the horse galloped through the air, turning towards his direction.

Her eyes snapped open and she released a shout "Guillotine Breaker!" the horse instantly charged the executioner, Sanson's eyes went wide in alarm as the second the mount hit the ground it released a wave of glass spikes protruding upwards.

Marie charged forwards towards Sanson, the Assassin met her own defiant look with one of his own as Marie closed in on him. The hands overshooting the horse as she was scant metres from Sanson.

He gripped his blade with two hands as he swung upwards at her.

Far too late to avoid the attack as she smashed through his side, obliterating the left half of his body. Sanson released barely a cry of pain as she shot past him, his blade knocked from his hand and the guillotine fading from existence.

Sanson dropped to his knee's. Eyes wide in disbelief, the only thing stopping him from slumping over to the ground was Marie catching him in a hug.

"W-wh-" He stuttered out before releasing a bloodied cough "M-my blade...was...f-far too rusty...in the end…"

"I told you." She whispered as she held him close, stroking the back of his head. Sanson released a pained sob.

"I...worked so…" He coughed again, his body beginning to fade into motes of light "...worked so hard to...give you that...perfect moment...before death…" he sniffled "I...I needed to do that...so...so you would...forgive me…"

"Oh, Sanson…" she giggled and held him out in front of her "You really are a pitiful, adorable person." she gave him a small smile "From the start, I never had any grudge against you." he stared at her with wide eyes, tears trailing down his cheeks "You never needed my forgiveness in the first place…"

"Oh…" Sanson released a small sigh, slumping his remaining arm and released a hollow laugh as he fell into Marie's shoulder "I see…"

"Go on now...you can take a nice little nap here." Marie cooed, his form already was half gone "Maybe we'll meet eachother again…"

"That doesn't sound...too…" He didn't finish as he vanished in a golden shower of light, leaving Marie alone in the field of destruction. She sighed and shook her head and released a small laugh.

"Honestly...why do I get all the troublesome ones." She asked herself as she stood up.

Siegward and Faraam POV

"Excellent!" Faraam shouted as his spear smashed into Siegwards greatsword, the onion knights knee's buckling under the strength of the strike "Your skills! Your strength! The stories of the Knights of Catarina hold weight after all!"

Stormruler released a burst of wind, while having no effect on Faraam, it did serve to kick up enough debris to allow Siegward to dash away from underneath of the Rider's spear, the weapon following through and striking the ground where Siegward had been moments earlier.

"Well." Siegward chuckled as he rolled back to his feet "I would be quite worried if I were to give a poor name to my own kingdom."

"Indeed!" Faraam laughed "This! This is why I am here!" he spread his arms wide "This feeling, this purpose! Bringing so many proud warriors together to fight for a reason of righteousness! The thrill of the battle and the glory one feels as their side takes victory! Is this not what a true war should be?"

"Forgive my rudeness, but I do not see the glory in serving such a woman." Siegward pointed out, Faraam stilled and dropped his arms. He stared at Siegward before slowly nodding.

"You speak truth...she...she reminds me too much of my father...so caught up in waging a war out of her hatred...it is blind aggression…" He snarled "Barely worthy of my presence."

"Then why serve her?" Siegward frowned behind his helm "If her take on war disappoints you so much?"

"She reminds me too much of my father." Faraam shrugged "Like I said, she based her conflict solely on hatred...much like my father. I wanted to know what if he was the exception to wars built on such things becoming nothing more than genocides...or if it was a general consensus."

"I see…" Siegward nodded his head "You wanted to know if Lord Gwyn was above such emotions…"

Faraam seemed to recoil in surprise before chuckling "I see...Arkon spoke of my identity before he fought me?" he nodded his head "That is good...and...you are not wrong. My father always lorded himself over the pygmies as if they were base animals. He would keep up appearances to their faces...but there was that look of disgust in his eyes whenever he spoke with them…as if he were there better."

"You disagreed?"

"I cared not." Faraam scoffed "Provided one could fight and prove their worth with arms, that was all I needed to determine worth. The Dragon Witch's hatred of France and my Fathers hatred of the dragons...both brought about such needless violence. So it is not my own righteousness I am here to witness…" his head travelled to the centre of the field "It is your master."

"You seek to test his worth then?"

"Mmm…" Faraam nodded and turned his head back to Siegward "From what I understand, Servants are simple weapons...therefore, should he prevail here and defeat myself and the false saint, then he shall be worthy in my eyes."

"I suppose that is a fair judgement." Siegward nodded "I suppose we best get back to fighting then?"

"Indeed." Faraam nodded "We have remained idle too long." he gripped his spear with two hands and swung forwards, releasing a large wave of dirt and debris which obscured him form the Onion Knights sight.

Siegward tensed, preparing himself for an attack from any angle. Even through the cloud of dirt, he saw a shadow pass above his head. The helmet shot upwards just in time to see the spear tip of Rider's weapon rocket towards him, Siegward leapt back as it made impact and rushed forwards to strike.

Only to falter when the dirt cleared to reveal it was only the spear which had hit the ground.

'A fake!' Siegward shouted in his head in alarm and spun around when he felt a presence creeping up behind him. Siegward swung his blade to strike out to his back only to be blasted away when Rider delivered a savage haymaker to the side of his helmet.

Siegward rolled across the ground, creating a long groove through the dirt, barely able to right himself before he was on the receiving end of another strike from Rider's spear. Siegward grunted as Stormruler barely blocked the strike before Faraam struck out with a kick and knocked him away again.

Faraam rushed forwards, seemingly taking advantage of the movement when Siegward thrust his sword forwards. A veritable canon of air being released from the blade, except it wasn't aimed at Rider...it was instead aimed at the ground he was standing on.

The explosion of dirt knocked Rider into the air, the servant narrowed his eyes and lashed out with his free arm, throwing a spear of sunlight at Siegward, the onion knight released a cry of exertion as he released another cannon of wind from his blade, blasting the spear back in the direction of Rider.

Faraam widened his eyes in shock and batted away the returning miracle as he fell back to the ground "Using my own miracles against me? You cannot harm me with the wind, so seek to use it to your advantage." he mused, a wide smile birthing itself behind his scarf "Marvellous!"

He jumped away when another high pressure attack smashed into the ground in front of him, Siegward jumped towards Faraam in the wake of the assault and brought his greatsword down onto the Rider. Faraam blocked it with the shaft of the spear and forced the Saber servant back, he held out his left hand and charged a lightning miracle.

Siegward narrowed his eyes behind his helmet as the Rider threw the spear into the air, he followed the spear with his eyes, which promptly widened in shock as it split into over a dozen smaller projectiles which rained down upon him.

The onion knight gripped his sword with two hands and began to encircle the blade with wind "Hah!" Siegward released a cry as he swung the blade upwards towards the projectiles, the wave of wind causing many to fly off course of impact the dense portions of the wave and detonate.

"Continuously firing off wind from your blade to combat my Miracles." Faraam observed "It appears it was not an isolated incident…"

Siegward lowered his blade back towards the Rider.

Astolfo POV

"Uhm...Guys?" Astolfo called out in a slight panic as the dragon continued to chase him through the skies "I am still being chased by a dragon...send help."

"Lure the dragon towards myself." He heard Assassin reply immediately "I have an idea."

"Sure!" Astolfo gave an affirmative, then turned around "Follow me! Big dumb bird dragon thing!"

His only reply was a roar and a jet of fire sailing over his head.

Assassin POV

Sasaki parried away another strike as sweat began to trickle down his brow, even with the Saber's blinded eye, they were still a formidable opponent for him to face.

He lashed out with several quick thrusts aimed at the head, body and arms. Saber responded with immediately and blocked most of the strikes, however his blade struck true in puncturing the shoulder on the blind side of his opponent.

"Grr!" d'Eon released a grunt of pain as the blade entered and was quickly pulled out, their body reacting immediately and jerking backwards. Sasaki took advantage of this reaction and lashed out again, swiping at the knee's of his opponent. Saber was not quite distracted enough to miss the obvious attack.

And thrust their sword downwards to block the strike. Sasaki widened his eyes and leant to the side and d'Eon swung their rapier upwards in a vertical slash at him. The Assassin winced as he wasn't quite fast enough to stop the tip of the blade from gliding through his clothes and leaving a relatively shallow cut across his chest.

He frowned as he backed away and narrowed his eyes at the Saber, quickly flicking around the battlefield before falling back to the Servant.

"Allowing yourself to be distracted will only end in your death." d'Eon chastised with a frown "Your attacks have been fruitful in injuring me, but you will need far more effort in order to put me down."

"I see." Assassin smiled as he assumed a new stance, his body turned sideways to Saber and his blade held in two hands in a stabbing position "In that case, we shall just have to attempt something more effective."

"Hmph." Saber grunted "A Noble Phantasm? It will need to be powerful to…" Saber trailed off and furrowed their brows in confusion "We?"

"Yahooo!" They widened their eyes in alarm and spun around, only to be met with the talons of a large winged beast gripping onto their body and preventing their arms from moving. Saber released a cry of pain as the claws dug in their back and slammed them into the ground as it dragged them along.

Astolfo briefly leaned down, extending their arm to Assassin as he shot past the Servant. Kojiro held out his own hand and gripped the Rider's tightly, being lifted off his feet as and swung round onto the back of the hippogriff.

The beast continued to drag d'Eon through the ground, the Saber crying out in pain as they struggled to break free from the grip of the mount. Astolfo looked over his shoulder to see the beaked mouth of the Dragon open up, the back of its throat began to glow a brilliant orange as smoke began to leak out from its mouth.

The boy let out a panicked squeal before jerking the hippogriff to the side, the beast released its grasp on d'Eon at the same time that Storm unleashed a tsunami of dragon fire towards them. The French Saber having barely enough time to re-orientate themselves through the air before they were consumed in the inferno.

The hippogriff banked right as Storm continued to trail after them, the Drake snarling in annoyance as it smashed through the dusty remains of the Chevalier and snapped its beak shut, spreading its wings wide it abruptly jerked backwards and accelerated into the sky.

Astolfo and Sasaki looked towards it as its two pairs of wings pulled back as far as they would go. Realisation came to Astolfo moments later.

"Hippo-kun! Down!" He barked out just as Storm snapped their wings forwards. The clap of thunder was accompanied by the sudden explosion of wind being launched towards them, the sudden burst knocked the Hippogriff out of the sky. The animal slammed into the ground and sent both Sasaki and Astolfo flying off the mount and slamming into the ground with pained groans.

The hippogriff quickly got back to its feet and looked to the sky.

The shadow of Storm fell over the trio, the drake glaring down at them as it opened its mouth yet again.

An orange blur shot past them, crashing into the side of the dragon's chest and causing it to shudder in the air. Four wings furiously beating as it attempted to right itself, a flash of golden light soon emerged followed by a cry from another rider.

"HA!" A cross of light exploded out from the Drakes chest as it visibly was blasted from the point of impact, the wound on its body glowing brightly and clearly causing the beast a great deal of pain.

The blur dropped down in front of the pair, soon revealing the form of Georgios, the man cast a glance over his shoulder to the two servants "I saw the dragon pass overhead and thought it best to offer my aid as a Dragon Slayer."

"That was awesome!" Astolfo instantly was in his face, eyes sparkling "You just launched yourself through the air and then boom! Guess it goes to show that riders are just naturally the best class."

Georgios blinked at the enthusiasm and sent a questioning glance to Assassin, Kojiro gave him a helpless shrug in response. The man shook his head and turned back to Astolfo with a somewhat amused smile "While I applaud your ability to keep this level of enthusiasm during a battle." the smile soon turned into a serious look "I would not celebrate too soon." turning his head, he pointed his sword in the direction that Storm had fallen.

The Drake slowly getting back to its feet, even as the wound on its chest was visibly steaming, despite its obvious severity it was clear to all that the wound was not fatal to the dragon.


"I appear to have missed its vital organs." Georgios surmised with a slight frown "That is my fault, I was in such a rush that I wasn't able to deploy my Noble Phantasm and strike true."

"I, for one, am quite glad you saved us regardless." Kojiro smiled at him before turning to the dragon with a frown "And this might be too big a Swallow for me to slay…" his frown soon changed into a carefree expression "But that doesn't mean I won't try. After all, how can I resist a swallow that size?"

Astolfo and Georgios stared at him with equal looks of disbelief before Astolfo spoke up "Are you sure that you didn't ride anything to the moon? Because that's some 'evaporation of reason' talk right there." he shrugged "And this is coming from me so it must be crazy."

Storm reared their head back, flames leaking from their beaked mouth

Siegward and Faraam POV

Faraam widened his eyes in shock and his head darted away from the Catarinan. His link with Storm indicated that his mount had encountered someone who was capable of harming it. Not that alone surprised him, he was already aware of one dragon slayer on the battlefield, but he had thought they would have gone for the witch and her own beast.

He frowned, turning his head back to the Catarianan. It would seem that he would need to deal with the Knight before moving off to see what his mount had attacked.

"It seems we shall need to finish this fight between us…" Faraam stated, his spear charging itself in a golden light as the wind around his feet began to pick up and carry him into the sky "For you, Knight of Catarina…I shall finish you with my ultimate attack."

"In that case." Siegward replied as the air around his sword began to condense and spin "I shall answer you in kind."

Faraam thrust his spear into the air as the clouds above began to darken and swirl above him, lightning flickering inbetween them.

"This spear is of Sunlight itself…" He intoned, lightning shooting towards and concentrating on the blade of the sword spear.

Siegward rushed forwards at the same time "This sword is of partings!"

"The Heir of Sunlight delivers lightning!"

"A sword of a promise to an old friend!"

"With this thrust, I shall inflict upon thee death!"

"With this strike, the giant will be felled!"

"Now strike, my spear!" Faraam shouted as he drew back his swords spear, the tip glowing brightly like a second Sun "Solis-"

"Howl, my sword!" Siegward slid to a halt and thrust his sword forwards "Storm-"

"-Ab Hasta!"


A golden stream of light shot from Riders spear as a Siegward slashed his blade upwards, the wind slicing through the air and giving the visual of displacing space itself as the air around the attack became a solidified wall of wind.

The two strikes met in a deafening clash as wind struck lightning. The resulting collision formed a tornado of wind and golden streaks of electricity which shot into the sky. The cyclone continued picking up speed as the attacks continued.

"HAAAAAA!" Both Faraam and Siegward released cries of exertion as the wind began began to coalesce in the centre of the two strikes before exploding outwards, Siegward receiving the worst of the impact as the stray lightning shot out in all directions, scorching parts of his armour and sending him flying.

Faraam received a better result, being able to avoid a majority of the stray power, however he wasn't fast enough to prevent several streams from striking his chest and blasting him back as well.

The Rider let out a pained grunt as he crashed into the ground and rolled for a few metres before coming to a stop.

Siegward let out several coughs on the ground as he rolled over, barely able to drag himself back to his hands and knees. His armour was a mess, sections having been melted as a result of the stray lightning blasts or being blackened.

"This…" Faraam released a cough as he got back to his feet "This is my win...Catarinan." he announced, then blinked as he thought of something "It occurs to me...I never asked your name."

The Saber released a pained wheezing chuckle "N-no...hehehe… I suppose you didn't...I am Siegward of Catarina."

"Siegward…" Faraam nodded "A good name…" he walked forwards towards Siegward "I shall...remember you as a worthy opponent."

Siegward just let out a pained breath as Faraam raised his spear into the air to decapitate him.

"Vive le France!" Was an accompanying cry as Faraam snapped his head to the left just in time to be smashed in the chest by a glass horse. The impact sending him sprawling across the ground before coming to a stop and groaning in pain.

"Sir Siegward!" Marie cried out "How are you?"

"I find myself considerably better now that you are here." The knight chuckled "I must say...you have wonderful timing."

"Well." Marie grinned "What type of dashing monarch would I be if I couldn't save a hapless knight?"

"...I believe you have the roles confused."

"Another one?" Faraam muttered as he got back to his feet, both Siegward and Marie looked over at him. A large gash present across his chest from the impact "You are?"

"Marie Antoinette!" She puffed out her chest and grinned "Queen of France!"

"...Faraam." He nodded his head "Former prince of Anor Londo." he blinked at her "You...you do not strike me as a fighter."

"Well…" She awkwardly scratched the back of her head "I suppose I'm not like yourself or Sir Siegward, but I'm not afraid to fight for what I love!"

"...Well then…" Faraam nodded "I can respect your motives." he went to take a step forwards before his head snapped to the side "It appears she couldn't wait any longer…"

"She?" Siegward coughed out from the ground, Faraam turned back to him.

"The Dragon Witch...Seems she has finally arrived with her dragon." He let out a huff of humour "With any luck, she'll die...but that is neither here nor there." he readied his spear "Shall we begin?"

He took a single step forwards, despite her confidence. Marie could feel the sheer presence that this servant radiated, it made perfect sense to her though. He was technically a God, or an exiled God. Nevertheless, he was a Divine Spirit in the art of War.

She held no illusions about fighting him, her eyes darted nervously towards Siegward. The Onion shaped armour was warped and burnt, several parts along its chest piece were bent and blackened from his fight while the God seemed realistically no worse for where. Even after he took her mount to his chest.

"I certainly hope you weren't planning on beginning without me Maria?" The group looked around to see Amadeus closing in on them, the musician giving her a disapproving look "Its always like you to rush into things like that, isn't it?"

Faraam stared at him blankly for several seconds before he tilted his head to the side "What are you supposed to be?"

"Me?" The man blinked, then bowed "I, my violent fellow, am Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart! Famous musician."

"I never cared for songs."

"I can tell." The man replied "You muscle heads are all the same with no appreciation for the finer talents beyond simply swinging a sword above your head and cutting down other muscle heads." a scowl came to his face as he threw up his arms "Honestly, the lot of you are of a piece."

Faraam remained silent for a few moments, then lowered his spear so the tip was pointed towards the Caster. The head of the weapon glowed brightly for but a moment before a sudden burst of lightning shot forth towards the Caster.

The man let out an 'eep' sound and quickly jumped away as the beam struck the ground where he had been stood, releasing a small explosion of lightning which sent him rag dolling through the air before face planting the ground.

He pushed himself up while spitting out a mouthful of dirt "Don't get angry at me because you can't handle criticism."

"Hmph?" Faraam blinked then looked down at his spear before back at the Caster "Oh, it seems my temper got the better of me. I mean to inquire as to whether you were of sound mind but instead I attempted to kill you for your stupidity in insulting me to my face." he slowly turned this head of the spear so it was facing him again "Allow me to-"

"Guillotine Breaker!" He jumped back as Marie's glass horse shot past him, he turned to fire on her when he noticed his legs suddenly become stiff. His eyes shot down to see crystals rapidly claiming his body. Spinning his spear, he slammed the tip into the growing crystalline field and released a small explosion at the base of his feet, shooting himself up into the sky with a scowl aimed towards the Rider.

It was certainly one of the most unorthodox attacks he had seen in a long time.

The wisps of blue light fluttered away from the crystals at Siegwards feet, coming to a rest on his body as he gradually felt his injuries lessen. The Catarianan knight gaped at the healing before a jovial expression came to his face, slowly rising himself up and resting Stormruler on his shoulder. He sent a beaming expression Marie's way.

"Quite the skill you have there, Lady Marie."

"Well…" She winced "I won't be able to do something like that again…" she informed him as her glass horse trotted next to him "Using my Noble Phantasm twice so quickly has left me a little depleted."

"Not to worry." Siegward rolled his shoulders as he stepped forwards "With your support, I believe we have a real chance now."

"Do you?"

"Of course!" Siegward grinned at her "I am a knight of Catarina! As you are now, you are a damsel in distress! It would be a great insult if I did not play the role of fairytale knight!"

Marie let out melodious laugh in response, shaking her head in amusement at the knight "Yes, I suppose it is like a knight to want to look impressive for a royal."

"Quite so, quite so." Siegward admitted, gripping his greatsword with both hands "I believe I shall play the role of Knight and rescue Sir Wolfgang."

Marie giggled "He is looking like quite the damsel right now." she joked, although she was quite worried about him as he continued to try and avoid the God's bursts of lightning being shot at him.

Siegward hunched his body forwards and charged down at Faraam, the God stood just at the edge of the field of glass. He snapped his head when he heard the sound of shattering just in time to raise his spear to block Siegwards slash towards him. The God stared down at him with a brief look of surprise before schooling his features.

Faraam swung his leg out, catching Siegward in the side of his chest and sending the knight flying away from him. Siegward flipped through the air, landing on his feet and stabbing his sword into the ground to anchor himself before looking up towards Faraam.

The God virtually ignored Amadeus now as he focused his attention on Siegward "I had not thought you could recover so quickly...You are not a miracle user by chance are you?"

"I am indeed, but it was not Miracles which have gifted me this power." Siegward responded, rising to his feet and grinning. Faraam tilted his head, then stared at the glass field as it receded with a brief flash of understanding.

"I see...the power to kill one's enemies and heal ones allies." He chuckled, briefly glancing at the pale haired woman sat atop the glass horse "Perhaps I underestimated her entirely...That has been my blunder so far." he exhaled, slowly turning back to Siegward "No more. I will face you in the way you fully deserve."

Servants vs Storm POV

A torrent of fire flowed freely from the drakes mouth, accelerating towards the trio. Astolfo let out a panicked squeal and jumped into the air away from the river of flames. Sasaki was far more reserved in his apprehension, the thinning of his lips being the only indication of his anxiety in the face of a dragon breathing fire at him.

He imagined that was the usual response, or rather it would be if Georgios hadn't immediately jumped atop his horse and charged straight towards the Drake. The torrent of fire seemed to wash over the Rider and his mount without causing any harm to them. The drake snarled at their forms emerged undamaged from the flames.

As he closed in, the drake snapped its beak shut towards them. Georgios ducked low as the maw of the beast passed over his head. Swinging his sword up, he caught the drake along the cheek with the edge. The sword carved a vicious line along the face of Storm as the drake recoiled from the attack.

The large drake beat its wings violently, sending powerful gusts of wind towards the Rider as it attempted to take flight once again.

Something slammed into its back and exploded, doing little in the way of any real harm but was enough for the drake to jolt in surprise. Georgios blinked in shock before turning his head just in time to see a man in silver armour towards the front of the French lines pointing in the direction of the Drake, the soldiers behind him clearly preparing another volley of cannon fire.

"Reload!" Gilles shouted out to his troops behind him, the drake turned his head towards their front lines and narrowed his eyes towards the cannons "Quickly! Ground the beast before it is upon us!"

The Drake shot off the ground, the sudden explosion of wind as it launched itself into the air had Georgios cover his eyes as dirt blasted itself into his face. He cleared away his eyes before noticing the Drake flying skyward. His eyes soon widened in alarm as they fell back on the French lines.

"Go, Bayard!" He commanded his horse as it broke into a gallop, the Rider looked over his shoulder and up to see if he could spot the drake. Barely catching sight of it as it disappeared into the cloud layer above them. He mentally cursed as he urged his mount to accelerate faster.

"Come on Assassin!" Astolfo called out to the man as he made a break for his Hippogriff, the mount shaking itself to remove the dirt from its feathers before looking over to the pair of Servants moving towards them. "We're gonna have to get airborne! Always wanted to chase a dragon, never saw myself doing it though!"

"And how does it live up to your flight of fancy?" Sasaki asked with a raised eyebrow as he climbed atop the back of the creature. Astolfo jumped onto the creature and then gave Assassin a beaming smile.

"It's just as terrifying as I imagined it would be!"

"I'm glad you are finding ways to enjoy yourself."

The Rider gave a mad laugh in response as the Hippogriff took off into the air, shooting into the sky at breakneck speeds in the direction that the Dragon had disappeared off too.

Georgios kept his eye on the sky, even as he approached the front lines of the French soldiers. The troops already attempting to protect themselves from the undead and Wyverns that now assailed them. Although the true threat at this stage was the dragon which the God called his mount.

No. Georgios knew Dragons, that beast was certainly fierce but it wasn't a full dragon. It was certainly far more powerful than a wyvern, that much was obvious, but to be compared to a full Dragon the likes of Fafnir wasn't right.

He dismissed the thoughts from his head, right now they weren't important.

Bayard dispersed as he launched himself towards the nearest Wyvern, Ascalon arced through their air as it split the lizard in half, the two parts falling to the ground in front of the man it had been attacking.

The man in silver armour looked down at the animal at his feet with wide eyes before looking up, quickly schooling his expression and offering a quick nod of his head "My thanks, Monsieur. If only all our foes would fall as easily."

"You must withdraw as far as you can." Georgios pleaded with him, sending another glance to the eerily quiet sky "If the drake comes back-"

"I am no fool, Monsieur." He grimaced "I know that as mere men, we cannot hope to stand against such things...but this is a battle we cannot retreat from." his eyes turned away from Georgios and further across the field, a desperate gleam entered them "There is someone I have to see...No...I could never live with myself if I failed her now."

Georgios recognised the fanatic loyalty of the man before him, he pursed his lips but eventually nodded "Then I ask that you keep back and allow my to deal with the Drake. I am afraid that it is beyond you."

"The fact it withstood direct cannon fire clued my into that unfortunate issue." Despite the situation, he gave a minor chuckle "But yes, we will be sure to keep out of your way."

"My thanks, good sir." Georgios nodded to him, giving a pleased smile "I wish you luck."

"I as well...Might I ask the name of the man who will do France this courtesy?"

"Of course, you may call me Georgios."

The man chuckled "The name of the Dragon Slaying Saint? I suppose it is fitting." he extended a hand to him "It would be rude not to share my name with such a man, I am Gilles de Rais, Marshal of the French Army."

Georgios eyebrows climbed up his brow in response "You-"

A loud roar cut off what he was about to say next, the pair snapped their heads to the sky. The light of the sun shining in their faces and causing them to raise their hands to cover their eyes.

Georgios squinted his eyes as he looked to the Sun, the surface of the yellow ball seemed to have a black dot shooting across it.

Which was rapidly growing larger and more distinct.

Realisation set in immediately, Georgios turned to Gilles in a panic "Get your men to fall back now!"

Gilles understood as well, the man gave a quick nod and turned to his troops, rapidly shouting for them to make a retreat.

Storm accelerated towards the ground, wings tucked in to fully maximise its speed. Moving at blurring speeds, the drake spread its four wings wide as its shadow fell across the lines of the French troops.

Its mouth opened wide and spewed for a river of fire, glassing the surface of the earth and burning all below it as it passed above the army. Men and ghouls alike caught in the flames were reduced to ash. The Drake used the speed in its dive to turn upwards, beating its wings heavily as it went for another pass.

"Run!" Gilles shout echoed across the field as he pointed further "Find cover!" not that they needed much incentive, the French army began to break into a frantic dash in all directions as Storm passed overhead. The stream of fire passed through another section of the army, the screams of burning comrades only seemed to fuel the retreating French into run faster and harder.

Georgios rode through the burning field as he followed after the wake of the Drake's attacks, his face set in a stern frown.

Storm released another roar as it made another turn through the sky, the large drake made for another pass as it focused towards the bulk of the retreating French troops.

Gilles span around as he heard the roar, looking skyward to see the Drake accelerating towards him and the rest of the troops. His heart dropped into his stomach as he watched the beasts mouth open up and the glowing of the back of its throat heralded by the torrent of dark smoke which began to leak out from its maw.

Despite all the madness, and his impending death, Gilles could swear for a moment he heard the cry of an eagle across the sky.

Of course, when something blurred through the sky and slammed into the head of the Drake, violently knocking it off course and then clung to its head he was left equally dumbfounded at this sudden miracle.

He squinted his eyes to get a better look as the Drake floundered through the air, desperate to shake loose whatever was clinging to it. He had no idea what manner of beast it was, but right now he didn't care. It had distracted the Drake and prevented the death of more of his men. That was enough for him.

"Get him, Hippo-kun!" Astolfo cried out as he thrust his lance towards Storm's head repeatedly, puncturing small wounds in in its tough hide. His hippogriff slashed and bit at the head of the Drake as it clung onto its neck for deer life. The way in which Storm was flying through the air, it was as well have been.

The Drake let out another enraged roar as it began to swing its head from side to side as it flew through the air. That only served to encourage the Hippogriff to sink its talons into his skin deeper, drawing trace amounts of blood from the drake's neck.

Storm made a sudden turn upwards which had Astolfo cling to the back of the Hippogriff with an alarmed expression, one hand was tightly gripped around the fur at the Hippogriff's neck, the other was tightly holding onto Assassin. The man had forgone his usual serene expression as was looking somewhat panicked as the only thing stopping him from falling hundreds of feet through the air was the Rider's grip.

As Storm climbed higher and higher into the sky, the Hippogriff found it exceedingly more difficult to keep its claws in the drake's neck. Astolfo looked over his shoulder to see the ground gradually falling away from them before, for a brief moment, a sane thought came to his mind.

"Let go Hippo-kun!" Astolfo ordered, the Hippogriff obeyed immediately. Releasing its hold on the Drake and falling backwards. Astolfo pulled Sasaki closer to him and gripped the man tightly to ensure he didn't fall off "Hold on!"

"To what!?"


The Hippogriff pulled into a dive, tucking its wings closer to its body as it shot towards the ground as fast as it could. Storm spread his wings wide and turned around to face the falling group before he performed a similar stunt.

The arrow shaped blurs of the Hippogriff and Storm soon broke through the cloud layer, rapidly falling towards the ground. Astolfo scanned through the ground before locking onto something. He pulled the Hippogriff towards the right and changed the direction of their fall, now turning it into a targeted dive in the direction of something.

Storm kept with them, banking its body to the follow them step for step as it fell to the ground. Its mouth slowly opened up as the sputters of flame began to emerge from the back of its throat. Black smoke leaked from the maw and trailed behind it in a disturbing streak of darkness which made the Drake look more like a menacing dark comet than of the Dragon-kind.

Astolfo squinted his eyes as the wind buffeted against his face, he risked another look over his shoulder towards the Drake. Who was getting far too close to comfort.

"I hope you have a plan!" Sasaki shouted out over the wind, his voice tinged with a slight degree of nervousness.

"Of course I don't!" Astolfo shouted back, completely devoid of worry "I have a hunch!"

"Forgive me if I'm not reassured!"

"Hahahaha!" The Rider gave one last amused laugh before he roughly pulled on the Hippogriff, the mount jerked upwards just before it hit the ground and shot across the field horizontally. Storm followed after them, its tail just slamming into the ground and carving up a section of dirt as it changed direction.

"Almost…" Astolfo muttered "Almost there…" he bit his lip as Storm closed in on them, maw opening as wide as it could.

"Rider!" Sasaki gave his first, slightly panicked shout as the first sputters of fire nipped at their backsides.

"Now Hippo-kun!" The Hippogriff abruptly banked left, revealing the target Astolfo had been shooting towards.

Georgios stood in the field, Ascalon extended towards the Drake as it shot towards him. It's eyes widened in sudden concern as it spread its wings out to try and slow its charge. It's large size made that impossible as the Rider launched himself forwards. Blade glowing with brilliant golden light as he thrust it towards the Drakes head.

"Ascalon!" The man slashed a cross of burning light directly in front of the Drake and then thrust the sword through the centre of the shape. The light exploded outwards, consuming the drakes head and sending it sprawling over him, crashing into the ground in a heavy thud which upturned the earth and send a cloud of debris into the air. Georgios covered his face as the dirt slowly began to rain down on them, the cloud of dust cleared to reveal Storm.

The Drake with a large burning hole running through its head, eyes glazed over and lying limply on its back. Its body slowly began to dissipate into motes of golden light. Georgios watched it disappear before offering it a slightly respectful bow "I hope you find peace in the next life, Drake." he prayed before raising his head and turning to see Astolfo and Sasaki land near him.

The pink haired Rider gave him a large thumbs up "Nice work! Knew that everything would go according to plan!"

"I thought you said you didn't have a plan?" Sasaki dryly asked from behind the Rider, Astolfo knocked his knuckles against his forehead and made a 'teehee' noise in response. Earning a sigh from both Sasaki and Georgios.

A bolt of lighting shot skyward in the distance, earning their attention.

"That must be the Rider of the Dragon mount." Georgios frowned "I fear that they may require help in dealing with them."

"Yeah...just beat a Dragon." Astolfo chuckled nervously "Who says we can't beat a God?"

Servants vs Faraam POV

Faraam stomped down on Stormruler, pinning it to the ground before swinging his leg upwards and catching Siegward in the chest. The Knight let out a pained cough as the kick sent him skywards.

The Rider span around, levelling his spear towards Marie and charging it with lightning, the tip glowed a bright gold before it exploded forth in a burst of lighting. The ring on the woman's finger glowed as she swept her hand to the side, releasing a wave of glass roses towards the beam of lighting.

It did little to stop the attack, but did delay it long enough for her to leap clear of the blast zone.

Faraam changed his spears direction to track her when he abruptly froze. His eyes widened and his head snapped away from them and towards the battlefield. He remained silent for a few moments before he gently whispered out "Farewell...old friend. I'm sorry I wasn't there." he inhaled and turned his attention back to the three Servants in front of him "It seems as though it is just me…although I have no doubt she will take to the field soon."

"...The Dragon Witch." Amadeus guessed as he flourished his conductors baton, Faraam spared him barely a glance before he nodded his head.

"Hm. I suppose we shouldn't dawdle." His spear twirled in his hands before he planted it in the ground "I can sense your reinforcements closing in."

"You're going to wait?" Marie blinked at him incredulously, then tilted her head to the side "Why?"

"Three or Six Servants make no difference to me." Faraam replied "Besides...Despite your courage, you are not warriors. So it is better for me to await more capable foes."

"I'm not going to complain about it." Amadeus shrugged in response, earning a roll of the eyes from Marie "What? He's practically giving us better odds?"

"In much the same way that a toddler has better odds at fighting a dog than a newborn." Faraam responded, casting his eyesight away from the trio and towards the group flying towards him, Astolfo and Sasaki visible atop the Hippogriff while Georgios rode Bayard on the ground below them.

"Well." Faraam grunted, grabbing the handle of his spear and ripping it free from the ground, looking back at the group "Shall we resume our battle?"

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