Duck Life: Treasure Hunt (2024)

Duck Life: Treasure Hunt is the fifth installment of the Duck Life series, released on June 17th, 2014[1]. It plays completely differently from the first four, and the later games; being more of an endless runner instead of an idle racer. Because of this, it could be considered a spin-off of the series, instead of a main installment. It takes place after the Fire Duck is defeated from Duck Life 4.

"After the Fire Duck had been defeated... The volcano become dormant and the town returned to normal. Now, adventurers from around the world come to explore the volcano's cave in hope for treasure. And you are one of them!"

Duck Life: Treasure Hunt (1)


  • 1 Town
    • 1.1 Pet Shop
    • 1.2 Mechanic
    • 1.3 Barbershop
    • 1.4 Mayor
      • 1.4.1 Upcoming haircuts, tattoos and colors
    • 1.5 Jetpacks Store
    • 1.6 Tailor
      • 1.6.1 Upcoming hats
    • 1.7 Witch Ducktor
  • 2 Cave
    • 2.1 Power-ups
  • 3 Glitches
  • 4 Remake
  • 5 Trivia
  • 6 References
  • 7 Gallery


Pet Shop[]

The Pet Shop has Gene-Pets—creatures that help you along your journey. You can train them up to thirty times to have a faster special cooldown. They cost way too much and only about 5 of them are useful. There are 25 different pets. 5 of them require coins to buy, while the other twenty require Gems.

Pets paid by Coins:

  • Apples
  • Bat
  • Eggs
  • Lettuce
  • Octopus

Pets paid by Gems:

  • Pig
  • Beet
  • Rabbit
  • Whale
  • Strawberry
  • Cat
  • Turtles
  • Hamster
  • Hen
  • Owl
  • Eagle
  • Dog
  • Bee
  • Chicken


The Mechanic sells gadgets that help you find more coins and treasures.

  • Tiny Wing: Makes you fly more swiftly. Initially costs 3800 coins and increases with each level.
  • iDowsing: Increases your chance of finding treasure chests. Initially costs 2500 coins and increases with each level.
  • Smart Shovel: Increases your chance of finding reward keys. Initially costs 2500 coins and increases with each level.
  • Gold Purifier: This allows you to sometimes find more valuable coins. Initially costs 2700 coins and increases with each level.
  • Bubble Barrier: Protects you from harm until you pop it. Costs 100000 coins. It has the word barrie in it as a reference to jetpack joyride
  • Dr. Duckhatton: This super duck power makes nearby coins come to you! Costs 100000 coins.


In the barbershop, a duck offers appearance changes such as eyes, hair, tattoos, and color. Tattoos override anybody's clothing your duck is currently wearing. Hair overrides your crown that you get once you defeat the game. The main way he gets money is allowing you to buy the same item even after you've already bought it which ended up costing me 12000 for the same eyes i had already bought. Also he turns your eyes red whenever you enter his shop and leave again I guess because you're crying from loitering too much.


The mayor greets you at the beginning of the game, rewards you for achievements with money and rewards you for finding the artifacts. He does this bc he is my sugar daddy, obviously i mean, what other motive would this random guy have? he is canonically gay bc the duck in the game is a male. My 3rd cousins sisters friend says that she got an alternate ending where you marry him and then he gets crushed in the caves by a stalagmite, and then his ghost haunts you.

Duck Life: Treasure Hunt (2)

Upcoming haircuts, tattoos and colors[]

  • Olive skin (also known as tan skin or yellowish white skin) (Cost: 2000 coins)
  • Spotted tattoo (Cost: 4000 coins)
  • Stripy tattoo (Cost: 4000 coins)
  • Casual Spikes haircut (Cost: 2000 coins)
  • Stuck Up haircut (Cost: 2000 coins)
  • Windswept 2000s smosh haircut (Cost: 2000 coins)
  • Pushed Back haircut (Cost: 2000 coins)
  • Curly Whirly haircut (Cost: 2000 coins)
  • Bed haircut (Cost: 2000 coins)
  • Tuft haircut (Cost: 2000 coins)
  • Sonic Spikes haircut (Cost: 2000 coins) (blue hedgehog game)
  • Walter White mask (Cost: 20000 coins) The desc. reads, "This photorealistic mask cannot be taken off and will slowly cause every other duck in town to have the face of Mr. White! Current level: 0"

Jetpacks Store[]

In the Jetpack store, a duck sells you potions that act as jetpacks. The duck who runs it has a gross floppy mohawk that is flopped to the front of his head. He also has white feathers and blue eyes that he stares at you blankly with. Come to think of it, this guy looks like he runs the local deli...the counter he's standing in front of kinda implies that this is not his main hustle but maybe..something he does on the side...

  • Jetpack: Skip the first 2000 meters of the cave with this jetpack! Costs 250 coins.
  • Super Jetpack: Skip the first 4000 meters of the cave with this super-powered jetpack! Costs 500 coins.
  • Jetpack x5: Value pack of five Jetpacks. Costs 1000 coins.
  • Super Jetpack x5: Value pack of five Super Jetpacks. Costs 2000 coins.
  • Instant Jetpack: Go Back To Your Best Distance Instantly. Costs 50000 Coins.
  • Jetpack Mk II: Skip the first 5000 meters of the cave PLUS 15% of your best distance. Costs 2500 coins.
  • Super Jetpack Mk II: Skip the first 6000 meters PLUS 30% of your best distance. Costs 5000 coins.


In the tailor shop, you can buy various hats and clothes, some of which are matching pairs.

Upcoming hats[]

  • Watermelon hat (Cost: 100 coins) (fruity fruity fruit hat)
  • Straw hat (Cost: 200 coins)
  • Fez hat (Cost: 300 coins)
  • Bowler hat (Cost: 400 coins)
  • Top hat (Cost: 500 coins)
  • Sauce pan hat (Cost: 600 coins)
  • Beanie hat (Cost: 700 coins)
  • Safari hat (Cost: 800 coins)
  • Propeller hat (Cost: 900 coins)
  • Viking hat (Cost: 1000 coins)
  • Big shiny cone hat (Cost: 1 gem)
  • Liberty of spikes (Cost: 2 gems)
  • Flat cap (Cost: 3 gems)
  • Crown (Cost: 3 gems)

Witch Ducktor[]

The Witch Ducktor offers you coin magnets for each power-up. When you activate the respective power-up in-game, these will draw coins to you. They all cost 20000 coins to buy. She looks hot pink and has bags under her eyes bc theres only like 10 ducks in this town and the inbreeding is rampant.


The cave is where all the action happens! Inside are obstacles, treasures, and rarities in endless runner gameplay. Hold down your mouse to fly, hit ducks, and collect coins. If you press space, your pet's special ability will be activated. Your pet's special ability may not work by pressing the space bar and you might have to press the "ready" icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. The treasure you can get is ancient diamonds, ancient statues, ancient bones, ancient seeds, old carcasses (long story), and the adventurer's crown. Sometimes coins will be arranged in words 'WIX' or 'MAD', referencing the game companies that made Duck Life 5: Treasure Hunt: Wix Games and The coins can spell out the words treasure hunt which is a reference to pirates of the carribean.


Power-ups are found in the cave and help you along the way. All power-ups go away when you hit an obstacle that would normally knock out your bird. They also change what terrain will be generated, suiting the power-up‘s mechanics.

  • Fire Bird: This power-up activates a Flappy Bird style gameplay. Rather than holding down your mouse to fly, you can repeatedly click on it to boost the bird's height. However, it does not break when in contact with the ground, unlike Flappy Bird.
  • Golem: This power-up activates a bird with high jumping ability. Pressing the mouse button will make the bird jump up to the top of the screen and glide back down. Clicking again while in the air will make it come down in a slam, cutting the airtime short. (personally, I think "the dive bomber" is a better name)
  • Wind Rider: This power-up is the fastest. It speeds along through the cave and can jump higher than normal. Holding the jump button down while in the air causes the Wind Rider to slowly glide down. It bears a resemblance to a roadrunner.
  • Kong King: This power-up is the only one that does not look like a bird. Pressing the mouse button will make its fist that is attached by a vine stick on the roof, and then bring you up with it. You will now run on the roof until you press the mouse button again, which makes you fall back down.


  • In the Make-a-Name section, the game might get soft locked.
  • Achievements can get stuck and fail to update with your progress (especially ones where you have to kill enemy ducks).
  • Upgrades for pets can sometimes be erased.
  • While playing, it may not let you fly nor let you use power-ups.
  • When clicking on a diamond pet in the pet shop, sometimes it will show the price as coins instead of diamonds.
  • Sometimes, on the phone and computer version, you will fly forever.
  • When you click to start the game, you get stuck and can not start.
  • When you go to the cave still with your umbrella when you drop yourself, you will go to the cave and fly around with an umbrella.
  • Sometimes your pet will go back to the egg and won't move.
  • Missions will spin randomly and not stop, so you can't do anything.
  • If you drag your duck to the left edge of the screen, it may soft-lock itself.
  • Sometimes when you get the wind rider, when you glide to the ground, you will not be able to jump or fly.
  • If using a pet that includes a protection ability, sometimes it will not work against laser dragons or fire dragons. If you activate it while being hit, it will still knock you out. If you move after or before the shot, you can continue running.
  • Sometimes the duck just spins around.
  • When playing the remake, when you use a Jet Pack your duck will flicker between visibility and animations until you get to your destination.
  • If you double-click with the Kong King suit, your duck's arm will reach to the top but will not pull the duck up with it, leaving the duck floating just above the ground.
  • When using a jetpack, if you click at the right time while one of those armor suit things is flying by, your duck disappears and you retain the invincibility of the jetpack. This is incredibly broken, as it basically allows you to travel any distance without dying. When you add the 30% of farthest distance jetpack into the mix, you can get very far very quickly. This works for the wind rider suit but not the king kong suit. If you get a king kong suit when doing this, you get soft locked.
  • Whenever you enter the cave, the game will show the achievements as "Challenge Title" and have a bunch of flashing pictures of the different achievement icons for an icon, and not let you play which sucks bc now i lost all my progress


A remake of Duck Life: Treasure Hunt was released in 2020, supposedly to compensate for Flash no longer being supported. This remake is only playable on, Poki and on Android devices and contains the following changes. To all my homies out there playing this game on unblocked games sights and then losing all your progress bc those sights are glitchy, i feel ur pain...

  • the intro was altered supposedly showing the previous game's champion Duck would return home after defeating the Fire Duck only to return to the now dormant Volcano via news of a Cave with treasure for Explorers to search.
  • An Arcade cabinet with 11 minigames (two of which are unlocked at the start) to help boost your Duck's IQ level to access more from the shops. These replicate training minigames from Duck Life Space rather than Duck Life 4.
  • All customization options from the original versions are now free, and customization options from Duck Life 4 and Duck Life Space, alongside all-new options are added.
  • The Witch Ducktor is removed. my guess is cultural appropriation but idak lol
  • A scientist was added to provide you with new purchasable items
  • The Wind Rider was changed to be more aerial in design
  • Bosses can be encountered in your runs by purchasing Genius Machines from the crazy scientist. They award coins, ancient gems, and accessories when defeated.


  • In the mobile version of the game, Kong King is referred to as "Vine Viper"
  • The upcoming eyes, haircuts, tattoos, skins and hats will be as the original Duck Life ones.
  • The gameplay is similar to Jetpack Joyride. Only difference is its better and only has one hairy man in it.
  • In the remake, the Mechanic's eye color is changed to green, and is given a more garage-like area in the shop.
  • There is a slim chance of a duck in town saying the phrase "Got any grapes?" not rlly that slim though bc ive gotten him 7 times that mf wont shut up.
  • During the boss fights in the remake, you can pause the game as a Shockwave, m buster, or slingshot, bullet hit the boss. The projectile will continue to damage the boss and after a while may kill it. If this happens. Then you will get another bug where you will receive thousands of coins and the reward cards will overlap.
  • If you pass a boss trigger while using a jetpack, the boss will activate, but not the Shockwave's.
  • little known fact but if you name your duck mr quack it will cause the mechanic to talk in a sleazy voice and attack you
  • You can name yourself nefarious things and the mayor will call you by them no questions asked. the townsfolk will too.



Duck Life: Treasure Hunt (2024)
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