Borderlands 3 On the Blood Path Walkthrough - ProGameTalk (2024)

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Eden-6
  • Location: The Anvil
  • Level: 24

You have encountered a strange man named Ramsden who asks for your help searching for his best buddy called Holder.

Ramsden asks you to search the area for signs of Holder which you will do inside the territory of the gang called Shanks.

Mission Walkthrough

Entering Shanks Territory

After talking with Ramsden, he will tell you that Holder is being held by the Shanks inside their territory which you will need to investigate to learn about where he exactly is being kept.

Make your way towards the waypoint, bringing you near one of the prisons holding areas within the facility.

Open up the door that leads to a security office where you will need to find a key to a locked gate that you need to access.

Search the 3 marked containers for the key which Ramsden claims to have forgotten which one contains it.

After inspecting the third container, you will acquire the key and Ramsden will tell you to use it to open up the gate.

Head to the locked gate and use the key on the controls next to it so you can proceed heading into the Shanks territory.

Make your way towards the waypoint which points you to the location of where Holder is being kept.

Fight or avoid the enemies that are between you and the waypoint, fighting them may be helpful so you can focus on heading to the waypoint without delay as well as gain a good amount of experience.

Regardless if you choose to fight the enemies or not, head up on top of a container and climb your way to the second floor.

Make your way towards the prison cells where an alarm has been set off and go to the cell on the left side at the end.

Holder’s Cell

A person will be sitting down, obviously dead and you are to open up the cell where Ramsden tells you to inspect the body if it is Holder.

Inspect the body that is inside and Ramsden will tell you it is not holder and you are then to search around the cell.

There will be a sheet of metal that you can inspect, which will be moved to the side if you interact with it.

Moving the metal to the side will uncover a hold leading deeper into Shank territory and you are to head down into the hole next.

Make your way towards the waypoint once you are down the hole where Shank enemies will be waiting to attack you.

Clear out all of the enemies in the area so that Holder will finally reveal himself and come out of hiding.

Holder will tell you the truth about why Ramsden is looking for him and will reveal some things about your buddy.

He will then ask you to keep Ramsden away from him since Ramsden isn’t his buddy and will actually kill him and eat his fingers.

Decide who you will help by either talking to Holder or opening up the door for Ramsden.

Take note that choosing one or the other will result in a different reward but will both spawn enemies and allies you will fight.

After deciding who to help, kill the enemies along with whichever leader you have decided to side with.

After clearing out the enemies and killing the opposing leader, talk to the person you have sided with to conclude the mission.

On the Blood Path Mission Rewards

Upon completion of the On The Blood Path mission, you will be rewarded with around 2,732 cash.

Depending on who you have chosen to side with, you will receive a different bonus reward.

Siding with Ramsden will reward you with an epic Jakobs shotgun called “Iron-Willed Fingerbiter”


  • The Shank enemies are pretty much the same as bandits and will be fairly easy to kill but be sure to take a good weapon with you if you are on the same level or lower than they are.
  • No matter who you pick, you will need to do a lot of fighting and based on what reward will be better for your character’s build, its best to choose that path.
  • Siding with Ramsden is considered to be better for those who want to deal a lot of damage since the reward is a Jakobs shotgun and is pretty unique unless you prefer a shield mod that boosts melee damage.
Borderlands 3 On the Blood Path Walkthrough - ProGameTalk (2024)
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