Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (2024)

Trying to find the best Roblox horror games to play? There are tons of experiences on Roblox, but it can be difficult when trying to find the ones worth your time – especially when it comes to the horror genre We’ve rounded up our favourite Roblox horror games to play right now to help you find a bounty of new frights!

Best Roblox Horror Games

Let’s take a look at our current favourite Roblox Horror games! Don’t forget to bookmark this page as I update it every week with new, old, and terrifying horror experiences on the platform.

Current Favourites

Scream Stream

Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (1)

It wasn’t that long ago that we got a few Roblox versions of Lethal Company. Now it’s Content Warning’s turn! Scream Stream is an aptly named title based on the recent co-op horror game. Like in the original, you join up with other players to create scary movies to publish ‘online’ as you delve into the darkness.

Strange monsters lurk, waiting for their moment on the camera, but you need to make sure you’ve got enough camera storage left! As long as the video is entertaining, and you get some scares, you’ll be on your way to becoming viral.

Midnight Massacre
Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (2)

Made by the same team behind Midnight Cleaners (I have an entry on that game further down in this feature!), Midnight Massacre takes place at an all-American diner. Set around the Easter period, your parents decide to take you to a seasonal event at the local diner.

You read a rumour about the ‘Blood Harvester’, a serial killer who’s currently on the run. For some reason, this seasonal Easter event takes place at night. The Blood Harvester won’t be wandering around the restaurant… right?

That’s Not My Robloxian

Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (3)

Based on That’s Not My Neighbour, this game switches the characters for Roblox avatars! With the latest update bringing a Nightmare Mode to the game, there’s tons of fun ahead, and lots of challenges to play through.

The characters you come face to face with are not only mysterious but pretty creepy in general. Clones are prevalent in this world, and it’s your job to find out who is a clone… and who isn’t. Set in 2012, you’re tasked with paying close attention to detail to every character that wanders through. The smallest of differences in their appearance could prove that they’re a clone!

All-Time Favourites

Think of this section as an archive of sorts! These Roblox horror games still stand strong and are just as immersive – timeless classics.


Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (4)

For starters, you’re in an abandoned home, and it’s not yours. I swear I’ve heard of this before! Anyway, it may have a familiar premise, but it still packs a punch as a Roblox horror and still stands as one of the best ones to play on the platform. It’s not a new game by any means, but it still has a decent amount of players that keep coming back – new and old!

The house you’re in isn’t exactly friendly, and it’s certainly dated. It’s like nobody has lived there for a long time until you find a teddy bear. The main goal is to burn a total of 5 teddy bears, oh, and the suspicious Ouija board. It’s your only hope of escaping, so you best get searching quickly!

Scary Sushi

Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (5)

What might look like a simple and harmless cooking game, quickly turns into something much more sinister. Scary Sushi blends horror with cooking as the shadows refuse to stay at bay any longer. Your first task is to cook up a wide range of sushi dishes for the Moonlight Sushi restaurant, but the orders come in faster – a common trope in restaurant tycoon games!

However, the backrooms of the sushi restaurant seem to house more than ingredients. As you go about your task, you notice strange figures hovering, revealing a horrifying secret about the establishment.

Don’t Scream

Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (6)

This one’s another co-op horror game that you can play in a somewhat large group! It features the typical dialogue across the screen that gets assigned to different team members as you play through the story. Avoid the monsters, defeat them, and make your escape!

There are 2 endings to reach altogether, with 2 badges up for grabs. Firstly, there’s a ‘good’ ending and secondly, there’s a ‘bad ending’. It’s not one of the most unique horror games, but it’s a fun time regardless!


Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (7)

This game isn’t a new one by any means, but it’s a much-loved staple! Maria is on the run, and it’s up to you to find out where she is. I will say, the models for the dolls and the sounds they make as they approach you almost made me quit the game out of fear, but I stuck it out! If a Roblox horror game has that sort of impact on me, I know it’s a good ‘un.

You can play with other people though, so you don’t have to go up against the terrifying hovering dolls by yourself. I opted for the latter, and I assure you, it was tough to beat alone! In typical horror game form, your flashlight hardly lights up the surrounding area, so don’t be surprised if your eyes start to play tricks on you.

The Backrooms

Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (8)

Not to be confused with the original Backrooms game, this one is a Roblox variant! With a variety of maps to explore that prey on your fear of liminal spaces, you’ve got 29 levels (at the time of writing) to get through… if you dare. One of the rooms is a pastel pink kawaii-fied bedroom, which was quite unexpected when I saw it!

The transition from that to an eerily empty office space is enough to give you nightmares for the rest of the week. Not only that, but there are sub-levels to explore too, as well as a selection of entities to encounter. Can you reach all 3 endings?


Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (9)

Bewildered is another example of a great Roblox horror game that can be played with friends or solo! You’ve moved into a new house with your family, but something or someone doesn’t want you there. Your memories start to become hazy, jumbling together to confuse you.

To move past this, you need to work out what’s happening in this location. The game also takes you out into the surrounding area, such as the forest that leads into a dark cave. Darkness isn’t the only thing that accompanies you though, as something seems to be hovering as you move around.

Stock Up

Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (10)

With graphics inspired by the PS1, Stock Up is a horror game where you play the villain… sort of. You’re a robber, who sets out to steal a bunch of products from various shops, including a library. Stock Up is more or less an arcade game with horror elements, and with the option to play multiplayer, it’s a fun experience all around!

It might not be the scariest title on the platform, but the impending horror of the unsettling staff members finding you is ever-present. However, these crimes you’re committing are for something much darker, but what exactly is going on?

Don’t Sleep

Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (11)

I think the roughness of Don’t Sleep sells it the most. There’s almost a certain charm to how goofy it can seem at times, yet still retains the scary factor. It isn’t the prettiest-looking horror game on Roblox, but I had a good time playing it nonetheless. You can even attack the monster’s minions with a weapon!

You’re faced with a range of objectives that you need to complete as you avoid the horrors that lurk. With obstacle courses, short-timers, and a monster that likes to walk in front of windows, you’re bound to struggle to sleep after playing this one!


Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (12)

Now, Mocker isn’t a new one on Roblox, but I want to talk about it anyway! It utilises modern-ish graphics to make it feel more like an indie PC horror title, which is always a plus for me. You start in a house and gradually descend into the underground corridors where the creature awaits.

The usage of darkness throughout the game turns the scary dial up to 100. It doesn’t help when a tall monster pops out of the shadows in the mine to attack you either! Once you make it out of the mines, you need to think and move quickly to escape the grasp of what lies beneath.


Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (13)

If you have claustrophobia, or you’re not a fan of underground caves, TheDepthsBelow may not be for you. In this third-person horror game, you’re on the hunt for your missing wife. However, this has led you to a strange underground bunker of sorts. Expect to see cavernous hallways, dangerous spikes on the ceiling, and something moving slowly across the ground…

The goal is to make your way through this cavern, and to escape alive, whilst solving the mysteries of your wife’s location. I will say, the atmospheric horror in TheDepthsBelow works incredibly well. The soft drip of water, the hum of the cave, and the endless darkness accompany you in this psychological thriller.

The Butchery

Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (14)

Picture this: you’re taking a drive in the South of America. All is going well until you take the wrong turn, and you’re now driving down an unfamiliar road. Suddenly, you spot a pig with humanoid ligaments, and you hear a knock on your car window.

The next thing you know, you’ve woken up inside a farmhouse with an unsettling family. It reminds me of that one scene in Resident Evil 7, to be honest. Explore the farmhouse to figure out just what’s going on here, but try to avoid the suspicious characters, and don’t forget the animals that have morphed into something else entirely.

Scary Simon Says

Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (15)

A little bit different from the game you played as a child! Your character is in the realm of sleep after spending the night playing Simon Says with friends. Now you’ve woken up in the middle of a dream, and Simon isn’t the friendly guy you thought he was.

If a prompt appears on your screen saying ‘Simon Says’, you do it. If a prompt appears that doesn’t start with ‘Simon Says’, you don’t do it. The rules are the same as the childhood game, at least! However, if you mess up, Simon will attack you, knocking down your HP. Each prompt runs out after a few seconds, so you need to be quick with your actions. On top of these prompts, you have objectives to complete too! I recommend playing in a party with people to speed up the objectives but remember that all players get various prompts at differing times.


Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (16)

This one’s a bit of a weird one to add, I admit, but it caught my attention a few days ago. Unfortunately, you can’t actually play it right now due to the Alpha test ending, but it was incredibly popular for the past week. It’s a sci-fi Horror game that’s inspired by SCP and Iron Lung, and visually, it looks incredible.

Pressure takes its inspirations and morphs them into a terrifying experience that leaves you peering over your shoulder. There’s not much else I can say about the game right now, with it being unavailable to play for the foreseeable. However, once it fully releases, I’ll make sure to give it a permanent spot in this feature!

Anomaly Watch

Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (17)

If, like me, you’re vastly intrigued by the analogue horror genre, you’ll have heard of the Mandela Catalogue at least once. Using that as a base, Anomaly Watch takes you to a house where strange occurrences are happening. As described in the game’s description on Roblox, it also takes inspiration from the game, I’m on Observation Duty, which is also a fantastic example of psychological analogue horror.

Some instances are fairly tame, such as items going missing. But, the worst of all are the figures that seem to appear at random in different rooms. To beat the game, you need to last until the clock strikes 6 am, but until then, you’ve got a lot of work to do.


Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (18)

When you think of the Backrooms, you immediately think of liminal spaces. Well, as you can probably guess from the name, that’s what Interliminality is about! Using the concept of liminal spaces within the Roblox engine, you find yourself in an odd building that doesn’t seem to be in the realms of ‘normal’.

It isn’t just the long dark corridors that you need to be wary of, or the expansive rooms that never seem to end. It’s the creatures that wait within the shadows that you need to watch out for. As curious as you and your friends may be, it’s probably a good idea to try to escape as soon as possible… if you can.


Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (19)

So, aside from the obvious Lethal Company inspirations, what is Descent all about? Your job (literally), is to travel down to a facility shrouded in darkness to find and collect valuable objects. Some objects are more valuable than others, but you should bring them back to your base nonetheless.

Sounds easy enough, but what I failed to mention, is the horrifying creatures that await your presence. Oh, and motion-detecting guns. Don’t drop your items, otherwise you won’t meet the quota! Even if that does mean you’re running away from a monstrosity with a pile of metal in your arms.

Spend your money to purchase new pieces of equipment and character upgrades, such as increased stamina, and more inventory space! It’s all about working as a team, meeting the quota, and appeasing whoever’s in charge. Ready to descend?


Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (20)

The Sci-fi and Horror genres are a match made in heaven. PARASITE takes the best bits of both and combines them to make an adrenaline-pumping title. Wander through the ship with other players as you face parasitic monsters. Remember to destroy the hives as you come across them, with some eggs stuck on the ceiling too, ready to attack you at any moment.

Think Dead Space, but on Roblox. Equip yourself with powerful weapons, but make sure you have a flashlight and bandages in your arsenal too – you never know when you might need them. Kill the parasites, or become one yourself, which puts you in control of defeating the humans. With a mixture of CPU enemies and real players, you’re in for a tricky night.


Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (21)

Transform into a detective in the 1920s to crack the case of Evelyn. Filled to the brim with puzzles, mysteries, and an ominous soundtrack, you find yourself at the mercy of a terrifying shadow. This shadow lurks in the hallways, her giggles echoing throughout the house, as her eyes glow bright red. Who is she?

There are 2 things to look for while exploring the house. Hunt down keys hidden in various spots, and solve a range of puzzles that limit your progression. Just don’t forget to keep an eye on your surroundings…


Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (22)

As you wander through the halls of an abandoned building, you get the sense that you may have woken up in the wrong place. Abandoned as it may be, there are plenty of humanoid figures lurking around every corner. That isn’t to say you should try to talk to them though, as they aren’t overly friendly (and that’s a polite way of putting it!).

You must focus on using stealthy movement, including sneak attacks to defeat enemies, and keeping as quiet as possible as you explore. The creepy hum that plays in the background adds to the atmosphere, as you try to piece together just what this place is. Hide around walls to avoid being detected, but make sure you have a weapon equipped so you can defend yourself against the terrifying masked killers.

Sound familiar? If you ever played Manhunt by Rockstar Games, you’ll know just what to expect from TRAVERSAL. It also rewards you for prioritising stealth over diving into the action with all guns blazing. I can safely say that TRAVERSAL is a brilliant spin-off and the perfect ode to the 2003 title!


Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (23)

It’s probably obvious from the title alone, but Bigfoot is about hunting the cryptid, Bigfoot! Or at least, trying to escape from it. Equipped with a gun or two, you must explore the eery forest alone or with others to solve the mystery. Discover clues as you wade through the mud and rainfall, and work together to survive.

Don’t feel like being the protagonist in this story? Well, you can be Bigfoot instead! Prowl the forest and hide amongst the trees as you follow your prey. Jumpscare them by appearing out of nowhere, or picking them off one by one until only a singular victim remains.


Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (24)

Part survival, part horror, GEF is an interesting game, to say the least. GEF is short for ‘Giant Evil Face’, and once you see what the monster looks like, you’ll know what I mean. Large spherically bald heads with wide eyes and toothy grins are your biggest enemy. Multiple can spawn at once, but you can fend them off by attacking. Just try not to get caught by one first…

Your goal is to build a base before the sun sets, to prevent a GEF from being able to get to you. This wouldn’t be a horror game without the scares though, so don’t be surprised if a GEF somehow makes its way into your abode. If you don’t manage to build a secure base before the night begins, you may find yourself in the lurches of a GEF in the deep dakr forest. To ‘beat’ the game, you need to survive as long as possible. There isn’t a way out, after all.


Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (25)

The Resident Evil vibes are strong with this one. You play as a police officer (hello Leon Kennedy) while sporting a bodycam that’s recording your exploration. You can either work solo or with 3 other players, but I recommend going in alone for the ultimate scares. Please note that this game is still in early development, so it’s not finished yet. This means some bugs may occur, but that only adds to the charm!

Dark rooms lit up by small lightbulbs and your torch await, as you aim down terrifying creatures that hunt. Peak around corners to get those headshots, or blast your way through the monsters. Don’t forget to pick up items along the way, as you’ll have some generators that need refuelling, as well as some other mysteries to solve.


Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (26)

Also known as Fundamental Paper Education Survival, this horror game takes you to a school where you’re either the hunter or the hunted. 3 players must play as the teachers who stalk down the students wandering through the halls. It’s up to the student players to work together, including healing and reviving each other.

As you sprint down the main hallway together as the lights flicker, and the footsteps of a teacher approach, you’ll see why I’m recommending FPE:S! It’s simple but scary as hell. If you’ve dabbled with Dead by Daylight before, the killer side of things will seem familiar. The only difference is that there aren’t any perks to equip or generators to fix.

Plus, a little fun fact, the FPE:S Roblox game is based on a viral animation by a creator called Kaaatie on YouTube! It’s an impressive piece of work, so I wanted to make sure I credited the artist here and shone a little light on their art.


Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (27)

I don’t even know how to sum this one up – and I mean that in a good way. Blending fixed camera angle gameplay, with first-person segments, and a mobile phone interface, ALL OVER ME is a concoction of atmospheric horror. This makes sense given that the game is a compilation of short stories, but I do need to mention that ALL OVER ME covers some dark themes, so please be careful.

All in all, this game truly pushes the boat out. It does something extremely different and focuses on psychological horror rather than jumpscares. Psychological horror is one of my favourite subgenres, and I really appreciate Roblox games that make you think and feel rather than jump out of your seat all the time.


Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (28)

You can probably guess what this game’s about by the title alone. Maybe it’s because I get quite claustrophobic myself, but I find this Roblox horror game quite effective!

You play as a cave diver, but your journey has led you to something much darker than what you initially imagined. Something seems to be hiding in the depths below. There are also some obstacle courses thrown into the mix, which is another terrifying prospect (I’m bad at them).

The Cabin

Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (29)

Heading into a cabin in the woodland is never a good idea in movies, is it? The same goes for Roblox games! Anyway, you’re tasked with visiting your late grandfather’s cabin. The thing is, you’re not familiar with the building.

So, you take it upon yourself to explore the cabin to see if you can find any evidence regarding your grandfather’s death. The game itself is terrifying inside and outside of the cabin, with a large cryptid-like creature hunting you down as you look for clues.


Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (30)

What happens when school closes for the day? There’s a rumour going around that odd happenings occur at 2 am every day. Kids will be kids, so a group of them decide to explore the school at this exact time one night, not realising how serious these supposed rumours are. Do your best to escape.

There’s also a second chapter that takes place in an Ontario school. However, this school has been shut down due to experiments that were deemed unsafe. Because of this, the school had to close its doors. Oh, and did I mention that these experiments involved robots?

Dead Silence

Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (31)

Horror fans, you may recognise this name! Yep, this Roblox game is inspired by the film of the same title. You play as someone who’s researching the case of Mary Shaw.

The game is a great retelling of the movie, with a huge emphasis on the eery environments. Dark corridors await, alongside the implemented sound design that helps to raise your paranoia.

I know I always say this, but you really can’t tell that Dead Silence is on the Roblox platform. It genuinely looks that good! Unless you play with other people, then the immersion is rocked a little.

Before Truth

Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (32)

There are 2 chapters to play through in Before Truth right now. The first covers a story about a detective, tasked to investigate a disappearance case that is believed to be a possible murder query. And you’re said detective!

The second chapter carries on from the first, providing more details, and delving deeper into the storyline regarding the case. It’s not just the case you need to solve – it wouldn’t be a horror game without some puzzles thrown in either!

Cult of the Cryptids

Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (33)

The title of this game is probably telling. I find cryptids so interesting, so I was ecstatic to discover a Roblox game that plays on that universal fear. From the get-go, the Roblox page for the Cult of the Cryptids features imagery of everyone’s favourite alarm, Siren Head.

You may also come across other well-known cryptids as well, and potentially a cult that’s responsible for multiple murders. However, as scary as they are, you’re allowed to wield weapons for defense! I quite like this addition, as it means you can actually fight back, which adds a challenging spin.

Midnight Cleaners

Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (34)

An ode to Chilla’s Art, Midnight Cleaners strikes a resemblance with the familiar everyday locations. If you’ve played Midnight Market, this one is the prequel! As for the plot, you’re a laundromat worker on the dreaded midnight shift.

There have been disappearances that take place during the night, and you’ve taken it upon yourself to solve the mystery. While you’re trying to work out who the mysterious murderer is, it’s best if you keep an eye on the windows…


Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (35)

I admit, it was the promo image that caught my attention for Terrorbyte at first. I was curious to see if the game actually featured a retro style, and I was happy to find out that it does! The game features simplistic pixelated graphics, accompanied by immersive sound design.

It encapsulates the charm of old-school horror games, and it does such a good job that it doesn’t feel like you’re using the Roblox platform. That’s what this feature is all about! Roblox horror games that feel like indie PC titles are what I look for when searching for new scares.


Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (36)

Considering it’s in an alpha state right now, Interliminality is proving popular in the horror community. It takes liminal space to a whole new level, as you have unlimited lives, in a space that increases in difficulty as you go on.

You and your friends have made your way into an unsettling building, but you can’t seem to find the way out. The liminal spaces are implemented really well, with large dimly-lit halls and rooms. It plays tricks with your eyes… the space is empty, but what if something’s hiding around the corner?


Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (37)

Combining sci-fi with horror, Obscure takes you to a laboratory that’s seen better days. It looks like an experiment didn’t work out the way it was supposed to, with monsters wandering around, and no clear way out. Your task is to discover all the clues to make your escape, but you need to try your best to avoid the scientific monstrosities that lurk. There’s only one chapter out for Obscure at the moment, but the game’s description on Roblox mentions the possibility of a second one!

Poppy Playtime: Forever

Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (38)

I can’t write the weekly update for this feature without mentioning Poppy Playtime: Forever. It came out a few days ago and has already skyrocketed in views on YouTube. The reason why this Poppy Playtime game stands out on Roblox is because it’s an official one!

There are tons of replicas of the franchise on the platform, but this one is the real deal. It’s a multiplayer survival game where you need to complete a set of tasks and puzzles with your team. Don’t forget to avoid the monsters though, as they like to wander around the building in search of their prey.


Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (39)

This horror game is a constant hit on Roblox right now. At the time of writing this feature, it’s got a whopping 20k active players currently. It takes the elements of liminal spaces and a haunting atmosphere as you try to navigate a large hardware store. It’s up to you and your teammates to construct a base in hopes of surviving against the suspicious employees who seem to be out for your blood.


Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (40)

I’m all for atmospheric horror, and Elmira ticks the boxes for me. I will admit, I prefer single-player horror games, though I do appreciate multiplayer entries!

However, something is truly terrifying about wandering dark halls alone. The sound design in Elmira is fantastic and the environments you need to explore are unsettling, to say the least. After waking up on your school bus, your peers have mysteriously disappeared, and you find yourself close to an abandoned hospital.

The Long Drive

Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (41)

If you’re familiar with the original game of the same name, you’ll know what to expect in this one! It’s essentially a scarier version of The Long Drive but on the Roblox platform. It’s incredibly well-made, and with the post-apocalyptic vibes done right, it’s up to you to survive the dangerous environment. You have to rely on your car, but what happens when the world shifts around you and you’re unprepared?

The Mimic

Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (42)

The Mimic is one of the most played horror games on the platform. There’s a reason for it! If it wasn’t for the recognisable avatars, you could easily mistake this game as an indie PC title that isn’t based on Roblox. An important factor of the horror genre is atmosphere, and The Mimic has plenty of it. With multiple stories to play through that are inspired by Japanese urban legends, you can dive into a book as you discover the tales of 4 different people.


Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (43)

The first thing that caught my attention in HAUNT was the fact that it takes place underground. Damp dungeons with flickering candles will always be creepy to me, and that’s why it works so well in this game. Whether you opt to play alone or with some friends, it’s your job to escape the deep dark depths. The game itself looks amazing, with excellent shadow placements, and candlelight that tricks your eyes. You really do feel like you’re trapped underground in this one, and for that, the developer’s have done a fantastic job!

Betty’s Nursery 2

Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (44)

This one’s a bit of a weird one, but I have to put it in here as the overall vibes gave me chills. I’m not a fan of the fact that you need to run on a treadmill to gain speed – that gameplay feature doesn’t exactly appeal to me in Roblox games. However, the parts where you’re climbing through the play area are truly terrifying. As children, these play areas looked huge to us, but fun nonetheless. Taking that childhood nostalgia and mixing it with unsettling enemies is genius. Familiar images and structures await, but there’s someone… or something… lurking in the shadows beneath.

Thanataphobia (Remastered)

Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (45)

Thanatophobia has that grittiness that I love in horror games. It reminds me of the short indie titles from the golden age of gaming YouTube. For me, if the enemy models don’t quite look right, it completely takes me out of the immersion. Well, you’ll be glad to know that Thanatophobia has some extremely disturbing monsters. A decent amount of detail has been put into their overall designs and faces, which makes it all the more scary when you get caught!

The Waiting Room

Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (46)

Okay, this one might not be a typical horror per se, but I think it deserves a spot in this feature! It makes the most of liminal space and manages to encapsulate the dread that comes with it. You never know what to expect in The Waiting Room. it doesn’t rely on jumpscares and scary creatures, but it manages to make you feel uncomfortable.

Short Creepy Stories

Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (47)

We can’t make a Roblox Horror games feature without mentioning Short Creepy Stories. This game is arguably one of the best and most popular experiences on the platform – and it gets regular updates! With new upcoming stories, including seasonal events, there’s always something to go back for.

Whether you want to play each level solo or in a group, Short Creepy Stories takes you through a variety of chilling tales. Plus, the graphics look fantastic. The sound design is great, the enemies are terrifying, and there’s even more to come – what’s not to love?


Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (48)

The main goal of Nightlight is to get out of a stranger’s house in the middle of a forest. This stranger seemed nice at first, offering up a place to stay for the night. However, something isn’t quite right about this situation. You can choose to work solo or with other players as you search through the house for 8 notes that spell out the word ‘Selfish’.

Sounds easy, right? Well, you’ve also got to make sure your candle is lit at all times by finding matches. If your candle goes out, and you stand in the dark for too long… let’s just say the creature thrives in the darkness.


Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (49)

If you’re a fan of Phasmophobia, then you’ll be glad to know that Blair is basically the Roblox version! You play as a ghost hunter (solo or with up to 3 other people), and you’re tasked with working out which type of ghost is haunting the property (sounds just like Phasmophobia, right?).

With 12 different ghosts to choose from and encounter, you need to find specific pieces of evidence that point toward which ghost it is to successfully complete the mission. Oh, and don’t forget, the ghosts aren’t happy that you’re there…

The Intruder

Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (50)

Ever imagined a mixture of Five Nights at Freddy’s, Dead by Daylight, and the Mandela Catalogue? Well, that’s what you get in The Intruder. It’s an incredibly eerie game, that focuses on mechanics similar to FNAF and even has a level inspired by DBD. It’s got a great amount of variety and scares – plus, the model for ‘the intruder’ is very unsettling, which really adds to the horror!

The Intruder is a unique take on the core features of FNAF but with a unique twist that doesn’t disappoint.

Forgotten Memories

Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (51)

Forgotten Memories is one of the best Five Nights at Freddy’s spin-offs on Roblox. It’s more or less a faithful recreation of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria, as well as the animatronics that we’re all familiar with. However, instead of being confined to the security room while staring at cameras, you need to explore the restaurant!

As you walk around the pizzeria, you’ll come across the not-so-friendly animatronics – and they’re not exactly friendly. The main point of the game is to find out what exactly is going wrong at Freddy Fazbear’s restaurant, and why it was abandoned in the first place. Wander through dark corridors, use your flashlight when possible, and avoid the creaks and mechanical whirs that lurk in the shadows.

Color or Die

Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (52)

Color or Die has a really cool premise, and it pays off! Scary and challenging, this horror game requires quick thinking and a lot of hiding. Depending on the colour of your paint bucket, you can only hide in front of the walls that match the paint.

However, to progress through the game, you’ll need to pick up paint buckets with new colours. Oh, and there’s also a variety of doors to open and items that need to be found. Keep note of which walls you can hide in front of when holding a new paint bucket – if you hear an ominous noise, it’s time to hide!


Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (53)

Last but not least, PETAPETA is a game inspired by Japanese horror – one of my favourite genres! It ticks all the boxes of J-Horror, making it one of the most effective experiences on Roblox. As the player, you stroll and cower through the rooms of a traditional Japanese hotel that doesn’t seem to have had any visitors in recent years. There’s also a looming fear of dread as your flashlight hardly casts a shine over the walls – don’t always believe what you see in the shadows…

There’s a terrifying entity hunting you throughout your time in the building, as the hotel starts to slowly feel like it’s a neverending loop of hallways and doors. Explore the hauntingly quiet building to find clues and solve the mystery of PETAPETA.

Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (54)

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Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now - Updated Weekly (2024)
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