Best Adventure Travel Companies (Complete Ranking) by Mountain IQ (2023)

For those of us who love to travel, but don't have the time or energy to spend on figuring out complicated logistics, booking a trip through an adventure travel company can save hours of frustration and help you have a fantastic experience.

There are hundreds of adventure travel companies operating all over the world, from Andorra to Zimbabwe, that cater to a wide range of different travel styles and preferences.

So how do you narrow down the options?

To help you out, we’ve created the ultimate list to the best adventure tour operators so you can find the perfect trip for your next holiday.

We’ve taken a systematic approach to ranking these tour operators, taking into account everything from popularity, to online reviews, sustainability commitments, and the company’s breadth of trip offerings, so you can be confident that you’ve found the operator that’s right for you.

Let’s get to it!

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Best Adventure Travel Companies In the World

#1. G Adventures (9.8/10)

Best Small Group Adventure Operator

Best Adventure Travel Companies (Complete Ranking) by Mountain IQ (1)

G Adventures is one of the world’s largest travel companies, with over 700 different trip offerings around the globe. Although they take over 200,000 travellers out on adventures each year, they’re actually best known as a small group travel operator with a high focus on sustainability and authenticity.

Instead of shuttling travellers from tourist attraction to tourist attraction, G Adventures takes small groups of guests off the beaten path and give them the chance to have quality interactions with local people. Since G Adventures eschews fancy hotels and western-style meals for more local options, their tours are best suited for the traveller that’s interested in stepping outside their comfort zone for a more authentic travel experience.

#2. Audley Travel (9.2/10)

Best Luxury & Tailor-Made Travel Company

Best Adventure Travel Companies (Complete Ranking) by Mountain IQ (2)

Audley Travel believes that the best way to see the world is to explore it in your own way. That's why they specialise in creating travel experiences that are tailored to the individual needs and desires of any given traveller. Instead of selling you a pre-packaged experience, anyone travelling with Audley Travel starts their journey with a conversation with a specialist, who will figure out what your budget is, where you'd like to go, and how you want to travel, so you end up with an experience that's perfect for you.

This top-of-the-line service means that guests adventuring with Audley Travel can expect luxury accommodation and itineraries crafted just for them. Of course, this type of service doesn’t come cheap, but if you’re looking for custom luxury travel, Audley Travel might be for you.

#3. Exodus Travel (9.2/10)

Runner-up: Best Small Group Adventure Operator

Best Adventure Travel Companies (Complete Ranking) by Mountain IQ (3)

Exodus Travel offers an amazing range of different travel experiences that focus on active adventure and education about a country's culture and environment. Each of their 500 different trips builds in a variety of outdoor activities, whether that be hiking and biking or winter sports.

Exodus takes guests to more than 90 countries on all seven continents, so they've got something for everyone. Plus, they've made a commitment to travelling responsibly, with respect to both the environment and other cultures, when bringing guests to some of the world's most fascinating places.

#4. Intrepid Travel (9/10)

Runner-up: Best Small Group Adventure Operator

Best Adventure Travel Companies (Complete Ranking) by Mountain IQ (4)

Intrepid Travel was founded nearly three decades ago by two Australian friends who set off for a journey around Africa, where they eschewed traditional Western comforts for an authentic travel experience like no other. This same ethos that started Intrepid lives within the company to this day, as they continue to take over 100,000s of travellers on over 800 different trips on every continent in the world.

These days, Intrepid specialises in small group travel to some of the world's most remote places. As their name suggests, they focus on out-there adventures that are off the beaten path, yet committed to sustainability. They run trips to suit a wide range of different travellers and travel styles, but everyone travelling with Intrepid should be ready for an adventure like no other!

#5. National Geographic Expeditions (9/10)

Best Operator For Expert Guides

Best Adventure Travel Companies (Complete Ranking) by Mountain IQ (5)

The name ‘National Geographic’ is synonymous with amazing photography and ground-breaking scientific research. Nat Geo brings the same quality found in their magazines to their adventure travel trips. Each Nat Geo trip is designed for people of a specific interest group, whether that be food, culture, wildlife, or active adventure, so there’s a Nat Geo tour for pretty much everyone.

What sets Nat Geo apart from other tour operators is their commitment to hiring only true experts to run their trips. So, when you book on an African safari, you’ll be accompanied by an actual researcher that’s dedicated their life to studying the very animals you’ll see.

#6. Urban Adventures (8.8/10)

Best City Adventures

Best Adventure Travel Companies (Complete Ranking) by Mountain IQ (6)

Sometimes, the best adventures happen in the heart of a city. Although the idea of “adventure travel” usually conjures up imagines of high mountain peaks or vast desert landscapes, Urban Adventures firmly believes that there’s a lot to explore and learn from inside some of the world’s greatest cities.

Urban Adventures has a trip for everyone, whether you’re a foodie or an active traveller. They’ve got shopping tours, beer tours, and multi-city tours, so it’s not difficult to find a trip that piques your interest. They’ll also create a custom itinerary just for you, so you can be sure that you’re getting the city adventure you’ve always dreamed of.

#7. World Expeditions (8.8/10)

Runner-up: Best Small Group Adventure Operator

Best Adventure Travel Companies (Complete Ranking) by Mountain IQ (7)

World Expeditions wants to take you to some of the world’s most amazing places via the path less travelled. They’re committed to providing high-quality travel experiences that focus on responsible tourism and supporting local communities. World Expeditions brings travellers to every continent but leaves behind the touristy areas for some seldom seen places.

They focus on cultural immersion and active adventures, but they cater their trips to travellers of all different ages and different activity levels so you can find a trip that's right for you. Plus, if you have a dream trip in mind, they'll even help you craft an entirely custom made itinerary and make it happen.

#8. TrailFinders (8.2/10)

Best Adventure Travel Agency

Best Adventure Travel Companies (Complete Ranking) by Mountain IQ (8)

Trailfinders offers a variety of different tours that have garnered them a worldwide reputation. While they have a selection of pre-packaged trips, where Trailfinders really shines is in creating tailor-made travel itineraries because they know there’s nothing better than a bespoke travel adventure.

Trailfinders is known for its fantastic customer service, from actual travel experts who have actually been to the places they sell tours for, so you can be confident that you're getting an itinerary that's right for your needs. They offer everything from a weekend getaway to months-long holidays and everything in between, so there's really something for everyone with TrailFinders.

#9. International Expeditions (8.2/10)

Best Eco-Travel Operator

Best Adventure Travel Companies (Complete Ranking) by Mountain IQ (9)

If eco-friendly small group travel sounds like your kind of adventure, then look no further than International Expeditions. The company is committed to sustainable tourism and conservation efforts both in their offices and on their trips. They create award-winning travel experiences to over 20 different countries, placing a focus on authentic interactions with local people and cultures.

On an International Expeditions trip, you’ll be accompanied by an expert naturalist and expedition leader who are local to the area you’re travelling to. This means that with International Expeditions, you’ll get information and service that you could never find in a guidebook.

#10. Kuoni (8/10)

Runner-up: Best Luxury & Tailor-made Travel Company

Best Adventure Travel Companies (Complete Ranking) by Mountain IQ (10)

Kuoni is a world leader in luxury custom travel that's designed specifically to meet your needs. Whether you're looking for a guided small-group tour or a carefully designed experience, Kuoni is there to make your dreams a reality.

Where Kuoni really shines is in its customer service. For travellers from the United Kingdom, they have several different offices, where you can come in, have a chat with one of their destination experts, and plan the trip of a lifetime. If you're someone who wants to plan a trip and a pre-packaged tour won't cut it, Kuoni's adventures just might be for you.

#11. Flash Pack (8/10)

Best Adventure Travel Company for 30-40-Somethings

Best Adventure Travel Companies (Complete Ranking) by Mountain IQ (11)

Are you between the ages of 30 and 49? Do you frequently travel alone but wish you had adventure companions like you? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then Flashpack just might be the adventure travel company for you.

Unlike other tour operators, which place people on a trip together simply because they wanted to go to the same place at the same time, Flashpack specialises in connecting travellers in their 30s and 40s with other like-minded adventure enthusiasts, so you can explore the world in style without having to go about it alone.

#12. Wild Frontiers Adventure Travel (8/10)

Runner-up: Best Operator For Expert Guides

Best Adventure Travel Companies (Complete Ranking) by Mountain IQ (12)

Wild Frontiers was founded by renowned travel writer Jonny Bealby with a mission to bring travellers to amazing places and introduce them to the fantastic people and cultures that make these locations so special. The company specialises in small-group travel that is organised by regional experts that have been to the places you’ll journey to.

Wild Frontiers offers a wide variety of different tours to some truly remote places, but they’re also happy to tailor-make an itinerary, just for you. On a Wild Frontiers trip, you’ll stay active and experience some of the world’s most remote places like a local.

#13. Trek America (7.8/10)

Runner-up: Best Small Group Adventure Operator

Best Adventure Travel Companies (Complete Ranking) by Mountain IQ (13)

North America is home to some incredibly diverse landscapes, from the deserts and canyons of the Southwestern United States to the jagged, snow-covered peaks of the Canadian Rockies. There's so much to see and do in the USA and Canada and one of the best ways to experience it all is on a Trek America tour.

Trek America offers road trips in the USA and Canada for young international travellers who want to see the big cities, stunning national parks, and everything in between on their next North American holiday. With tours lasting from just three days to three months, Trek America has something for every active young traveller looking for an adventure holiday in North America.

#14. KE Adventure Travel (7.8/10)

Runner-up: Best Small Group Adventure Operator

Best Adventure Travel Companies (Complete Ranking) by Mountain IQ (14)

KE Adventure Travel started out as the premier adventure tour operator in the remote Karakoram Mountains of Pakistan. Since then, they’ve expanded their range of offerings to include trips to popular destinations such as the Himalaya, Mount Kilimanjaro, and the European Alps, where you can hike, bike, climb, and adventure to your heart’s content.

KE Adventures specialises in organising active travel holidays to nearly 90 countries. On a KE Adventures tour, you'll head off the popular trails toward hidden valleys and isolated villages and immerse yourself in the culture of the local people for an authentic travel experience.

#15. Classic Journeys (7.8/10)

Runner-up: Best Operator For Expert Guides

Best Adventure Travel Companies (Complete Ranking) by Mountain IQ (15)

Although they may be called “classic,” Classic Journeys' tours are anything but standard. Classic Journeys is dedicated toward making sure that every traveller on their trip has the experience of a lifetime. Most Classic Journeys' trips go to popular locations, like France, New Zealand, and the Galapagos, but they give you a chance to see these places in a different way.

Whether you want to hike, bike, or drink and eat, Classic Journeys’ itineraries give you a unique perspective on some of the world’s most popular travel destinations. Classic Journeys' high-end trip offerings include options for families and solo travellers, too, so there’s really something for everyone.

#16. Austin Adventures (7.8/10)

Runner-up: Best Small Group Adventure Operator

Best Adventure Travel Companies (Complete Ranking) by Mountain IQ (16)

Family-owned and operated, Austin Adventures is a pioneer in small group active holiday adventures around the world. Austin Adventures prides itself on hiring only the highest-quality tour guides and all of their trip itineraries have been fine-tuned with specific attention to detail, so you know you’re always getting the best.

The best part about Austin Adventures? Their trips are priced at an all-inclusive rate, so you don’t have to worry about shelling out more money after you arrive at your destination. Plus, every trip booked with Austin Adventures is guaranteed to depart, so you don’t ever have to worry about last-minute cancellations due to low enrollment.

#17. Abercrombie & Kent (7.6/10)

Runner-up: Best Luxury & Tailor-made Travel Company

Best Adventure Travel Companies (Complete Ranking) by Mountain IQ (17)

Abercrombie and Kent have been guiding guests on luxury adventure tours for over 50 years, so it’s no surprise that they’ve made it onto our list of the best adventure tour operators. Abercrombie and Kent will take you quite literally anywhere you want to go in the world. You can choose from one of their pre-set luxury small group tours or ask about a custom itinerary and tour to be made, just for you.

The defining feature of any Abercrombie and Kent tour is luxury, so when you book a trip, you can rest assured that you'll be staying at the best hotels and travelling in the most comfortable way possible.

#18. Butterfield & Robinson (7.6/10)

Runner-up: Best Small Group Adventure Operator

Best Adventure Travel Companies (Complete Ranking) by Mountain IQ (18)

Butterfield and Robinsonoffer prescheduled journeys in dozens of countries on nearly every continent.

Their trips focus on hiking, biking, and other outdoor pursuits during the day, but ensure that you still get to enjoy the comforts you expect from a luxury travel company. Butterfield and Robinson even offer a bespoke travel service, so they can design a luxurious active holiday that’s just right for you.

#19. UTracks (7.6/10)

Best Active European Adventure Travel Company

Best Adventure Travel Companies (Complete Ranking) by Mountain IQ (19)

Photo by Sam & Jo

UTracks' tours are all about exploring Europe in your own way. Dedicated to leading the industry as an active European holiday tour operator, UTracks offers over 400 different small group tours for the adventurous traveller in nearly 50 countries.

Plus, they have a range of self-guided tour options, so you can skip the hassle of planning logistics and just worry about having an amazing time on your trip. All of UTracks’ trips focus on either walking, cycling, boating, or winter sports, so they’ve got a little bit of something to please everyone.

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#20. Natural Habitat Adventures (7.4/10)

Runner-up: Best Eco-Travel Operator

Best Adventure Travel Companies (Complete Ranking) by Mountain IQ (20)

Natural Habitat Adventures specialises in nature travel, bringing visitors to some of the world’s most remote places, so you can see first-hand the beauty of the natural world. Natural Habitats even partners with the World Wildlife Fund to design sustainability and conservation-focused tours for their guests.

Natural Habitats itineraries are wholly unique, and their expedition leaders are some of the most experienced guides out there. Plus, their trips have very small group sizes, with an average of just nine guests per tour, so you can spend more time enjoying nature and less time avoiding tourist crowds.

#21. Explore! (7.2/10)

Runner-up: Best Small Group Adventure Operator

Best Adventure Travel Companies (Complete Ranking) by Mountain IQ (21)

Explore! has been guiding visitors around the world for nearly 40 years. In that time, they’ve grown from offering just six tours to their current selection of over 600 tours, which range from your classic group excursions to active family adventures. They offer trips in over 130 countries, each of which gives you the chance to learn more about the unique culture and environment in the region you choose to visit.

On every Explore! tour, you'll be guided by locals, who can provide you with information and service that you just can't get from a travel blog or guidebook. Explore! has been fine-tuning their itineraries for nearly four decades, so they have the skills and expertise necessary to create some fantastic active holidays.

#22. Peregrine Adventures (7.2/10)

Runner-up: Best Luxury & Tailor-made Travel Company

Best Adventure Travel Companies (Complete Ranking) by Mountain IQ (22)

Peregrine Adventures is the premium small group adventure travel section of the better known Intrepid Travel Company. Like Intrepid, Peregrine is dedicated to offering travellers an off-the-beaten-path experience, so you can get an authentic feel for a place during your holiday.

Where Peregrine stands apart, however, is that their maximum tour size is just 12 people, so you'll get a much more in-depth experience. Peregrine hires experienced local guides, hand-picks their accommodation, and travels in smaller, private vehicles, so they're the perfect operator for anyone looking for that authentic, small group adventure travel experience.

#23. Tucan Travel (7.2/10)

Best Latin American Adventure Travel Company

Best Adventure Travel Companies (Complete Ranking) by Mountain IQ (23)

With over three decades of experience under their belt, Tucan Travel is no newcomer to the adventure travel game. Tucan Travel offers first-time travellers and seasoned globetrotters a choice of over 200 different tours in 70 countries, so it's easy to find a trip that fits your needs.

Tucan Travel also caters specifically to solo travellers, who make up over half of their total clientele. Plus, Tucan Travel is committed to offering affordable active holidays that are focused on sustainable and responsible travel.

#24. Kandoo Adventures (7.2/10)

Best Hiking Adventure Travel Company

Best Adventure Travel Companies (Complete Ranking) by Mountain IQ (24)

If you like to hike, Kandoo might be the adventure tour operator for you. Kandoo pitches themselves as a world expert in adventure trekking, and with trekking tours to places such as Aconcagua, Bhutan, Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu, and Nepal, there’s no doubting that they know what they’re talking about.

Kandoo's trips are specifically designed to bring small groups of hikers to some of the world's most remote and famous high-altitude trekking destinations, so they're perfect for the adventure traveller with a bucket list. The team at Kandoo is also committed to responsible travel, so when you book with them, you can be confident that your local guides and support team are all adequately compensated and respected.

#25. Adventure Alternative (7/10)

Runner Up: Best Hiking Adventure Travel Company

Best Adventure Travel Companies (Complete Ranking) by Mountain IQ (25)

Photo by AJCHO

Adventure Alternative was founded almost thirty years ago by Gavin Bate, a mountaineer and International Mountain Leader with decades of personal climbing, trekking, and international travelling experience under his belt. These days, they focus on providing the highest quality adventure travel experience to their guests, whether that be on a trip to the jungle, the desert, or the Arctic.

All of the Adventure Alternative’s trips have a focus on hiking, so they’re best for anyone looking to stay active and off the beaten path on their holiday. They’re also more than happy to help you plan a private expedition whatever your personal trekking challenge.

#26. REI Adventures (6.8)

Runner-up: Best Small Group Adventure Operator

Best Adventure Travel Companies (Complete Ranking) by Mountain IQ (26)

Photo by NW Boating

REI Adventures is the adventure travel subsidiary of Recreational Equipment, Inc., one of the largest and most popular outdoor gear stores in the United States. REI’s mission is to get people outdoors, so they’ve dedicated themselves to providing over 150 different trips to every continent to help their guests have the experience of a lifetime.

REI trips are active adventure expeditions that bring guests to some of the remote places in the world. They’re led by top-notch guides, many of whom are local to the places you’ll be travelling in. The emphasis at REI Adventures is on environmentalism and authentic experiences, so you won’t find any cookie cutter trips with this company.

Ranking Methodology

Criteria & Scoring

To rank the adventure travel companies on our list we used 5 main criteria, as follows:


We researched the web traffic statistics as measured by and social media audiences as measured by followers on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribers on Youtube. We created a popularity score for 1. Web Traffic and 2. Social Media presence on a scale of 1-3. Total available points: 6. Weighting: 5%

Web Traffic
Total Points: 3

Social Media Presence
Total Points: 3

Big (>500k monthly visitors): 3 Points

Big (>500k followers / subscribers): 3 Points

Scaling (100k-500k monthly visitors): 2 Points

Scaling (100k-500k monthly visitors): 2 Points

Still Growing (<100k monthly visitors): 1 Point

Still Growing (<100k monthly visitors): 1 Point

Review Profile

We analysed the public review profiles of each of the travel companies focusing on the major independent 3rd party review platforms like Trustpilot, Tourradar, Stride, Tripadvisor, Feefo and Facebook. We divided our review score into two parts: 1. Size of Review Profile, and 2. Overall Quality of Reviews. Each part was scored on a scale of 1-3. Total available points: 6. Weighting: 80%

# of Reviews
Total Points: 3

Performance of Reviews
Total Points: 3

Big (1000+ Reviews): 3 Points

Almost all positive (>4.5/5 or >9/10): 3 Points

Scaling (100-1000 Reviews): 2 Points

Mostly positive (>4/5 or 8/10): 2 Points

Still growing (<100 Reviews): 1 Point

Average (>3.5/5 or 7/10): 1 Point

Responsible Travel Practices

We reviewed each travel operator's website and read their statements about responsible travel / ethics / sustainability. We then scored each operator on a scale of 1-3. Total available points: 3. Weighting: 5%

Evidence of Sustainability / Responsible Travel Practices
Total Points: 3

Main USP: 3 Points

Strong Evidence: 2 Points

Some Evidence: 1 Point

Awards and Accreditations

We explored each travel operator's website to uncover evidence of accreditations like ABTA, ATOL, ATTA and AITO (among others), and official awards / recognitions from the travel industry. We then scored each operator on a scale of 1-3. Total available points: 3. Weighting: 5%

Evidence of Awards and Accreditations
Total Points: 3

Many awards / accreditations: 3 Points

Some awards / accreditations: 2 Points

Not many awards / accreditations: 1 Point

Breadth of Offering

We analysed the breadth and scale of each operator's tour offerings, focusing on the number of tours offered, countries covered and number of activities. We then scored each operator on a scale of 1-3. Total available points: 3. Weighting: 5%

Breadth of Offering
Total Points: 3

Huge breadth in countries / tours / activities (collectively > 100 offers): 3 Points

Medium breadth in countries / tours / activities (collectively 50-100 offers): 2 Points

Niche offering (collectively <50 offers): 1 Point


We recognise that smaller travel companies would struggle to compete on some of the criteria above.

For example, a small tour operator would most likely have significantly less web traffic and a smaller social presence than a big travel operator. Equally, they would likely have a smaller scale and breadth of offering.

To provide a level playing field, we therefore weighted our overall score heavily towards 3rd party reviews - a criteria that all operators can fairly compete on.

The total review score counts 80% towards the overall score, with the rest of the criteria accounting for 20%.

Table of Adventure Travel Company Data

Below is the raw data we captured for each adventure travel company during our analysis. Please note, metrics like traffic, social media followers and reviews are dynamic and change overtime. The data below is a snapshot of these metrics as of April / May 2019.

We will revise these numbers annually.



Web Traffic (Monthly)

Facebook Followers

Instagram Followers

Youtube Subscribers

Review Source #1

Review Source #2

Review Source #3

Responsible Travel

Awards & Accreditations

Breadth of Offering

Overall Score


Best Small Group Operator

G Adventures






1,225 (9.4/10)


5,241 (4.6/5)


35,237 (4.5/5)






Best Tailor-made Operator

Audley Travel






2,385 (9.7/10)


2,190 (4.9/5)

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313 (4.6/5)






Exodus Travel






12 (4.5/10)


12,907 (4.4/5)


181 (4.5/5)






Intrepid Travel






1,158 (8.4/10)


7,040 (4.6/5)


596 (4.3/5)






National Geographic Expeditions

25,300,000 (Main NatGeo Site), 18,500 UK dedicated site





6 (4.2/5)


188 (4.8/5)







Best City Adventures

Urban Adventures






~4,000 (4.7/5)








World Expeditions






946 (4.9/5)


206 (4.6/5)


65 (4.4/5)






Best Adventure Travel Agency

Trail Finders






9,785 (9.9/10)


20 (3.5/5)







Best Eco Travel Operator

International Expeditions






89 (9.1/10)


6 (5/5)


Main USP











157 (7.1/10)

Customer Gauge

14,023 (9.5/10)


88 (3.4/5)





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13 (6.8/10)


864 (4.8/5)


165 (4.2/5)






Wild Frontiers






148 (9.2/10)


221 (98%)


56 (4.6/5)






Trek America






32 (4.6/5)


432 (4.6/5)


398 (4.5/5)






KE Adventure






371 (97%)


31 (4.6/10)







Classic Journeys






440 (4.9/5)








Austin Adventures






55 (9.3/10)


72 (4.8/5)







Abercrombie & Kent

156,000 (UK + US)





3 (6.4/10)


33 (4/5)






Butterfield & Robinson






82 (9.7/10)


39 (4.9/5)


89 (4.9/5)












10 (4.9/5)


85 (4.5/5)


27 (4.7/5)

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Natural Habitat Adventures






1 (7.4/10)


6 (4.3/5)


67 (4.8/5)

Main USP











2,616 (97%)


68 (4.2/5)


202 (4.2/5)






Peregrine Adventures






22 (4.7/5)


151 (4.4/5)


83 (4/5)






Tucan Travel






945 (8.7/10)


392 (4.5/5)


1,225 (3.9/5)






Kandoo Adventures






577 (9.9/10)


133 (4.9/5)



Not a lot




Adventure Alternative






39 (100%)


4 (5/5)



Not a lot




REI Adventures

19,800,000 (Main REI site)





9 (4.4/5)







Best Adventure Travel Companies (Complete Ranking) by Mountain IQ (27)

Mark has trekked extensively in Asia, Europe, South America and Africa. He founded Mountain IQ in 2014 with the sole aim to be the best online information portal to some of the most popular mountain destinations around the world. When not writing for Mountain IQ, Mark is out exploring the outdoors with his wife!


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G Adventures
G Adventures is an operator of small-group escorted tours. It is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with 28 offices worldwide. It offers more than 700 itineraries in more than 100 countries, and carries 200,000 travelers from 160 countries each year. › wiki › G_Adventures
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  • Travellers with Special Needs.

What are the 5 tourism industries? ›

To this point we have learned about the five sectors of tourism: transportation, accommodation, food and beverage, recreation and entertainment, and travel services.

Can I travel for free? ›

Yes, there is a legitimate way to travel the world for free and get paid, if that is the kind of life you want to live.

Where is the cheapest place to travel? ›

  1. Thailand. There's a reason why Thailand remains so popular with backpackers – it's got idyllic islands , a rich culture, beach-huts aplenty, tantalising cuisine and adventures galore , and all available at often staggeringly low prices. ...
  2. South Africa. ...
  3. Vietnam. ...
  4. Uruguay. ...
  5. Cuba. ...
  6. Prague, Czech Republic. ...
  7. Greece. ...
  8. Guatemala.

How can I travel for free and get paid? ›

How to Travel for FREE (and Get PAID to Travel the World) - YouTube

Who is the biggest online travel agency? ›

Largest online travel companies by Market Cap
1Airbnb 1ABNB1.52%
2Booking Holdings ( 2BKNG2.13% 3TCOM0.48%
4Expedia Group 4EXPE0.55%
6 more rows

What is the best travel company to work for? ›

  • BCD Travel. 4.0★ 935. Reviews. 701. ...
  • American Express Global Business Travel. 3.8★ 1.5K. Reviews. 1.1K. ...
  • American Express. 4.3★ 14.2K. Reviews. 13.4K. ...
  • CWT. 3.8★ 1.4K. Reviews. 771. ...
  • Egencia. 3.8★ 428. Reviews. 462. ...
  • Working Solutions. 4.0★ 869. Reviews. 666. ...
  • Frosch Travel. 3.9★ 169. Reviews. 143. ...
  • Flight Centre Travel Group. 3.1★ 2K. Reviews. 202.

Is Expedia trusted? ›

Is Expedia reliable? You might be cautious of go-betweens or third-party booking sites, but Expedia is a legitimate, well-known online travel agency that's been around for years. Microsoft originally launched the Expedia website in 1996.

Are travel agents free? ›

How much does a travel agent cost? The cost of using a travel agent is generally marginal, and often, they won't charge you at all. Much of their money comes from commissions the hotels and wholesalers pay them. Before you decide to book with a travel agent, inquire whether or not they charge fees.

Who dominates the travel industry? ›

The United States is the largest travel market in the world, accounting for $2.1 trillion in 2019.

Which are the two largest online travel agencies worldwide? ›

When looking at the leading companies in the OTA market, Booking Holdings and Expedia were the biggest online travel agencies by revenue worldwide in 2021, generating nearly 11 billion and 8.6 billion U.S. dollars, respectively.

Is booking through AAA worth it? ›

Joining AAA Travel can be worth it if you want access to a full-service vacation planner and exclusive travel discounts. While the internet has made it extremely easy to find the lowest travel prices available, using a travel agency like AAA can save you time which can be just as valuable as saving money.

What jobs will pay you to travel? ›

8 jobs that pay you to travel
  • Travel nurse. What you'd do: As boomers continue to age, the national nursing shortage is continuing to grow, according to the American Nurses Association. ...
  • Archaeologist. ...
  • Athletic scout. ...
  • Management consultant. ...
  • Event coordinator. ...
  • Flight attendant. ...
  • Travel agent. ...
  • Geoscientist.

How can I travel the world and get paid for it? ›

Here are 18 ways you can get paid while traveling:
  • Telecommute to your current job. ...
  • Explore your company's other locations. ...
  • Teach English or another language. ...
  • Become a tour guide. ...
  • Write a research guide. ...
  • Become a flight attendant. ...
  • Start a side gig. ...
  • Find a new remote opportunity.

How do you get paid to travel 2022? ›

Here are some of the best travel jobs for different skill-sets, backgrounds, and comfort levels that will help you make money traveling.
  1. Become a Travel Blogger. ...
  2. Become an English Teacher. ...
  3. Travel Freelance Writer. ...
  4. Website & Graphic Design. ...
  5. Travel Tour Guide. ...
  6. Traveling Yoga Instructor. ...
  7. Foreign Service Travel Jobs.
5 Feb 2022

Do you get a better room if you book direct with hotel? ›

Advantages of Booking a Hotel Directly

You can often find better rates by booking directly, too — a concern for budget-conscious travelers. By calling a hotel directly, you find out about any specials perks or packages they have available. In some cases, you can get a better room for the same amount of money.

Is Skyscanner real? ›

The answer is Yes!


November 2021) Skyscanner is a metasearch engine and travel agency based in Edinburgh, Scotland. The site is available in over 30 languages and is used by 100 million people per month. The company lets people research and book travel options for their trips, including flights, hotels and car hire. Skyscanner Ltd. › wiki › Skyscanner
is an independent company with the sole goal of helping you find the best option for your personal travel plans. Every month, over 100 million customers trust Skyscanner to help them find the best deals on flights, hotels, and car rentals.

How reliable is TripAdvisor? ›

Is TripAdvisor reliable? TripAdvisor have been established for many years now, and they are just as reliable as many of the other top sites when it comes to accommodation and price comparisons. In fact, they're one of the largest travel e-commerce companies in the world.

Is it cheaper to book online or through a travel agent? ›

It is cost effective and time-saving

If you were thinking why use a travel agent instead of booking online, it's because booking with travel agents will be a lot cheaper than booking online. Travel agents can help you avail airline discounts, codes, and coupons which would ordinarily be inaccessible to you.

What are the disadvantages of using a travel agent? ›

Best Covid-19 Travel Insurance Plans
  • You're Not The One Planning Your Travel. While not planning your travel is a pro to some, for other travelers, it's a major con. ...
  • You Add Another Person To The Equation. ...
  • You Actually Have To Find The Agent. ...
  • They're Not Great For Spur-Of-The-Moment Changes.
29 Oct 2019

Is it better to use a travel agent or do it yourself? ›

Travel Agents Can Save You Time

Booking a trip, with all its working parts, can take hours, especially if you're researching and comparing the best deals, said Avery Harris of Viking Travel. A travel agent will take much less time to help you find what you're looking for, Harris said.


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