5 Fun Things to do at Battersea Power Station - Days out in London (2023)

After years of neglect as a result of multiple site owners (including, at one point, a company with grandiose ideas for a Theme Park) and failed development plans, Battersea Power Station is open for business. There's so much to see and do; from eating to drinking, shopping to movie watching, or even trying something a bit different by taking a glass elevator up one of the chimneys for a Power Station self-proclaimed "epic viewing experience" in Lift 109.

5 Fun Things to do at Battersea Power Station - Days out in London (1)

Battersea Power Station at dusk - the giant plug is part of the 2023 Light Festival!

What's in this article? Quick links to the Battersea Top 5:

#1 - Arrive in style on an Uber Boat by Thames Clipper

#2 -

#3 - Get amazing views of London from the top of a chimney, at Lift 109

#4 - Hit the shops

#5 - Grab a drink or a meal before catching a movie or a stage show

On Friday, 14th October, 2022 - almost 40 years after shutting down - Battersea Power Station, the Grade II listed, former coal-fired station, which in it's heyday provided 1/5 of London's electricity, opened to the public for the first time in it's history. What has been created from the ashes (forgive the pun...) is a feast for all interests, from architecture to shopping, dining to live theatre, there really is an option for everyone on the newly developed site, which can now claim to be one of London's top retail and leisure destinations.

"At its peak, Battersea Power Station was supplying a fifth of London's electricity. After decades of sitting derelict, it is now open to the public as one of London's most exciting and innovative new destinations. The very building which once produced the energy that enabled people to eat, drink, shop and play in the City, now provides the venue for a new generation to do the same."Battersea Power Station Official - About Us

There's a new, pedestrianized high street, Electric Boulevard, which runs from the south of the Power Station to the new Battersea Power Station (Zone 1) Underground station. This being the final stop on the Northern Line extension, which can whisk you to Central London in a matter of minutes (Battersea Power Station to Leicester Square is 6 stops & 10 minutes).

With an overwhelming amount to experience, it would be easy to miss something out but do not fear, you've come to the right place - this article narrows down 5 Fun Things to Do on your day out at Battersea Power Station.

Tip #1 - Arrive in style on an Uber Boat by Thames Clipper

Battersea Power Station Chimneys just visible beyond the pier.

5 Fun Things to do at Battersea Power Station - Days out in London (2)

Uber Boat by Thames Clipper provide a speedy and cost-effective way to experience the London sights, and with the opening of the Battersea Power Station Pier, you can now travel on a Central Zone ticket (£8.30 one-way) all the way up to the newly developed Power Station area. I recommend starting your journey at either Tower (34 minutes pier-to-pier) or Embankment (19 minutes pier-to-pier).

As the towering yet iconic chimneys come into view, you'll be docked up and off the boat in a matter of minutes. For full details on Uber Boat, including timetables, getting the best prices and maximizing your chances for the best views onboard, read this recent Matt in London blog post - Sightseeing in London on a Tight Schedule? Problem Solved with Uber Boat - for under a tenner!

(Video) Homegirl London Ten Things To Do At Battersea Power Station London SW11

Tip #2 - Admire the architecture (inside & out)

The best thing about this option is that is costs you absolutely nothing! As you hop off the ferry (or walk across from the tube station), there's plenty to feast your eyes on. It's not just about the chimneys at Battersea (as mesmerizing as they are) - there's aesthetically pleasing design on the inside too. Here's what you can expect to see:


The Art Deco architecture inside Turbine Hall A.

Although the Power Station should not purely be viewed as a retail destination, all of the shops are located in the two newly restored Turbine Halls. These look identical from the outside of the building but step inside and you'll notice how different they are in their interior design. As you can see in the picture to the right, a number of split level walkways have been created, with escalators at each end of both halls offering easy access to the multitude of shops and restaurants.

Brutalist vibes in Turbine Hall B.

5 Fun Things to do at Battersea Power Station - Days out in London (4)

Turbine Hall A reflects the Art Deco style of the 1930s, the decade in which the Power Station was built, whilst Turbine Hall B, which was completed in the 1950s, has more of a brutalist, industrial look and feel. The openness of the space - particularly in Turbine Hall A - allows you to really soak in the design features.

The acoustics have been well thought-out also as, despite the hundreds of people inside the building, you experience the low hum of human nature and rarely feel overwhelmed by the decibels at any point.


The obvious attraction at the Power Station is the exterior views. The walkways around the building have been positioned in a way that is visually pleasing and compliments many a photo opportunity. There's also the opportunity for a "Chimney Selfie" out front... if you don't mind showing off your chins (see middle picture below for evidence).

The Power Station in daytime (L) and at dusk (R), with a well-positioned (?) selfie approximately 50m from the main entrance (M).

That's not all though. Take a walk around the full site and you'll be rewarded with seeing other points of interest. Aside from Sopwith Way, with it's bars, restaurants and cinema (which you can read about in Tip #5), a simple 180 degree turn away from the Power Station provides views of London's high-rise buildings that hug the River Thames.

The Coaling Jetty offers free views towards Central London.

5 Fun Things to do at Battersea Power Station - Days out in London (5)
(Video) Discover the best things to do in Battersea, London

You will get the best views onto the Thames from the newly opened, 110m long, Coaling Jetty. Another Grade II listed structure, the jetty was built in the early 1930s to facilitate the loading and unloading of coal. Subsequently decommissioned in 1983, and similar to the Power Station in that it has never been open to the public before, the jetty is just a short walkway away, and is completely free to access.

I'd recommend grabbing a coffee or a tray of chips from one of the nearby outdoor food vendors and taking a stroll down the jetty. In the spring and summer, the plants will be blossoming, and the views will be much clearer than in the slightly dreary February photograph provided. The jetty hosted a summer garden party to celebrate it's opening in August 2022, so keep an eye out for any other special events happening - this would be a great spot to sip some fizz and enjoy the sun setting over the capital.

Tip #3 - Get amazing views of London from the top of a chimney, at Lift 109

Views from Lift 109, looking east towards Central London. The sun shines in London sometimes - honestly!

5 Fun Things to do at Battersea Power Station - Days out in London (6)

An absolute must for anyone visiting the area is a trip 109 metres up the north-west chimney of Battersea Power Station, for an epic and unique viewing experience at Lift 109. The journey to the summit is just as awe-inspiring as the view when you get there, as you are slowly transported up through the inside of a neon-illuminated chimney, whilst standing inside a glass-encased lift [elevator] (not too dissimilar from the pods used on the London Eye).

As you come to a steady halt at the very top, you are met with a 360-degree panorama of London, with views as far as the Heathrow Air Traffic Control Tower to the west, and beyond the City of London and Canary Wharf to the east.

"PREPARE TO IGNITE YOUR CURIOSITY, IMMERSE YOUR SENSES AND ELEVATE YOUR PERSPECTIVE......make a thrilling ascent 109 metres to the top of the north-west chimney where you will take in stunning 360 degree views."Lift 109, Battersea Power Station

Ascending to the top of the chimney.

5 Fun Things to do at Battersea Power Station - Days out in London (7)

The experience, end-to-end, lasted around 30 minutes. You spend no more than 10 minutes stationary at the viewing point, with the rest of the time dedicated to getting there and back, which includes a mini museum immersive experience, an elevator to the halfway point, and a short walk up a large spiral staircase (i.e. around the perimeter of the chimney).

Tickets booked in advance during an off-peak time-slot start at £15.90, up to just under £25 for last minute, on the day purchases.

Loads of time for pictures once at the top!

5 Fun Things to do at Battersea Power Station - Days out in London (8)
(Video) Fun things to do in London 🥳#BatterseaPowerStation #springfestival #thingstodoinlondon

There are limits on the number of people in each elevator ride - I was really surprised at how much room there was to move around - and it is strongly advised to book in advance, especially on the weekend. We got really lucky with a standby entry on the day, and were looking out over London fewer than 15 minutes after buying the tickets.

For a full overview of the experience, along with many more photographs and "pro" tips, read this Matt in London article dedicated to Lift 109 [Coming Soon].

Tip #4 - Hit the shops

One of many photographs taken inside the Turbine Halls.

5 Fun Things to do at Battersea Power Station - Days out in London (9)

I was amazed by the retail offerings inside Battersea Power Station, from high end brands selling handbags and watches, to your everyday, high street retailers. Something that struck me the most though was the car showrooms (there are two - Polestar and Genesis. Not car companies I'd ever heard of before but they seemed pretty popular based on the footfall inside!) - this is not something you expect to see in your average shopping centre.

If you like to plan your retail therapy in advance, you can view the full listing of shops on the Battersea Power Station website. You can filter by type of shop to narrow down your search. Note that as of March, 2023, a number of outlets are listed as "Coming Soon", this includes a handful of gyms too. So keep an eye on it, as the list of open stores continues to grow weekly.

Beware The Battersea General Store if you're short on time!

5 Fun Things to do at Battersea Power Station - Days out in London (10)

The Battersea General Store also looked to be a huge hit with shoppers. Almost like Battersea's own version of Planet Organic, with global produce from artisan suppliers and international brands.

My friend got lost in here for quite a while after just popping in to "have a look", subsequently spending a month's worth of pocket money on dog treats - so, be warned!

Tip #5 - Grab a drink or a meal before catching a movie or a stage show

As mentioned, there is plentiful dining and drinking options inside the Turbine Halls. However, for the best atmosphere, head outside to Sopwith Way - under 5 minutes stroll from the main entrance of Battersea Power Station, and just beyond the arc of bars adjacent to Riverside Walk - where you'll find a narrow street of entertainment options set inside the railway arches.

From left-to-right: Sip cocktails & play a round of golf at Birdies; Wrap from Simply Lebanese; Sopwith Way at dusk.

For such a short street, there's loads on offer, summarized below:

  • Enjoy a craft beer at the Battersea Brewery.

  • Grab a slice of pizza at Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza or some quick Malaysian fare at Roti King (always a line out of the door here!).

    (Video) I WENT UP THE CRAZIEST LIFT IN THE WORLD | Battersea Power Station

  • Looking for some not-so-fast food? The Cinnamon Kitchen (modern Indian) and Tonkotsu (Japanese Ramen & Katsu) has you covered.

  • Feeling active? At Birdies you can chow down a cheeky burger or sip a cocktail before playing a round of indoor, mini golf!

  • Looking for something more stimulating but less strenuous? Try out an "immersive virtual reality arcade experience" at DNA VR.

  • Prefer to view your entertainment on the big screen or a stage? Stop by The Cinema in the Arches - a two-screens cinema showing a vast array of movies - or The Turbine Theatre - a groundbreaking art space housing world premieres of new productions and classic stories reimagined for the contemporary audience.

From left-to-right: Simply Lebanese on Riverside Walk; Inhaling the halloumi & falafel wrap; DNA VR under the arches.

Short on time, after many hours earlier spent wandering the Power Station interior, I opted for a quick snack at Simply Lebanese, enjoying the Halloumi & Falafel wrap (don't forget to ask for the spicy sauce) priced at just under £9. This is one of a handful of food and drink vendors available to choose from. There are benches nearby, so you can have a sit down, fill your bellies, then head onto the next food/drink/shopping location!

Bonus Tip - Keep an eye out for upcoming Festivals

Pink Scorpion (?) watching over shoppers in Turbine Hall B.

5 Fun Things to do at Battersea Power Station - Days out in London (11)

There's so much going on at Battersea Power Station that it would be easy to miss some of the temporary events. However, some - like the annual Lights Festival, which ran for only the third time in 2023 (19th January - 5th March) - are relatively unmissable. See the giant illuminated plug, in the middle of a water feature, in the headline picture of this article, or see the pink (kind of) Scorpion (thing) suspended above the main shopping boulevard inside Turbine Hall B, which you can see in the image to the right.

In it's final week, the Festival even had a canine-friendly, "Light Festival Doggy Day", where our four-legged friends (accompanied by their owners of course...) were encouraged to adorn their "best light up collars" and head to the Power Station after dark for pet portraits and best dressed prizes.

There are bound to be more events in the summer, much like the Summer Garden Party on The Coaling Jetty (click here if you missed the information on the jetty, further up in this article), and - not yet mentioned - there is an "always on" Power of Place Gallery & Exhibition, showcasing the history of the area. Keep up-to-date with all that's going on by checking the official Events Page regularly.

You're all set - enjoy your day out in Battersea!

OK, you're good to go - there's loads more to see and do, this is just to get you started. And when you're done, why not join the debate that took over London recently (exaggeration maybe...) and head to Battersea Power Station...Station (which do you say?!) for the Northern Line towards home. Join the debate.

Is it Battersea Power Station or Battersea Power Station, Station?!

5 Fun Things to do at Battersea Power Station - Days out in London (12)


5 Fun Things to do at Battersea Power Station - Days out in London? ›

Immerse yourself in the theatre, cinema, crazy golf or virtual reality. There are plenty of fun things to do in the area. See a play at the Turbine Theatre, watch a movie at one of the cinemas, play crazy golf at Birdies, play ping pong at Bounce (opening soon), and experience virtual reality at DNA VR.

What is Battersea Power Station famous for? ›

The largest power station in the UK

After a two stage development process, the Power Station was completed by the British Electric Authority in 1948 and began operating in 1953, with the highest thermal efficiency. Battersea Power Station became known as the 'temple of power', the largest power station in the UK.

Can you go around Battersea Power Station? ›

Opening Hours

The shops inside the Power Station are open from 10am to 8pm Monday – Thursday, 10am – 9pm Friday and Saturday, and 12pm to 6pm on Sunday. Cafes, bars, restaurants, Lift 109 and the Cinema are often open earlier and later, please check the individual retailer pages for specific opening hours.

What has opened in Battersea Power Station? ›

How long is the Lift 109 experience? ›

The Lift 109 experience, which comprises an interactive multimedia exhibition and the ascent of Battersea Power Station's northwest chimney, is expected to take approximately 30-40 minutes.

Why did Battersea Power Station shut down? ›

Later in the 70s, there were increased concerns about public health, air quality, pollution and how dirty burning coal can be. So in 1975, Station A was shut down and later, in 1983, Station B was terminated.

What building is on Pink Floyd Animals? ›

Battersea Power Station (seen here in 2008) is the subject for the album's cover image.

Is it free to enter Battersea Power Station? ›

Ticket prices are: Adults: £15.90 to £20.90. Children: £11.50 to 15.40. Families (2+2 or 1+3): £50.36 to 67.12.

Is Battersea Power Station on the Night Tube? ›

Night tube services to resume on Northern Line along with doubling of services to Battersea Power Station.

How many shops are in Battersea Power Station? ›

The power station, which was decommissioned back in 1983, is now filled with over 100 different retailers and eateries which span over three levels.

Where is the longest lift in the world? ›

The world's tallest outdoor lift stretches 326 metres up the side of a cliff in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Hunan, China.

Do you have to pay for Lift 109? ›

You will need to purchase tickets for a specified entry time. Entry times are every 10 minutes from 10:00am until last entry at 8:00pm.

How fast can lifts go? ›

Let's start with the turtle like speed of most elevators you will find; believe it or not, most elevators are designed to travel at a blazing 100 to 200 feet per minute or between 1.14 and 2.27 miles per hour for buildings 10 stories or less.

Does Battersea Park close at night? ›

Battersea Park closes at dusk.

Can you just turn up at Battersea Dogs Home? ›

Can I just turn up with a dog or cat? We ask that you do not come to Battersea without an appointment. All bookings are by appointment only as this ensures we can help as many people as possible. We only have a limited space so it is best to call first to see if we can accommodate your pet.

What tube line is Battersea Power Station? ›

Battersea Power Station now has its own Zone 1 Underground station on the Northern Line. The station entrance/exit is situated on Battersea Park Road.

Was Battersea bombed in WW2? ›

This happened in 1944 and was a defining incident in Battersea. The church and the fire station across the street, both of which figured large in local life, were destroyed. Five people were killed, including the vicar's mother and a schoolteacher who happened to be cycling past the wrong place at the wrong time.

Have Apple moved into Battersea Power Station? ›

Apple's new London offices at Battersea Power Station are designed by Foster + Partners, who are also based in Battersea. The offices take up 46,000 sq m over six floors of the Power Station, with workspaces designed to maximise opportunities for collaboration.

Is Apple still moving to Battersea Power Station? ›

Apple plans to move 1,400 London staff into a new office in Battersea Power Station in 2023. The iconic building is a decommissioned coal-fired power plant on the bank of the River Thames. It's due to open its doors to the public on October 14 after lying abandoned for 39 years.

What animal is named after Pink Floyd? ›

He chose this particular shrimp to bestow the weighty namesake upon due to its particular characteristics: it has a claw that can produce sonic energy at up to 210 decibels, equivalent to a sound louder than a rock concert, and has therefore been given the scientific name Synalpheus pinkfloydi.

Is the animals album cover real? ›

So they had to resort to a photo collage for the cover. 'Algie' was 'pasted' in between the chimney pipes. This is the actual cover of "Animals". During live shows on the Animals tour a smaller replica of the pig was used, which floated over the heads of the audience.

Where is Pink Floyd's abandoned mansion? ›

Abandoned and Derelict Britain, led by Lucy and her partner, went and visited Pink Floyd's David Gilmour's huge £10 million mansion in Gallowstree Common in South Oxfordshire, which has been left empty since the...

What time does Battersea Park close? ›

Opening times
Spring/summer10.00am – 5.30pm
Autumn/winter10.00am - 4.30pm or dusk

How long is the Battersea Power Station lift? ›

Battersea Power Station chimney lift experience

Step inside the iconic Battersea Power Station and make a thrilling ascent 109 metres to the top of the north-west chimney where you will take in stunning 360 degree views of London's skyline.

How much is battersea park? ›

Ticket Price Adult £10.95 Children (2 to 16 years) £8.95 Under 2 Free Family (2 adults & 2 children or…

How many trains per hour at Battersea Power Station? ›

Tube services on the extension will start on Monday 20 September, running from Kennington station on the Charing Cross branch. There will be an initial peak time service of six trains per hour on the extension, increasing to 12 trains per hour by mid-2022.

What birds are at Battersea Power Station? ›

The peregrines moved in straight away and have bred there every year since, successfully raising more than a dozen young birds. The falcons were unruffled when the tower was moved one year, in order to make way for further works.

How often do trains go to Battersea Power Station? ›

The station opened on 20 September 2021. In September 2022, TfL announced that over 5 million trips had been made on the extension since opening, with an average of 80,000 trips a week at Battersea Power Station.

How many flats are there at Battersea Power Station? ›

With 436 stylish apartments designed by Foster + Partners', Battersea Roof Gardens provides a unique green space in the sky with 360-degree views of London, whilst offering easy access to the vibrant shops, bars, restaurants, entertainment and leisure venues along Electric Boulevard.

Is Battersea Power Station the biggest brick building? ›

Battersea Power Station is a Grade II* listed building, the largest brick building in Europe and one of the most significant surviving examples of Art Deco architecture. The 39-acre site overlooks over 400 metres of London's River Thames, less than a mile and a half from the Houses of Parliament.

Which country own Battersea Power Station? ›

The Battersea Power Station is owned by a Malaysian consortium that consists of Sime Darby Property Bhd and S P Setia Bhd, each of which holds 40 per cent ownership; the Employees' Provident Fund owns the other 20 per cent.

Has a lift ever fallen? ›

An elevator fell about 20 stories at a construction site. Six men fell out of a mine-shaft elevator due to a broken control switch. A construction elevator fell from the 15th floor. A construction elevator carrying 21 people plunged five floors when the cable broke.

What is the 1st fastest lift in the world? ›

The record for the world's fastest lift is held by the Lotte World Tower in Seoul, South Korea. The tower itself measures 555 m (1,820 ft) in height.

Has a lift ever dropped? ›

The only elevator fall due to a complete cable system failure occurred during the 1940's when an airplane crashed into the empire state building and severed all the cables on a particular elevator. MYTH - Some people believe that an overcrowded elevator will fall. TRUTH - An overloaded car will normally not move.

What are lift tickets used for? ›

A lift ticket provides you with access to the mountain and to the ski lifts. Everyone needs a lift ticket to access the snow anywhere on the mountain, whether you plan to use the lifts or not. THE PURCHASE OF A LIFT TICKET IS A RELEASE OF LIABILITY.

Is Battersea Power Station lift open? ›

Battersea Power Station's Highly Anticipated Chimney Lift Experience 'Lift 109' Will Open On 15th November 2022, With Tickets Available To Book From Today.

Is the Battersea Power Station chimney lift open? ›

Lift 109 is now open and tickets are on sale!

What is the max a human can lift? ›

According to legal manual handling guidelines, the maximum safe lifting weight for a woman is 16kg. And for men, the maximum safe lifting weight is 25kg.

What is the highest a human can lift? ›

The standard height of a bar in deadlift and Olympic weightlifting is 9-inches. Of course, much greater loads can he raised when the bar is set higher. The maximum 18-inch deadlift, belongs to Oleksii Novikov of the Ukraine, who set a new world record by lifting 537.5 kg (1,185 lb) at the 2020 World's Strongest Man.

Is it possible to lift 1000 pounds? ›

With the right training plan and enough dedication, just about any man can achieve it at just about any age. Indeed, Hugh Jackman became a member of the 1,000-Pound Club at 46 by performing a 355-pound squat, a 235-pound bench press, and a 410-pound deadlift.

Is Battersea Power Station successful? ›

The new phase of Battersea Power Station's life seems to be a success, with its apparent popularitiy in both services and residences. This new hub of restraunts,shops,homes,events and activities could be a mark of the future of city construction, but only time will tell the true success of this enormous development.

What is the nickname of Battersea Power Station? ›

Church analogies are not without reason – its nickname as the Cathedral of Power is a fitting title. Our vision for a new visitor experience at Battersea Power Station was as ambitious as the building is vast.

Is Battersea Power Station a good place to live? ›

Safety and crime in Battersea

Battersea is known as a safer and more appealing community for families and professionals. With several attractions, plenty to do, and a safe environment, Battersea is a great area in London.

What is the largest brick building in the world? ›

Completed in 1901 using more than 27 million bricks, the Tobacco Warehouse at Stanley Dock remains the largest brick warehouse in the world.

What is the largest free standing brick building in the world? ›

The Anaconda Smelter Stack is the tallest surviving masonry structure in the world, with an overall height of about 585 feet (178.3 m), including a brick chimney 555 feet (169.2 m) tall and the downhill side of a concrete foundation 30 feet (9.1 m) tall.

How long has Battersea Power Station been empty? ›

The building was decommissioned between 1975 and 1983 and remained empty for almost 30 years before being purchased by Malaysian developers SP Setia and Sime Darby Property in 2012. UK architecture studio WilkinsonEyre redesigned the former power station, which will officially open to the public on 14 October.

How many people visit Battersea Power Station? ›

It was the aim of our shareholders to give the much-loved Power Station a new lease of life and to open it up for the public to enjoy. "To have welcomed more than five million people down since the landmark opened has been a huge achievement and we look forward to welcoming more visitors throughout 2023."

Who owns Battersea Power Station now? ›

The Battersea Power Station site is owned by a consortium of Malaysian investors comprising PNB, Sime Darby Property, S P Setia and the Employees' Provident Fund.

How much does Battersea Power Station cost? ›

In total, the development cost around $10 billion, of which $1.28 billion covered the renovation of the station itself.

Is Battersea Power Station open to the public? ›

Nearly forty years after the lights were switched off at one of London's best loved landmarks, Battersea Power Station opens today, Friday 14th October, marking the first time the public can explore this iconic architectural masterpiece and enjoy the first of its unique shops, bars, restaurants and leisure venues.

Is Battersea cheap to live? ›

The cost of living in Battersea is generally higher than other areas in London, but there are some areas of Battersea that may be more affordable or expensive than others.

Is it free to get into Battersea Power Station? ›

Ticket prices are: Adults: £15.90 to £20.90. Children: £11.50 to 15.40. Families (2+2 or 1+3): £50.36 to 67.12.


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