5/3/24 Quick News & Notes (2024)


While our woes continue on LMAD, J! had some woes of their own in terms of their Daily Doubles, but we did get some significant car wins on CBS and at the end of our week on WOF.Here is how this week turned out…


LMAD– Yet another case of “a shortened week does not guarantee a good week”.We did manage to get two cars out of our week, with a Car BD win on Thursday and a Car Game win on Friday with Race To The Finish, averting a Car Game Skunk.Brady snuck the two Car BDs behind Door #3, with only Thursday’s End Game being won (and the only BD win this week, done On-Target [i.e. revealed second]), and as a result, the Thursday Vault Out trap behind #1 was averted, while Friday’s show was the wrong one to pick the infamous door, ending up in a tradedown by champ Jared, and avoiding a BD Winning Week.We also had two Greedy Bailouts in the car game 0 to 80 and Movin’ On Up (car game with no car at stake this time).Only other good thing about our week other than the car wins…no Flameout shows.Thank you, Monty’s Ghost. (Losing Week)

TPIR– We did a lot better with our cars here this week than on LMAD, with wins in Rat Race, Dice, Lucky 7, a difficult set-up in the otherwise non-car game Back to ‘74 conquered byDiana, and…yes, Money Game one day early on Thursday’s Act I.Though Bobby stopped counting at that point, a majority of the games this week had already been played to put a Complete Week in the books.As it turned out, what happened on Friday made no difference as we, by the end of Act I, already sealed a Winning Week.The biggest SC of the week was on Wednesday’s show, and that was lost byShirley Gaines(more on her in a moment), but, as I said, when you add it all up, we did fine. (Winning Week)

J!– The latest edition ofJ! Mastersbegan this week withVictoria GroceandYogesh Rautwinning their respective Acts and moving on to the next phase of the Tourney.Meanwhile, in Syndication,Amy Hummelbecame this regular season’s second5xCon Tuesday and earned an automatic ticket to next season’sToC.But overall this week, both on ABC and in Syndication, we had a lot of trouble with our Daily Doubles (as you will see in the FINAL COUNT THIS WEEK down below).In part as a result, we had both an early F! 3xS from Jennings andAmy’s dethronation from her title on Wednesday, and some low scoring Main Games throughout our week.We ended Friday with our latest winnerWeckiai Rannilagoing into the weekend with 3 games won.(50/50 Split Week)

WOF– We had a Cardinal Sinner on Tuesday’s show asKimberly Wrightended up Wrong in the Main Game, followed a MDW waste inCharlene Hering’s Thursday BR, costing her only $40K.But overall we did well as went 3-2 with 2 BRs for cash and our overall Week 36 ending triumphantly withTracy McBridedriving home in a Ford Edge SEL.(Winning Week)


REGULAR GAME SHOWSAjuah & Sandyeach won a round in PASSWORD; andCorey Feldman,formerAMERICAN IDOLplayersClay Aiken & Ruben Studdardwere all exposed onTHE MASKED SINGER.This week’sTHE WEAKEST LINKwas a rerun.

REALITY COMPETITIONSKalibriennewas shown the door onAMERICAN IDOL;Jaylin Sandersdanced no more onSO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE;Justin & Jeremy Garcia, Kyle Schuesler, Jackie Romeo, and RLettowere eliminated fromTHE VOICE;Aronwas kicked out ofDEAL OR NO DEAL ISLAND;Tiffwas sent home fromSURVIVOR; the team ofAngie & Dannywere ousted fromTHE AMAZING RACE, final decisions were being prepared forFARMER WANTS A WIFE, andLeroy won the latestTHE CHALLENGE ALL STARS.

COOKING SHOWSAlexwas booted off ofSPRING BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP;Jordynwas ousted fromMASTERCHEF JUNIOR;Sabrina Tinsleywas the latestCHOPPEDchampion;Martel Stonewon the Season Finale ofWILDCARD KITCHEN; andGabi, Christina & Zachwill move on to the final stages ofNEXT LEVEL CHEF.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK– Like last week, Week 35 produced no big $100K+ winners, but the one who came close won a total of$61,133 cash & trip…that player isKrystalanne Curwood(from Monday’sWOF) as the player with the most winnings this week.

HONORABLE MENTIONS– The aforementionedAmy Hummel, for being this season’s second 5xJ!champion and will now go on to next season’s ToC; andLance(LMAD) for making his gutsy (but successful) trade of a trip in the Main Game worth $11,025 for theCar BD worth $26,880.

GOOSE EGG PLAYER OF THE WEEK– On the other hand, we had no big $100K+ loser this week either, but the one Bobby felt more deserving of this Dishonor was the aforementioned Shirley Gaines, losing TPIR’s biggest Showcase of the week worth $46,586 (incl. a car).

DISHONORABLE MENTIONSSara(LMAD) for selling out a car in her Greedy Bailout in 0 to 80; andCharlene Hering(WOF) for wasting her MDW in her Thursday BR (thankfully it was only $40K).

Due to Money Game’s early play on Thursday, final and complete stats for Week 35 will be up later on GSQ.

Other than that, join us again Sunday as we begin Week 36 withAMERICAN IDOL.Join us then!

5/3/24 Quick News & Notes (2024)
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