25 Best Travel Movies On Netflix (2023)

I think every wanderlust lover enjoys a great travel movie! These films can make you travel the world in a little under two hours and can be super inspiring. Though finding the right movies to watch when traveling can be time-consuming and even complicated if you’re on an international trip. That’s why Netflix is life-saving for all travel lovers wanting to watch movies on the road!

For me, one of the best gifts for travel lovers is a streaming subscription! This allows us to download movies and watch them whenever suits us better while on a trip. It’s practical and stress-free! Plus, Netflix has an impressive movie catalog that includes some of the most beloved travel films out there. That’s why I decided to create this roundup. Keep reading to find out what are the best travel movies on Netflix!

25 Best Travel Movies On Netflix (1)

1. Eat, Pray, Love (2010)

This movie is an absolute classic! Not only is this story filled with beautiful landscapes, but it’s also quite moving. It’s based on a true story, so you’re for sure getting the real deal here. The plot follows a freshly divorced woman, Liz, as she embarks on a 9 month-long trip to find herself. The story kicks off in New York but Liz travels to Italy, India, and Bali on this self-discovery journey. It’s fast-paced (only about an hour and a half long) and filled with travel motivation. As you can probably tell, this movie is as inspiring as it gets!

25 Best Travel Movies On Netflix (2)

2. Lion (2016)

This is another touching film based on true events. It’s the story of Brierley, who got lost and separated from his parents at only 5 years old. He ended up on the other side of his home country, India, and never saw them again, getting adopted later and moving to Australia. But the story kicks off when Brierley decides to go on a journey to find them! The movie will take you on a heart-wrenching journey across India and Australia. It lasts almost two hours, so get cozy!

25 Best Travel Movies On Netflix (3)

3. Chasing Liberty (2004)

For anyone longing for a 2000’s rom-com after two emotional films, I’ve got you! This is such a feel-good type of movie that it’s perfect for anyone stuck at a boarding gate, bus terminal, or rainy day when camping! The story follows the daughter of the President of The United States as she steps off on a European adventure to rebel against the constant security imposed on her. It’s got European travel destinations, 2000’s nostalgia, and romance!

25 Best Travel Movies On Netflix (4)

If you want to check out some of the best United States road trip destinations, then this film is for you! Expedition Happiness follows a German couple as they set off on a road trip across the USA, Mexico, and Canada. They explore all of North America with their dog and a converted school bus. The views are spectacular and will definitely inspire you to travel! It lasts 96 minutes and will convince you to pack your bags before you even get to watch half of it!

25 Best Travel Movies On Netflix (5)

5. Mamma Mia (2008)

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Another outstanding classic! I couldn’t leave Mamma Mia out of this list, especially when it’s such an uplifting and comforting film. The story takes place on a Greek island ( anyone else longing for some sun right now?) and follows a young woman named Sophie who’s about to get married. She wants her father to be there but doesn’t know who she is. So Sophie invites all three of her potential dads to the wedding! It’s a true rollercoaster of a film. Plus, it’s a musical, so there’s even more to love about it!

25 Best Travel Movies On Netflix (6)

6. Ibiza (2018)

Okay, so this movie is pretty much a rulebook for what NOT to do on a business trip. Which makes it all that much more fun and enjoyable! The plot follows Harper, a 30-year-old woman from NYC who travels to Barcelona for work. But (of course) everything goes off track when she meets a handsome DJ! It’s only an hour and a half long, so you can definitely squeeze it in the middle of any busy day!

25 Best Travel Movies On Netflix (7)

Alright, we’re back to the moving travel movies category. For real now, this is the ultimate road trip movie! It follows the story of Ben, a writer turned caregiver in charge of a teenager with muscular dystrophy, Trevor. As the boy loves American roadside attractions, Ben convinces his mother to go on a road trip across the country. It’s an emotional film packed with views of the open road!

25 Best Travel Movies On Netflix (8)

8. The Terminal (2004)

Pretty much everyone and their mother knows this is a great movie. This commercial success follows the ordeal of an Eastern European man stranded inside of New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport because his passport is no longer valid. But the same reason why they won’t let him in is the same reason why he can’t leave: his country suffered a military coup and his life would be in danger. So he stays there, making a terminal his new home as he waits for asylum. This is a classic and you should not miss it!

25 Best Travel Movies On Netflix (9)

9. Casino Royale (2006)

James Bond films are always quite the show! They’re bound to make you have fun while traveling. This one follows Bond as he is earning his license to kill and is involved in a high-stakes poker game at the Casino Royale, Montenegro. The movie was shot in the Czech Republic, the Bahamas, Italy, and the United Kingdom. So you’ll see lots of different places!

25 Best Travel Movies On Netflix (10)

10. Amelie (2001)

If you’ve ever longed for a trip to Paris, then this movie is for you! The story follows Amelie, a girl whose childhood was conditioned by her mistakenly diagnosed heart condition. As she barely got any real-life interactions with people, she resorted to her own fantasy world that resulted in a vivid imagination even as an adult. Her life changes when she moves to Paris and that’s where this story begins. It’s a cinematic masterpiece and a very acclaimed film!

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25 Best Travel Movies On Netflix (11)

11. Into the Wild (2007)

This great movie will take you deep into the wilderness of Alaska. It’s the story of Christopher McCandless, as he sells all of his possessions after graduating from university and departs to Alaska. He even donates all of his savings to give it all up and live in the wild. Along the way, he’ll encounter people that will forever make an impact on his life. It’s quite a long film (almost two and a half hours long) but definitely worth your time!

25 Best Travel Movies On Netflix (12)

12. Adrift (2018)

This moving film is based on an inspiring true story and will leave you shaken. It follows the adventures of two sailors who embark on a trip across the seas only to find themselves in the eye of one of the most catastrophic hurricanes in history. After the storm, their boat is shredded to pieces and one of them is badly injured. Now all they have to do is try to survive. It’s a gripping story, that’s for sure!

25 Best Travel Movies On Netflix (13)

This movie is for those who want a bit of fun when they’re away or daydreaming of being on the road! Meet Jamie, a let-loose American who’s traveling in Chile. There, he joins a woman keen to discover the benefits of a local South American hallucinogen: the San Pedro cactus. You’re bound to have a good laugh with this one. It’s short (1:40 hours) and hilarious!

25 Best Travel Movies On Netflix (14)

14. Forrest Gump (1994)

This American classic is one you’ve probably seen dozens of times before. But we never get tired of this movie! This story follows the beloved character, Forrest Gump, across a tale of his eventful life while he waits at a bus stop. His memoirs also depict a series of key events in American history, so it’s quite the emotional ride. It’s a longer movie, almost two and a half hours long, but certainly an unskippable one!

25 Best Travel Movies On Netflix (15)

This Netflix documentary follows the life of 85-year-old sushi master Jiro Ono and his work at his renowned sushi restaurant. It also touches upon his relationship with his son as he is under the pressure of taking over the restaurant. Meanwhile, Jiro sets out on his lifelong quest to create the perfect piece of sushi. It all happens in Tokyo, so it’s a great movie for those longing to visit Japan!

25 Best Travel Movies On Netflix (16)
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16. Faces places (2017)

This documentary is the perfect road trip film! The French protagonists, 89-year-old New Wave director Agnés Varda and 33-year-old photographer JR, embark on an artistic journey that’s caught on camera. They travel around the small villages of rural France, as they create portraits of the people they come across on their trip. It’s simple, subtle, and comforting! It’s a great movie for a road trip, so head over to our Road Trip section to start planning your next one.

25 Best Travel Movies On Netflix (17)

This story is both dreamy and relatable in certain ways! The protagonist is a small-town girl from Ohio who isn’t too keen on reality but adores movies. When she discovers the artistic and bizarre films of Federico Fellini, she takes off on a passionate trip across Italy just to find him. It’s a coming-of-age memoir mixed with a heavy dose of wanderlust. And if you like Italy’s landscapes, you can’t skip it!

25 Best Travel Movies On Netflix (18)

18. The Mummy (1999)

This one is another classic! If you’re in the mood for an adventure comedy, this is what you need to watch. Out of all these travel movies, The Mummy has a very distinct vibe. Is a mix of romance, adventure, comedy, and terror that just ticks all the right boxes! It tells the story of an expedition of treasure-seeking explorers in the Sahara Desert. When they uncover an ancient tomb, they set free a 3,000-year-old mummy by accident. And I’ll let you find out the rest from there! Get ready to visit Egypt!

25 Best Travel Movies On Netflix (19)

19. The Way (2010)

The Way is visually stunning and emotionally touching. It tells the story of a man who goes to St. Jean Pied de Port, France to gather the remains of his deceased adult son. His son died in a storm while attempting to complete the Camino de Santiago (The Way of Saint James trail). There, he decides to embark on the pilgrimage himself to honor his son’s desires. It’s an emotional ride but a beautiful one!

25 Best Travel Movies On Netflix (20)

A travel movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman is a film worth watching! This comedy-drama follows two men suffering from a terminal illness as they set out on a once-in-a-lifetime kind of road trip. On their journey, they will check off everything they need to from their bucket lists before actually “kicking the bucket”. It’s funny, it features lots of cool places and activities, and it’ll sure keep you company while on the open road!

25 Best Travel Movies On Netflix (21)

21. On The Road (2012)

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On The Road is the compelling take of a road trip fuelled by grief and a need for inspiration. Writer Sal Paradise embarks on a trip across the open road to regain clarity and motivation. On his journey, he encounters the free-spirited Dean Moriarty and his charismatic girlfriend. Together they travel the American Southwest in search of the unknown. The landscapes present in this movie are stunning and it’s always great to get to see more of the US!

25 Best Travel Movies On Netflix (22)

22. Wild Oats (2012)

This film is for those who want to watch movies that are a ton of fun! Wild Oats is a great movie capable of getting a laugh out of most of us. The story kicks off when a retired high school teacher receives a $5,000,000 check for her deceased husband’s $50,000 life insurance policy. Influenced by her friends, she decides to make the most out of the mistake and embark on a wild trip to the Canary Islands. The location of this film is beautiful and the storyline is hilarious!

25 Best Travel Movies On Netflix (23)

Everyone knows The Da Vinci Code in one way or another, right? Whether you’ve read the book or seen the film, this is a travel movie worth watching. The story follows symbologist Robert and cryptologist Sophie as they find themselves in the middle of a political and religious battle amid different believers. I don’t want to spoil anything else but this one is a must-watch!

25 Best Travel Movies On Netflix (24)

This is one of the best comedies/rom-coms of all time! Not only does it make everyone laugh and cringe a little, it’s also set in beautiful Hawaii. The plot follows Peter, who was dumped by his girlfriend (actress Sarah Marshall) and decided to take off to Hawaii. He hopes to relax but, as he’s checking in, he spots Sarah and her new boyfriend. The events that follow are bizarre, hilarious, and worth watching!

25 Best Travel Movies On Netflix (25)

25. Cairo Time (2009)

Finishing off this roundup of travel movies on Netflix with Cairo Time seems like the right move. This movie is poetic to its core and has some really strong performances. It’s a romantic drama that focuses on an unexpected affair in Cairo. Of course, it features the best views of the city and a few of Egypt’s most iconic landmarks. For those of you who love the Pyramids, this one’s for you!

What are your favorite travel movies and shows on Netflix?

Those are the 25 best travel movies on Netflix! Each and every one of these films is perfect for sparking that wanderlust flame or preparing for an upcoming trip. Even more, you can watch them while traveling on a road trip or at the hotel! So just download them and get ready to be entertained for a while. What is your favorite travel movie? Let me know in the comments. Now go enjoy those wanderlust-packed films!

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What is the most inventive time travel movie on Netflix? ›

10 Best Time Travel Movies On Netflix After 'The Adam Project'
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  • 'Enter the Warriors Gate' (2016) ...
  • 'Looper' (2012) ...
  • 'About Time' (2013)
31 Mar 2022

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"Red Notice" is Netflix's biggest original movie ever, with 364 million hours watched in its first month. "The Gray Man" finished at No.
  1. "Red Notice" (2021) — 364.02 million hours.
  2. "Don't Look Up" (2021) — 359.79 million. ...
  3. "Bird Box" (2018) — 282.02 million hours. ...
8 Sept 2022

What movie has the most realistic time travel? ›

Primer, the low-budget debut film from Shane Carruth, may just be the most realistic time travel movie ever made; let's find out why. Do you ever wish you could turn back time? Well, the 2004 psychological science fiction film Primer will ultimately blow your mind on the ideas and possibilities of time travel.

Which movie is based on time travel? ›

1. Back to the Future, Back to the Future Part II and Back to the Future Part III.

What is number 1 on Netflix now? ›

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1(1)The Lincoln Lawyer
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What's hot on Netflix right now? ›

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The 20 Most Watched Netflix Shows in 2022
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28 Aug 2022

What are the top 5 most viewed movies? ›

The Most Watched Movies of all time according to IMDB.
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What is the very best movie on Netflix right now? ›

The 50 best movies on Netflix right now (October 2022)
  • Fear Street: 1994 (2021) 67 % 6.2/10. ...
  • Enola Holmes (2020) 68 % 6.6/10. ...
  • Army of the Dead (2021) 57 % 5.7/10. ...
  • Casino Royale (2006) 80 % ...
  • The Hateful Eight (2015) 68 % ...
  • Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (2020) 50 % ...
  • Do Revenge (2022) new. 118m. ...
  • Mank (2020) 79 %
3 days ago

What movie explains time travel the best? ›

The 15 Best Time Travel Movies Ever Made
  • “Donnie Darko” (2001) Newmarket Films. ...
  • “Primer” (2004) IFC Films. ...
  • “About Time” (2013) Universal Pictures. ...
  • “Edge of Tomorrow” (2014) Warner Bros. ...
  • “Interstellar” (2014) Paramount Pictures. ...
  • “Predestination” (2014) Stage 6 Films. ...
  • “Your Name” (2016) Toho. ...
  • “Avengers: Endgame” (2019) Disney.
12 Mar 2022

Which is the first time travel movie? ›

The first three notable entries in the genre were adaptations of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court: a 1921 silent, a 1931 talkie, and a 1949 musical. George Pal's classic 1960 adaptation of The Time Machine was the first time-travel film to win an Oscar (for best visual effects).

How do I find a movie I can't remember? ›

1 Run a Google search. 2 Use a film search engine. 3 Scour IMDb to find the title. 4 Check an actor's filmography.

Is time travel a real thing? ›

Yes, time travel is indeed a real thing. But it's not quite what you've probably seen in the movies. Under certain conditions, it is possible to experience time passing at a different rate than 1 second per second. And there are important reasons why we need to understand this real-world form of time travel.

Is it possible to travel back in time? ›

Time travel to the past is theoretically possible in certain general relativity spacetime geometries that permit traveling faster than the speed of light, such as cosmic strings, traversable wormholes, and Alcubierre drives.

How can I travel in time? ›

  1. Time travel via speed. This is the easiest and most practical way to time travel into the far future – go really fast. ...
  2. Time travel via gravity. The next method of time travel is also inspired by Einstein. ...
  3. Time travel via suspended animation. ...
  4. Time travel via wormholes. ...
  5. Time travel using light.
3 Aug 2021

What is everyone watching on Netflix? ›

Popular on Netflix
  • Stranger Things.
  • Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.
  • Breaking Bad.
  • Manifest.
  • Squid Game.
  • The Walking Dead.
  • Dynasty.
  • Virgin River.

Which country has the best Netflix 2022? ›

Countries with most content available on Netflix worldwide as of April 2022
CharacteristicNumber of movies and TV shows combined
9 more rows

Which is the No 1 series in the world? ›

Game of Thrones (2011–2019)

How do Netflix movies make money? ›

2 Ways Netflix Makes Money. Netflix is one of the world's most successful streaming services, bringing television, documentaries, and movies to millions of people around the world. Netflix has two sources of revenue: streaming and DVD rentals.

Which is the No 1 Netflix series in India? ›

TOP TV Shows on Netflix in 2021
2.Money Heist1,922
3.Squid Game903
5 more rows

What is the biggest Netflix show of all time? ›

Although, even after it accumulated more than one billion hours of viewing, Stranger Things still couldn't topple Squid Game as the most popular Netflix show of all time. The Korean drama about a sadistic game still reigns supreme on the platform – and it will take a lot to overtake those huge viewing figures.

What should I watch right now 2022? ›

Lord of the Rings, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Paper Girls, Andor, She-Hulk, Halo, The Sandman, Ms. Marvel and more make their debut, while Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, The Boys, Westworld and Bridgerton return. Plus it's the end as Better Call Saul, Killing Eve, Ozark and The Walking Dead reach their final seasons.

What show has been on Netflix top 10 the longest? ›

TOP 10 on Netflix in the World with the longest streak
1.Squid Game53 days
2.The Queen's Gambit46 days
3.Stranger Things44 days
4.Bridgerton39 days
5.Money Heist37 days
158 more rows

Which is the No 1 movie in World 2022? ›

Top Grossing Movies of 2022
1Top Gun: MaverickAction
2Doctor Strange in the Multi…Action
3Jurassic World: DominionAction
4The BatmanAction
56 more rows

What is the most viewed movie 2022? ›

  • Jurassic World Dominion. Movie | United States | 06/01/2022 | Science Fiction | Dinosaurs. ...
  • Thor: Love and Thunder. Movie | United States | 07/06/2022 | Superhero | Marvel. ...
  • Thor: Love and Thunder. ...
  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. ...
  • Beast. ...
  • Jurassic World Dominion. ...
  • Ticket to Paradise. ...
  • DC League of Super-Pets.

Which is the No 1 movie in the world 2021? ›

Spider-Man: No Way Home

What movie has the highest Rotten Tomatoes? ›

To date, Leave No Trace holds the site's record, with a rating of 100% and 251 positive reviews.

How can I get Netflix free? ›

It's not possible to get a Netflix account for free for longer than one month. To get a free account for a month, sign up for a free trial with an email account and payment option that isn't already registered to another account.

Do Netflix have R rated movies? ›

The platform still keeps its competitors close by housing non-Netflix Original rated R films right beside its original content. Films often get slapped with R ratings for varying degrees of violence, language, sexual content, and more.

What movie has a 10 10 rating? ›

IMDb Rating: 9.0 - 9.9
109.6Band of Brothers (2001)
109.3The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
109.2The Godfather (1972)
109.1The Godfather: Part II (1974)
5 more rows

What is the number one best movie of all time? ›

1. Citizen Kane (1941)

Is that time travel possible movie on Netflix? ›

Netflix's new sci-fi adventure follows Adam Reed (Ryan Reynolds), a fighter pilot from the year 2050 who travels back in time to link up with his younger self (Walker Scobell) and his father (Mark Ruffalo) to try to save the world.

Is The time Machine movie on Netflix? ›

Based on the H.G. Wells classic, this adventure follows a scientist and inventor who's determined to prove to doubters that time travel is possible. Watch all you want.

Is back in time on Netflix? ›

Watch Back in Time | Netflix.

Is about time movie on Netflix? ›

When Tim learns that the men in his family can travel in time and change their own lives, he decides to go back and win the woman of his dreams. Watch all you want.

Is it actually possible to go back in time? ›

The Short Answer: Although humans can't hop into a time machine and go back in time, we do know that clocks on airplanes and satellites travel at a different speed than those on Earth. We all travel in time!

How do you travel with Netflix? ›

Here are some tips to keep in mind to make it easier for you to watch Netflix wherever you go.
  1. Use a VPN: ...
  2. Download Episodes and Movies: ...
  3. Get Portable Wi-Fi: ...
  4. Check Your Smartphone Plan: ...
  5. Choosing a Hotel: ...
  6. Take Your Smart Streaming Device:
19 Aug 2021

Is time travel to the past possible? ›

Time travel to the past is theoretically possible in certain general relativity spacetime geometries that permit traveling faster than the speed of light, such as cosmic strings, traversable wormholes, and Alcubierre drives.

Who is the white guy in The Time Machine? ›

The Über-Morlock is the main antagonist in the 2002 remake of The Time Machine. He is one of the leaders of the Morlocks. He was portrayed by Jeremy Irons who also played Simon Gruber, Randall Bragg, Profion and Scar.

How long is The Time Machine movie? ›

What year is Time Machine set? ›

Wells' first book in the genre, The Time Machine, is a critique of utopian ideas, set in the year 802701, in which the human race is divided into two groups, the subterranean workers, the Morlocks, and the decadent Eloi.

Is Dark The Best time travel Series? ›

Dark is the best time travel show & one of the best sci fi shows.

What is the show where they travel back in time? ›

Quantum Leap, NBC (1989 – 1993)

The title of NBC's sci-fi comedy-drama Quantum Leap is also the name of the time travel machine that accidentally sends its creator, physicist Dr. Sam Beckett, back into the past.

What should I watch after timeless? ›

10 time travel shows Timeless fans should watch
  • Doctor Who.
  • Quantum Leap.
  • The Ministry of Time.
  • 12 Monkeys.
  • The Time Tunnel.
  • Journeyman.
  • DC's Legends of Tomorrow.
  • Seven Days.
28 Mar 2018

How do I find a movie I can't remember? ›

1 Run a Google search. 2 Use a film search engine. 3 Scour IMDb to find the title. 4 Check an actor's filmography.

What is the plot of About Time? ›

Is The time Traveler's Wife on Netflix? ›

Watch The Time Traveler's Wife | Netflix.


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