20 Oats Recipes You Can Make In Under 30 Minutes (2023)

Oats are the new 'in' thing in India and, considering their health benefits, are a great substitute to a lot of Indian grains and cereals in the Indian diet. Oats are rich in fibre and in nutrients like manganese, copper, biotin, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, etc. Plus they help lower cholesterol, keep you fuller for longer, and are a good source of anti-oxidants. But if you are bored of the same old oats recipes, here are some quick-fix oats recipes you can whip up in under 30 minutes! And trust us, they are all scrumptious!

1. Oats Upma


- 2 cups of cooking rolled oats

- Turmeric, salt, chopped chillies

- Chopped onions, carrots, green peas, finely diced bell peppers

- Curry Leaves

- Urad Dal

- Oil

- Mustard Seeds

- Lemon

- Grated coconut

- Coriander


Heat about 1 teaspoon of oil in a pan, add oats, turmeric, a little salt, and green chillies. Roast for 4-5 minutes till the oats turn light brown. Add some water to the oats, cover them and let them cook for 5-7 minutes or till they turn soft. Meanwhile, in another pan, add some more oil and mustard seeds. Once the seeds crackle, add the urad dal and roast till the dal turns a golden brown. Then add some curry leaves, salt, turmeric and onions and saute till the onions turn translucent. Add chopped carrots and peas and cook for about a minute till the carrots turn slightly soft. Add salt, top with bell peppers and once you feel your oats are almost cooked, add this vegetable mixture to the oats and cook for about a minute.

This method retains the crispiness of the vegetables as they are semi-cooked. If you like your vegetables well boiled, then add the oats mixture to the vegetable mixture and then add the water and bring to a boil.

Once the oats upma are ready, garnish them with grated coconut, finely chopped coriander and squeeze the juice of a lemon on top.

Tip: You can even add some boiled peanuts, kishmish, cashews, saunf and roasted chana dal and vegetables like french beans, tomatoes, etc to add more taste to the upma. Alternatively, replace the mustard seeds with jeera if you do not like the taste of mustard.

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2. Oats Chilla


- 2 cups of cooking rolled oats

- 2 Tablespoons of Semolina

- Sliced onions, sliced red and green bell peppers, mint leaves, coriander

- Oil

- Curd or buttermilk

- Salt

- Crushed garlic cloves (as per taste)

- Crushed green chillies

- Warm water

- Turmeric (for colour and taste)


Crush the oats till they are coarse. In a bowl, mix oats, semolina, curd or buttermilk, water, salt, vegetables, mint leaves, coriander, crushed garlic cloves, turmeric and crushed chillies and make a paste the consistency of a thick batter. Set this mixture aside for about 20 minutes. Once the oats and semolina soak up the water, your chillas are ready to be made. Heat a non-stick pan on a stove and brush the pan with a little oil. Ladle the batter on the pan and spread it in circles. You can even make small holes in between your chilla and add some oil/butter (this takes away from the health benefits) for a crispier chilla. Roast the chilla till it is nice and golden and then turn it to the other side. Once the pancake is cooked on both sides, take it off the pan and pair it with some ketchup or chutney and voila!

Tip: You can even add other vegetables to the chilla but it will make your chilla thicker. Also, use slightly soured buttermilk or curd for better taste. You can also add ajwain seeds if you like the slightly strong taste they give.

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3. Oats Idli


- Roasted, crushed oats

- Grated carrots

- Salt

- Curd

- A little oil, mustard, curry leaves, chana dal, urad dal, green chillies


Roast the oats in a pan and then crush them till they have formed a fine powder. Add grated carrots to the oats powder along with salt and curd. In a frying pan, heat some oil and sputter mustard seeds, urad dal, chana dal, curry leaves and green chillies. Add this mixture to the idli batter. Mix the batter well and let it be of a thick consistency (like an idli batter). Grease the idli pan and steam the idlis till they are cooked. Enjoy with coconut chutney and sambar.

Tip: Add a pinch of Eno Fruit Salt or Baking Soda to your idlis to make them fluffy. You can add some coriander to your idlis if you like the taste.

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4. Oats Khichu


- Roasted Oats powder

- Water

- Cumin Seeds

- Salt


In a bowl, mix oats powder, cumin seeds and salt. Add water till the oats achieve a thin consistency. The batter must be slightly thinner than your average Idli batter. Grease a dish and add the batter to the dish. Take a big vessel with water and heat the water. Place the dish with the batter inside and cover the vessel. Let the Khichu steam for 5-7 Minutes. When you lift the lid, if the khichu has risen then it is cooked and ready to eat. Take if off the heat and relish it with a mix of oil, chilly powder and a pinch of salt.

Tip: You can add buttermilk, garlic and green chillies along with coriander to add some more taste to your Khichu. To make it nutritious, add some boiled sweet corn too.

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5. Oats Kheer


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- 1 Cup Oats

- 1/2 Litre Milk

- Dry fruits

- Sugar

- Fruits


Roast oats well in a pan. In another pan, heat milk and add sugar. Once the milk is warm, add the oats mixture to it and keep stirring. Once the mixture thickens, add dry fruits like almonds, cashews, dates and cardamom to the mix. Stir well. You can add fruits like banana and mango to the kheer to add more taste.

Tip: Replace sugar with honey or jaggery to make your kheer more healthy.

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6. Oats Cereal


- Oatmeal

- Brown Sugar

- Mashed Banana

- Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts

- Cinnamon powder

- Vanilla extract (optional) or Cocoa powder

- Oil

- Pre-heated Oven


Pre-heat your oven to 175 degree C. In a bowl, mix roasted oats, add finely chopped nuts, mashed banana, brown sugar or honey, 1 tea-spoon of oil or butter, cinnamon powder, cocoa powder or vanilla extract and mix it well. Grease a baking dish and spread the mixture well in the mix. Keep some empty spaces in between your mixture. Add it in the oven and bake for about 5 minutes. Remove the mixture, check, stir it once more and bake again for 5 minutes. Take it out, repeat the process and continue checking on your cereal till it is crisp and ready. It should be done in about 20-25 minutes. The final mixture will be nice crumbly and brown. Replace your morning cereal with your home-made cereal. You can even store this mix in your refrigerator for a few days.

Tip: If you do not have an oven, use a pressure cooker. Do not add water at the bottom but just place your pan inside the dry cooker and seal it well. Keep checking the oats mixture and cook on slow to medium flame. Once the smell begins to waft, open the mixture, mix and repeat. Also, melt the butter with honey before adding if your're using the honey-butter combo.

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7. Oats Bhurji


- 2 tablespoon oats

- 2 eggs and 4 egg whites (vegetarians can replace this with paneer)

- Oil

- 1 chopped onion

- Green chillies

- Tomatoes (if you like)

- Salt


In a big bowl, whisk together eggs, oats, vegetables, green chillies and salt. Heat oil in a large pan and add the egg mixture to it. Let it cook for sometime. After it is cooked, scramble and cook some more till it is dry. Take off the flame, garnish with coriander and serve.

Tip: For the paneer variant, just saute the vegetables in oil first and then add the oats with some water. Once the oats are cooked, add the paneer and heat till the mixture turns dry.

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8. Oatmeal Cookies


- 3 cups oats

- Cinnamon powder

- 2 eggs

- 2 cups of butter

- 1 cup brown sugar

- 1 cup white sugar

- 1 tsp baking soda

- 1 tsp salt

- 1/2 cup all purpose baking flour

- 1 cup finely powdered oats

- Vanilla extract


In a bowl, whisk together butter, brown sugar, white sugar, cinnamon powder, vanilla extract and slowly beat in the eggs one at a time. Then slowly, combine both the flour, baking soda, salt and finally add the oats. Once the mixture is properly whisked and ready, place them with the help of a spoon on a baking tray. Maintain at least a 2-inch gap between each cookie. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 170 degree C for 8-10 minutes.

Tip: Add some nuts of your choice or chocolate chunks to make your cookies more tasty. You could also add dried ginger powder for ginger cookies.

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9. Oats Tikkis


- 1 cup oats

- 1/2 cup coarsely ground oats (for covering)

- 1/4th cup grated paneer

- 1/2 cup boiled and mashed potatoes

- Peas

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- 1 large finely chopped onion

- Corn

- Ginger-garlic-green chillies paste

- Salt

- Lemon juice

- Garam Masala

- Amchur Powder

- 1/2 cup milk ( for covering)

- Oil


Mix all the ingredients (except milk, ground oats and oil) well and mash them together. Make small flattened tikkis about 2 inches in diameter. Dip the tikkis in milk and then roll them in the ground oats mixture. On a pan, heat some oil and cook the tikkis. Add some more oil to the sides and also when you flip the tikkis. Cook them till they are golden brown. Once ready, take off the pan and serve with curd or green chutney.

Tip: To make your tikki tastier, place a small cube of cheese between each tikki. Biting into the center will give a unique taste and experience.

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10. Oats Dosa


- Finely crushed oats powder

- Rice flour

- Semolina

- Water

- Finely chopped coconut

- Salt

- Chopped green chillies

- Cashew pieces

- Oil

- Cumin seeds and curd (optional)


Mix all the dry ingredients together and then slowly add water and curd to form a thin batter. Mix the batter well to ensure there are no lumps. Heat the pan and add some oil at the bottom. The pan must be well heated and hot for the dosas to come out with a nice texture. Pour the batter with a ladle. The batter must not be too thick or your dosas won't be crisp and not too thin as otherwise they won't form the perfect round shape. Try making a couple of small dosas (testers) so you get the perfect consistency. Cook them till they are perfectly golden brown and relish them with chutney and sambar.

Tip: While pouring the batter, pour from the outside first. That way, your batter will automatically collect at the center. If you start from the center, the outside batter will collect in the center, making your center too thick.

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11. Oats Cake

The cake takes over 30 minutes to make but it is so delicious, we just couldn't leave it out!


- 1 cup oats

- 1 and half cups boiling water

- 1 cup brown sugar

- 1 cup white sugar

- 2 eggs

- 1/2 cup butter

- Flavouring of your choice

- 1 teaspoon baking soda

- 1 cup oats flour

- 1/2 cup all purpose flour


Preheat the oven to 170 degree C. Grease your baking tray and keep it ready. In a bowl, mix the boiling water and oats and let the oats soak up the water. Cream together the butter, white sugar and brown sugar. Gently add eggs to the mixture one at a time. In another bowl, mix together your baking soda, a pinch of salt, flavours, both the flours and mix well. Add half of this mixture to the butter mixture followed by the soaked oats and keep stirring all the while to avoid lumps. Add the remaining flour, mix well and pour in the baking tray. Let your cake bake for about 30-35 minutes.

Tip: Instead of your regular dry fruits or spiced flavours, try making a vegetable cake with caramalised onions or carrots for the sweet flavour.

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12. Oats Parathas

Now, in an oats paratha, you can have 2 variants: made out of oats or stuffed with oats. We will be listing out the one you can make stuffed with oats.


- 2 cups whole wheat flour

- 1 cup whole oats

- Salt

- Oil

- Turmeric, Chilly Powder, Amchur Powder

- Water for making the dough

- Hot water for soaking oats


Mix together the whole wheat flour, 1 tsp oil, salt and water to make a thick dough. The dough must be a little harder than your regular paratha dough. In another bowl, take the soaked oats. Make sure that the water from the oats is completely drained out. Add the spices along with some salt to the oats and mix them well. The oats should be completely drained of water and not soggy at all. Roll out chapatis with the whole wheat dough and with the help of a spoon, place the oats mixture in the middle of the chapati. Bring the edges of the chapati together to close the stuffing in and then, once again roll it as finely as possible. Take care that your paratha does not split or the stuffing will be lost. Heat a non-stick pan and roast the paratha on both sides with a little oil/butter till it turns golden brown. Serve with curd, pickle and salad.

Tip: If your oats get soggy, add a mashed potato to help bind the mixture better.

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13. Dahi-Oats


- 1 cup oats

- 1 and 1/2 cups fresh curd

- Green chillies

- Salt

- Grated cucumber

- Finely chopped onion


In a bowl, mix together oats, curd, chopped green chillies, salt, grated cucumber and onion. Mix the ingredients well. Let it rest for 5-10 minutes till the oats absorb the water from the curd and turn a little soft. You can change the quantity of the curd to suit your taste. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator for another 10 minutes and then serve cold.

Tip: You can even do a tadka of mustard seeds, urad dal and chana dal to the oats mixture and add pomegranate seeds to add more taste. Grate or finely chop a garlic clove and add to the mix if you want more spice.

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14. Oats Smoothie


- 1 cup milk

- 1/2 cup oats

- 1 banana

- 3 Chikoos (chopped and deseeded)

- 1/2 tsp fresh grated ginger or ginger juice

- Honey

- Dates


Add all the ingredients together in a blender and blend well. Add the chickoos in pieces if you prefer. Blend together till all the ingredients are perfectly crushed. Pour and serve!

Tip: Add a couple of ice cubes to your smoothie for texture and to serve it chilled right out of the blender. Sprinkle a mixture of chocolate and coffee powder on top to garnish your drink.

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15. Oats Burger


- 2 Oats Tikkis (refer recipe above)

- 4-5 lettuce leaves

- 1 sliced tomato and onion

- Grated cheese

- Ketchup

- Chilly flakes

- Butter

- 2 burger buns

- A dash of lemon juice


Cut open the buns with a knife, butter them and lightly toast them on a pan. In a small bowl, mix ketchup, chilly flakes and a dash of lemon juice. Spread this paste on both bun halves. Add some lettuce leaves, place 1 or 2 tikkis, add tomato and onion slices on top, followed by grated cheese. Top off with a couple of more lettuce leaves and the other half of the bun. Add a little grated cheese on top with chilly flakes to garnish.

Tip: You can add some baked beans to your burger to add some more taste.

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16. Oats Maggi


- 1 cup Oats

- 2 1/2 cups water

- Salt

- Chopped green chillies

- 1 tsp garam masala

- 1/2 tsp amchur powder

- 1/2 tsp dhaniya powder

- Maggi Masala Powder

- Grated cheese

- Vegetables of your choice

- Oil


Put the water to boil in a deep pan and add the spices to the water along with Maggi masala powder. Meanwhile, in another pan, take a little oil, add green chillies and once the oil is ready, lightly saute vegetables. Let it rest. Once the water begins to simmer, add the oats to the water and let it boil till the consistency thickens. Mix well to make sure that all the spices are evenly distributed. Once your oats are ready, add the veggies, top with some grated cheese and you're good to go!

Tip: You can even add scrambled eggs to the mix and make this healthier.

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17. Oats Waffles


- 1 and 1/2 cup Oats


- 2 tsp baking powder

- Salt

- 3/4th cup milk

- 2 Eggs

- 1 cup melted butter (Unsalted)

- Honey/Maple Syrup/Fruits/Whipped Cream for topping


Lightly roast the oats and grind them to make a fine powder. In one bowl mix together all the dry ingredients and in another bowl, whisk together 3/4th cup butter, milk and eggs. Slowly, add this mixture to the flour and keep whisking to avoid any lumps. Once ready, let the batter rest for 5-7 minutes. Turn on your waffle iron and use a part of the remaining butter for greasing the iron. Give your batter a final mix and slowly pour it onto the waffle maker. Let it turn deep golden-brown on both sides. Remove it, drizzle it with honey/maple syrup or whipped cream and fruits and relish!

Tip: If you do not have a waffle iron, you can make pancakes on your non-stick pan instead of waffles. Also, add a little buttermilk instead of milk to make your pancakes sour.

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18. Chocolate-Oats Pinwheels


- 1 tbsp butter

- 2 tbsp cocoa powder

- 5 tbsp milk

- 2 tbsp brown sugar

- 4 slices multigrain bread

- 1 tbsp oats


In a thick-bottomed non-stick pan, melt butter and add cocoa powder to it. Keep stirring continuously for 1 minute on a medium flame. Slowly add the milk and brown sugar and keep stirring continuously till the sugar melts. Keep the mixture on a medium flame for 4 minutes. Once the mixture thickens, keep it aside to cool. Meanwhile, roast the oats in a pan till they turn crisp. Grind the oats coarsely and keep aside. Take multigrain bread slices and roll them out evenly. Spread the cocoa mixture over the bread and top with crushed oats. Roll each slice up and cut it into 3-4 portions depending on the size. Your pinwheels are ready! Serve them chilled or at room temperature.

Tip: Along with oats, you can also add finely chopped almonds, walnuts or pistachios to your pinwheels.

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19. Oats Risotto


- 2 spoons of oil or unsalted butter

- 1 cup oats

- 1 cup vegetable broth

- Vegetables of your choice

- Salt

- Ground pepper

- 3 tbsp grated cheddar cheese

- Garlic

- Basil


In a pan, boil vegetable stock and add oats to it. Cook till the oats are softened. In another saucepan, melt the butter. Add the garlic and roast it for about a minute. Then add the basil and roast for another minute. Add the vegetables and keep stirring till they get semi-cooked. Slowly add the oats mixture to the vegetables and keep cooking. Keep adding more vegetable broth as the oats dry up. Continue the process for about 15 minutes on medium flame till the oats are completely soft. Add the salt and pepper with cheese at the end and mix well. Remove from flame, garnish with cheese and a fresh basil leaf and serve.

Tip: For the non-vegetarians, replace vegetable stock with chicken broth and add the meat or seafood of your choice.

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20. Oats Dahi Vada


- 2 cups oats

- Water

- Curd

- Salt

- Red chillies powder

- 1/2 cup urad dal

- Green chillies

- Curry leaves

- Coconut pieces

- Chana dal

- Oil

- Chilly powder

- 1/2 cup moong dal

- Sweet dates and tamaring chutney

- Green chutney


Soak urad dal and moong dal in water overnight. Next day, crush them into a fine paste using as little water as possible. Powder the oats and add this to the mixture. Add chopped coconut pieces, curry leaves, green chillies and salt to the mix and form a batter. In a small pan, heat some oil and add urad dal and chana dal to it. Once the dal begins to sputter, add the oil mixture to the batter. Mix well. Make small dumplings of the batter and deep fry. Soak the fried vadas in warm water for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, whisk the curd and add salt (sugar too if you like it sweet) to the curd. Take out the vadas and squeeze the water from them, top with curd, chutneys, red chillies powder and serve.

Tip: You can change the proportions of the dals to suit your tastes and can even add a pinch of soda to make vadas lighter.

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Know any more fun recipes you can whip up? Let us know in comments below!

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Which type of oatmeal should be cooked for 30 minutes? ›

While rolled and quick oats can be prepared on the stovetop in a few minutes, steel-cut oats take up to 30 minutes to make. However, you can cook steel-cut oats ahead of time by placing them in a slow cooker, or adding them to a pot of boiling water and letting them sit overnight.

How do you make 3 minute oats? ›

Quaker® Quick 3-Minute Oats cook in just 3 minutes and have 45 grams whole grains per serving.
  1. Combine oats, water*, and salt in a deep microwave-safe bowl.
  2. Microwave on 50% Power 2.5 - 3 minutes. ...
  3. Stir and allow to cool 2 - 3 minutes before serving.

How do you make 7 minute oats? ›

Stove-top Instructions

Bring 2 cups water and 1/4 teaspoon salt to a boil. Add 1 cup cereal and turn heat to medium-low. Cover and cook for 5–7 minutes (depending on how thick and chewy you like your cereal), stirring occasionally. Remove from heat and let stand, covered, for two minutes.

Which oats are healthiest? ›

Oat Groats

Groats are considered the healthiest oatmeal because they go through very little processing. Because the grains are still whole, nutrients stay intact. Oat groats take longer to prepare than other types.

What can I add to 1 minute oats? ›

Try adding a serving of your favorite nut or seed (e.g. slivered almonds, walnuts, pecans, chia seeds, ground flax seed, etc.) next time you have oatmeal. Nut butter also works here, but I do enjoy the crunch and extra texture that chopped nuts add to the mix.

Is 1 minute oatmeal healthy? ›

Contrary to popular belief, instant oats have the same nutritional benefits of regular oats. The biggest problem with instant varieties? All those flavored options can be bursting with added sugar! Many of your favorite flavored brand will set you back at least 3 to 4 teaspoons of added sugar per serving.

How do you make easy oats? ›

On the hob: Simply boil 180ml (one sachet) of milk in a saucepan. Stir in contents of one sachet of oats. Simmer for 2 mins or until milk is absorbed, stirring occasionally.

Can I make quick oats with just hot water? ›

To Cook, Just Add Boiling Water

To turn your instant oatmeal mix into breakfast, put 1/2 cup of the mix into a bowl, then pour 3/4 cup of boiling water over it, give it a stir, and let it sit for 2 minutes. Then top with butter, milk, sweeteners, and/or fresh fruit as you like.

Can oats So Simple be made with water? ›

Cooking instructions for deliciously creamy porridge made with specially rolled Quaker Oats - no need to add milk! 1 Empty the dry ingredients into a mug, add boiling water until the oats are covered (100ml) and stir straight away.

Do quick oats cook faster? ›

These thin oat pieces are also cut up which creates more surface area for faster cooking. Because they're cooked longer and rolled thinner and smaller in the manufacturing process, quick oats cook more quickly (which is why they're called quick oats) than rolled oats do.

Can I eat oats at night? ›

Oats. While many of us associate oats with breakfast time, they are also the perfect evening snack. Oats are a good natural source of melatonin, which is often taken as a sleep aid due to its ability to help regulate the body's internal clock.

Can I eat oats without cooking? ›

Raw oats are nutritious and safe to eat. As they're high in the soluble fiber beta-glucan, they may aid weight loss and improve your blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and heart and gut health. They're also easy to add to your diet. Just remember to soak them first to enhance digestibility and nutrient absorption.

Is 3 minute oatmeal healthy? ›

When it comes to nutrition, it's hard to beat a bowl of Quaker steel-cut oats. 100% whole grain oats support a heart-healthy lifestyle (3 grams of soluble fiber from oatmeal daily in a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease.

How do you bring oatmeal to school? ›

To keep the oatmeal warm until lunch time I do two things: first, start with it very hot, much hotter than you would serve it to the kids. Second, heat the thermos. I do this by filling it with boiling water. If you put hot oatmeal in a hot thermos, it will be perfectly warm by lunch time.

Which is healthier oats or rice? ›

Oats are a better option than rice for weight loss and fitness aims. Oats is a better choice for people suffering from Iron Deficiency Anemia. Oats are rich in antioxidants including avenanthramides. Avenanthramides helps in lowering the blood pressure levels.

What happens eating oatmeal everyday? ›

Oatmeal's high fiber content and prebiotic qualities may benefit your body in more ways than one. Making oatmeal a regular part of your menu can potentially lower your disease risk, help your gut health thrive, make bowel movements easier and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Is eating oats everyday good for you? ›

Oats are among the healthiest grains on earth. They're a gluten-free whole grain and a great source of important vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. Studies show that oats and oatmeal have many health benefits. These include weight loss, lower blood sugar levels, and a reduced risk of heart disease.

Is oats better with water or milk? ›

The key to getting a creamy, not-gluey bowl of oatmeal is using enough water. Notice we said water—cooking oatmeal in milk tends to make a stickier, thicker oatmeal. Follow the directions on the canister using H2O, then add a splash of milk or almond milk in the bowl.

Can dogs eat oatmeal? ›

It is a great alternative carbohydrate for dogs that may be sensitive to wheat or grains.” Oatmeal contains vitamin B, which helps maintain a healthy coat, and linoleic acid, which is a type of omega-6 fatty acid that helps to maintain the strength of dogs' skin.

Can I cook oats with water? ›

Pour ½ cup (45 g) of oats into a bowl.

You'll need to add ½-1 cup (120-240 ml) of boiling water for every ½ cup (45 g) of oats you're preparing. Using a dry measuring cup will help you get a more precise oat-to-water ratio. Add a pinch of salt to the dry oats to bring out more of their flavor.

How many oatmeal should I eat a day? ›

One cup of cooked oatmeal is a healthy serving size, says Jessica Crandall Snyder, RDN, CDCES, the CEO of Vital RD in Centennial, Colorado. That amount will contain 154 calories, 27 grams (g) of carbs, and 4 g of fiber, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Can you survive on oatmeal alone? ›

Oatmeal is a good option for breakfast because it can help a person to feel full for a long time. However, it does not provide the nutrients that a person needs on a daily basis.

Do quick oats spike blood sugar? ›

Eating oatmeal can spike blood sugar levels if you choose instant oatmeal, laden with added sugar, or consume too much at one time. Oatmeal can have negative effects for those who also have gastroparesis, which is delayed gastric emptying.

How do you eat oats in a tasty way? ›

12 Ways to Eat Oats for Breakfast
  1. The Perfect Bowl of Oats. ...
  2. Peanut Butter Overnight Oats (5 Ingredients!) ...
  3. Pumpkin Pie Oats. ...
  4. Brown Sugar Pear Steel Cut Oats. ...
  5. Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal. ...
  6. Toasted Coconut Baked Oatmeal. ...
  7. Blueberry Muffin Breakfast Cookies (Vegan + GF) ...
  8. 1-Bowl Vegan Banana Oat Pancakes.

How do you cook 1 cup of oats? ›

Boil water and salt. Stir in oats, reduce heat to medium. Simmer uncovered, stirring occasionally, for about 5 minutes or until oats are desired texture.

How long will oats So Simple? ›

Similar to other dried foods like pasta, steel cut and rolled oats last for 1 to 2 years. And prepared oatmeal lasts for about 3 to 5 days in the fridge.
How long does oatmeal last?
Type of oatsLasts for…
steel cut oats2 years
rolled oats1–2 years
prepared oatmeal3–5 days
2 more rows
25 Feb 2021

How do you make oatmeal in a hotel room? ›

Heat about 1/3 of your disposable coffee cup full of water in your in-room coffee maker (make sure to not have a coffee filter in!) Add the oats and let sit for a couple minutes. Add your protein powder, cinnamon, stevia packet, and unsweetened cocoa powder. Stir thoroughly.

Should I throw the water of soaked oats? ›

Don't I have to rinse the oats? It makes sense that if you're soaking oats to rid them of phytic acid, you would need to discard the soaking water; however, this process is enzymatic. That means the phytic acid is deactivated (to some degree) and you do not need to discard the soaking water.

What is human gruel? ›

Gruel is a food consisting of some type of cereal—such as ground oats, wheat, rye, or rice—heated or boiled in water or milk. It is a thinner version of porridge that may be more often drunk rather than eaten. Historically, gruel has been a staple of the Western diet, especially for peasants.

Why can't you use water with oats overnight? ›

Can I use water? No. Adding enough water to make your oats drinkable will greatly damage the taste. Think of it like eating cereal with water, don't do it!

Can you eat Quaker Oats without cooking? ›

Yes, oats can be eaten without cooking. For example, there are a number of no-bake cookies containing oats that are very popular. However, because some individuals have more sensitive digestive tracts, it is a good idea to introduce raw oats to your diet slowly and to drink some fluids when eating the oats.

How long should oats sit in water? ›

Add 1 cup oats to a large saucepan and top with 2 cups water (or, if making more or less, just make sure there is double the water as there are oats). Cover and soak for 6 hours or overnight (see notes for shortcuts). This will improve digestibility and also slightly speed cooking time.

Is 2 minute oats healthy? ›

Is instant oatmeal a healthy choice? Oats are one of the healthiest grains you can choose, so they can be a healthy choice. They are high in fiber, which can reduce bad cholesterol and help you stay full longer. They also enhance the body's immune response and stabilize blood sugar; plus, they're gluten-free.

Which oats are best for weight loss? ›

If you are particularly trying to shed kilos, steel-cut oats are better as they contain a high amount of fiber. The fiber content in it can keep you fuller for a longer time and control cravings for unhealthy food items.

Is quick cooking oats good for weight loss? ›

When it comes to losing weight, instant oatmeal is definitely not your best choice. The problem with instant oatmeal for weight loss is that it's highly processed and has added sugars and sodium, which is certainly not what you need when trying to lose weight.

Can we eat oats 2 times a day? ›

You can have some fruit with the oatmeal and for snacks. Phase 2: After the first week or phase, you'll eat oatmeal for one to two meals a day with a healthy and low-fat option for the other meals. More fruit and vegetables are added at this phase and you are allowed to eat instant oatmeal.

Can we mix oats with milk? ›

Cooking oats with milk has added benefits. Milk is rich in fats, calcium, and Vitamin D that complements the nutrients in oats. Thus oats cooked in milk have benefits over oats cooked in water. Milk has fats, calcium, and Vitamin D that is normally absent in processed oats.

Can we eat oats with banana? ›

The banana is a healthy fruit that gives your bowl of oatmeal a touch of sweetness and a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals. Adding a banana to your oatmeal each morning enhances the taste of your breakfast and even gives this already fiber-rich dish an extra boost of fiber.

What can you not mix with oats? ›

Whatever you do, steer clear of the worst offenders: dried fruit with added sugars, like Craisins or dried pineapple. "These are almost always made with added sugar, if not also an artificial sweetener, says Pennsylvania-based RD Gina Consalvo. "Always choose a fresh fruit instead." Need hard proof?

Is Oat good for flat tummy? ›

Shahryari also mentions that adding in protein with your overnight oats can help with slower filling digestion, which can help you effectively attain a flat belly.

Is it good to mix honey with oats? ›

According to Healthline.com, oats are a good source of carbs and fiber and are even filled with "important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant plant compounds." When combined with the natural energy found in pure honey, there is no doubt that honey and oats pack a powerful punch when enjoyed together.

Can I eat oats like cereal? ›

Yes. It depends upon your taste. I eat with milk , fruits, and nuts, every morning as breakfast cereal.

Do you eat oats hot or cold? ›

Typically, overnight oats are eaten cold, which is perfect for the hotter months. Overnight oatmeal is no-cook and doesn't need to be heated, but you may find yourself wanting a warm breakfast instead. It makes it super convenient to heat overnight oats to avoid being rushed in the mornings.

What happens when you eat oatmeal everyday for a month? ›

No More Worrying about Calories

Now the scale looked a lot less menacing. A cup of oats delivered 4 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber to help lower body weight, improve cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. It also provided health-building minerals such as phosphorus and magnesium.

How long should oatmeal be cooked? ›

Bring water or milk to a boil in a medium saucepan. Stir in oats, reduce heat to low. Simmer uncovered over low heat, stirring occasionally, for 25-30 minutes or until oats are of desired texture.

Which is better instant or quick cook oatmeal? ›

Quick-cooking rolled oats are great for when you want to cut down on time, but if you're really pressed, instant rolled oats are even better. Choosing what oat is right for you depends on your needs, how you like to prepare your oats, and how much time you have in the morning.

What kind of oats do you use for cooking? ›

Quick oats are rolled oats that have been steamed, rolled flat and then cut into smaller pieces. They're more uniform in size than large flake oats, and as the name suggests, when making oatmeal they cook more quickly because they're smaller.

What oats are best for cooking? ›

Rolled oats cook faster than steel-cut oats, absorb more liquid, and hold their shape relatively well during cooking. In addition to be heated for a warm breakfast bowl, rolled oats are commonly used in granola bars, cookies, muffins, and other baked goods.

Can you eat oats raw? ›

Raw oats are nutritious and safe to eat. As they're high in the soluble fiber beta-glucan, they may aid weight loss and improve your blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and heart and gut health. They're also easy to add to your diet. Just remember to soak them first to enhance digestibility and nutrient absorption.

Should I use milk or water for oatmeal? ›

Simple tip #1: Make oatmeal with milk (or a non-dairy alternative) versus water. Not only does oatmeal made with water taste way less delicious, but you're also missing out on the extra protein staying power that milk will add to the breakfast. Water will also make the oats more gummy instead of creamy.

Do you need to wash oats before cooking? ›

Make sure that you are rinsing them well. People tend to skip this step, but from my personal experience, I find rinsing them well omits this. It also helps in washing away the sticky starch that can make oats gummy.

Is 1 minute Quaker oatmeal healthy? ›

100% Whole grain oats support a heart-healthy lifestyle. A bowl of Quaker oats provides two grams of soluble fiber and three grams of this fiber daily as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may help reduce the risk of heart disease. That's a whole lot of nutrition in one bowl. Quick 1-minute.

What are the tastiest oats? ›

Best Rolled Oats at a Glance
  • Best Old-Fashioned Oats: Bob's Red Mill Extra Thick Rolled Oats.
  • Runner-up: 365 by Whole Foods Old-Fashioned Rolled Oats.
  • Best Quick Oats/ Best Gluten-Free Oats: Bob's Red Mill Quick Cooking Rolled Oats, Gluten Free.
  • Best Budget Oats: Great Value Rolled Oats.
5 Jan 2022

Is it better to eat oats raw or cooked? ›

Normal cooking takes little away from oats. In fact, cooking helps release some nutrients that your body can't extract from raw oats.

What are 5 types of oats? ›

Types of Oats
  • Oat Groats. ...
  • Steel-Cut or Irish Oats. ...
  • Scottish Oats. ...
  • Rolled or Old-Fashioned Oats. ...
  • Quick-Cooking Oats. ...
  • Instant Oats.
10 Oct 2022

What can I use old oats for? ›

What to do with expired oats. If your oatmeal is expired but free from mold, you can repurpose it instead of throwing it away. Oatmeal is great for the skin, especially dry or irritated skin. You can use oats past their prime to make scrubs, face masks, or a dry scalp treatment.

Are quick cook oats healthy? ›

Both rolled oats and quick oats are versatile, affordable and highly nutritious sources of whole grains. Rolled oats tend to be slightly higher in nutrients like fibre and protein, and have a slightly lower glycemic index compared to quick oats. This is due to the higher amounts of processing that quick oats undergo.


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