15 Of The Happiest Cars You'll Ever See On The Road (2024)

We humans have a somewhat embarrassing tendency to assign cheesy names and personalities to inanimate objects, but with cars, it kinda makes sense.Some vehicles look evil as hell, while others clearly have no personality whatsoever. And then, there are cars that greet the open road with their tongues hanging out and their tails wagging. Here are 15 of the happiest looking cars you'll ever see.

1.McLaren P1

All of the new McLarens have a smile like this one. Actually, it’s more of a sh*t-eating grin than a smile. Which makes sense -- 900 hp tends to do that to you.

3.MINI Cooper

Some of MINI’s models tend to look more horrified than anything else, but the good 'ole MINI Cooper Hardtop is all smiles.

4.Volkswagen Beetle and Bus/Camper Van

It's almost like you're looking at two extremely cute vehicles, out on a date, parked up on a hill. Think the Beetle will say anything when it notices the camper van’s sporting a popup?

5.Porsche Cayman

You’d be smiling too, if you knew you were Porsche’s best kept secret.

6.PT Cruiser

One thing you absolutely have to respect about the PT Cruiser is that it’s just so very happy to see everyone, even if most people aren’t happy to see it.

7.Bentley Mulsanne

It’s a 200 mph sedan full of luxury and competent enough to handle icy conditions with glee. Of course it’s smiling.

8. Chrysler/GEM Peapod

Chrysler’s GEM electric concept had a top speed of only 25 mph. But who cares? The front of the car is literally one big smile surrounded by plastic.


Clever marketing, defined: Put a goofy grin on a car, and imply that everyone who drives it will have something similar plastered to their face. See also: truth in advertising.


Most of Mazda's lineup looks simply ecstatic just to be going out for a drive.

11.Lotus Elise

Nothing sums up the pure joy of driving a lightweight British sports car quite like... the face of a lightweight British sports car.

12.Google Car

Someone at Google tried really hard to make this look like a happy cartoon.

13.BMW i8

Look at this smug bastard. True, there aren't a lot of cars out there with world-class performance that can best a Prius at saving the Earth, too.

14. Subaru 360

With an engine in back putting out a grand total of 16 hp, the 360 took a dangerously long time to hit 60 mph. It was so cute, though, that no one cared.

15. Toyota Supra

The last Supra may have rolled off the assembly line well over a decade ago, but that carefree smile is timeless.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He will never be friends with anyone who buys eyelashes to put on their car.

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15 Of The Happiest Cars You'll Ever See On The Road (2024)
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