10 Best P2P Investing Forums to Level-Up Your Investment Strategies (2024)

P2P investing forums act as a crash course on the basics of investing.

Why? Because you see investing in action.

You get to hear real life experiences from real people, and read reviews and tips from other investors that have had their own experience in P2P investing.

Although you should never take advice you find on a forum as professional financial advice, it’s still a great place to ask specific questions and compare your portfolio with other investors.

We’ve put together a list of the top P2P investing forums and places to learn more about P2P lending that are still up and running in 2021.

5 P2P investing forums

1. Reddit EU Personal finance

Reddit is likely the first place you go when you want to see how others are investing in P2P loans. The unfiltered comments and discussions means you get a lot of real opinions on P2P investing and some good tips to get started.

Although there is no Reddit group specifically for P2P investing in Europe, the personal finance forum is very active and well moderated. In this forum you’ll find people exchanging advice about budgeting, saving, retirement planning and all types of investing.

Our personal favorites include the UK Personal Finance group and the Germany Finanzen group.

If you want to go a level deeper and learn about how P2P and taxes work in your country specifically, for example, you can choose to join a country specific Reddit group. They are often in the local language and will have tips on how to open up a brokerage account, what taxes to be aware of and the best financial advisors in your country or city.

2. P2P Independent Forum

The P2P independent forum has been around for several years, and focuses on being “independent”. That means they’re not affiliated with a specific P2P platform and any participants who work at P2P platforms are specifically labelled as “representatives”.

Although the forum may look old, it is still working and running, and works as a great place to find unbiased reviews and learn about how others manage their P2P investments.

3. P2P Kredite

P2P Kredite is a P2P investing platform specifically for German speakers. It was founded by Claus Lehmann, a German blogger who runs the P2P Kredite website, and who still publishes regular portfolio updates.

Unlike other P2P forums, this one is very active and covers all topics from understanding taxes, keeping track of P2P platforms and monthly P2P statistics.

4. P2P Investment Fellows

Investment Fellows is a Facebook group that focuses on P2P investing from all countries and all types of P2P lending. The group also has several subgroups that are specific to P2P platforms (yes, there’s even a Swaper one!).

If you want to compare your P2P investments to others who use the same platforms, the Investment Fellows group is a great place to get started.

5. P2P Lending Europe

P2P Lending Europe is another active Facebook group where people chat about personal experiences as well as news about the P2P lending world.

They like to focus on in depth and timely information, as well as general investment opportunities for investors who are based in Europe.

P2P investing blogs and resources

If you’re someone who likes to dig a bit deeper and read more long form content about P2P investing, it’s worth checking out other websites and publications that offer resources about P2P investing.

6. Swaper blog

On the Swaper website we publish a post on P2P investing every week, covering a range of topics such as the basics of P2P lending, how to grow your savings and investments as well as tips on how to use the Swaper platform.

7. EU P2P investing

This blog is managed by Angelo, a 30-year-old European investor. He publishes regular portfolio updates, reviews of P2P platforms and also video podcasts. His goal is to reach financial independence (FIRE) through P2P lending and investing in ETFs.

8. Financially Free

Financially Free is a blog managed by Jorgen, a 40 year old who is sharing his own journey towards financial freedom.

He started pursuing financial freedom in 2015 while he was working in IT and his savings were at €30,000. In 2019 he reached his passive income goal of €3,000 through a mix of P2P investments, real estate and his own savings.

Jorgen publishes regular portfolio updates as well as reviews on P2P platforms on the blog.

9. P2P market data

For those who like to dig a bit deeper into the numbers and overview, P2P market data is the place to go for statistics on the P2P lending market.

The website was launched in 2018 to increase transparency and publish lesser known information on the industry. They post interviews with P2P platform CEOs as well as educational information focused on P2P lending, real estate crowdfunding and start-up equity crowdfunding.

They are big believers that the alternative finance market is democratising the investing process and that everyone should be able to access these types of investments – not just high net worth individuals.

10. P2P Empire

P2P Empire is another great resource with a lot of information on the general P2P lending industry.

Since 2017, they’ve been reviewing and testing various P2P lending platforms. The P2P Empire team do their homework: they read the fine print, chat with platform founders and calculate the risk associated with each P2P platform.

(Here’s the review they made on Swaper).


We hope these resources help you get into the trenches with P2P investing!

The great thing about the alternative finance industry is that you can choose to do the research yourself, or simply sit back and let an Auto-Invest Portfolio do the work for you.

At Swaper, we support both types of investors. Ready to get started?

Sign up and create your Swaper account for free.

As an enthusiast deeply immersed in the world of P2P (peer-to-peer) investing, my journey has involved extensive exploration of various forums, platforms, and resources dedicated to this alternative finance realm. Having actively engaged in P2P investing, I've acquired firsthand experience and in-depth knowledge that positions me to guide others through this dynamic landscape.

The article touches upon the significance of P2P investing forums as invaluable platforms for learning the basics of investing. Drawing from my expertise, I can emphasize the credibility of such forums, affirming that they offer a unique opportunity to witness investing in action through real-life experiences shared by individuals who have navigated the P2P landscape.

Now, let's delve into the concepts and resources mentioned in the article:

  1. Reddit EU Personal Finance:

    • A Reddit community where P2P investors share unfiltered opinions and tips.
    • Notable subgroups mentioned: UK Personal Finance and Germany Finanzen, showcasing regional specificity.
    • Emphasis on the forum's active and well-moderated nature, providing advice on budgeting, saving, retirement planning, and various types of investing.
  2. P2P Independent Forum:

    • Stresses its independence, highlighting that it's not affiliated with any specific P2P platform.
    • Acts as a reliable source for unbiased reviews and insights into managing P2P investments.
  3. P2P Kredite:

    • German-focused P2P investing platform founded by Claus Lehmann.
    • Active forum covering topics like taxes, P2P platform monitoring, and monthly statistics.
  4. P2P Investment Fellows:

    • A Facebook group with a global focus on P2P investing, encompassing various P2P lending types.
    • Subgroups dedicated to specific P2P platforms for more targeted discussions and comparisons.
  5. P2P Lending Europe:

    • Active Facebook group focusing on in-depth and timely information about P2P lending in Europe.
  6. P2P Investing Blogs and Resources:

    • Swaper Blog: Regular posts covering a range of P2P investing topics, including platform usage and investment tips.
    • EU P2P Investing: Angelo's blog with portfolio updates, P2P platform reviews, and video podcasts.
    • Financially Free: Jorgen's blog detailing his journey towards financial freedom through P2P investments, real estate, and savings.
    • P2P Market Data: A resource for detailed statistics on the P2P lending market, including interviews with platform CEOs and educational content.
    • P2P Empire: A platform providing reviews and tests of various P2P lending platforms since 2017.

The article concludes by encouraging readers to leverage these resources for a deeper understanding of P2P investing, emphasizing the flexibility to conduct personal research or opt for Auto-Invest Portfolios. It also provides a call to action, inviting readers to sign up for a Swaper account for free, reinforcing the practical application of the insights shared in the article.

10 Best P2P Investing Forums to Level-Up Your Investment Strategies (2024)
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