10 Best AI Tutors Diversifying Learning Experience (2024)

AI and machine learning have touched the realm of education and are transforming the age-old traditional learning approach. From personalized learning experiences to recognizing patterns in data, AI tutoring apps are evolving as valuable tools! The best AI tutors empower teachers, students and enrich overall learning outcomes. Amidst the age of dizzy algorithms, language models, and intelligent AI tools, the influence of AI on education is inevitable!

In his 2023 TED talk, Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy, highlighted how we are bracing for a significant transformation in education led by AI. In Sal’s new era of education, every student would have an AI-powered assistant, and every tutor would have an AI assistant. This explains the importance of AI and its role in shaping the educational landscape ahead!

On that note, let’s review the best AI tutor platforms and key aspects to look at in an AI tutoring platform. So, shall we get started?

10 Best AI Tutors

The market size of AI in education is expected to grow from 3.45 billion USD to 23.82 billion USD during 2023 to 2030. And the growing importance of AI has led to the proliferation of AI-based tutoring platforms.

Let’s see the best AI tutors set to transform the learning and educational industry as a whole!

1. Duolingo

The first tutoring platform on our list, Duolingo, needs no introduction! With more than 500 million users, the popular platform is undeniably the world’s largest language-learning platform. Launched in 2012, Duolingo’s smart business model caters to learning 30+ languages, including German, French, Spanish, etc.

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With the advent of AI, Duolingo’s green mascot Duo, is swiftly stepping into an AI bubble. That said, Duolingo’s AI model, Birdbrain, has a key role in the AI change. So, how does Birdbrain help? It assesses the learner’s ability and the difficulty of the exercises to predict the learner’s journey.

Duolingo recently partnered with OpenAI to become one of the first platforms to offer its learners the ChatGPT-4 language model. The latest version of the platform is called Duolingo Max.


  • Personalized Learning Path tailored based on age and abilities
  • Game-style language learning tool
  • Real-time feedback on grammar and speech exercises
  • AI-powered role-play feature
  • Recording answers while engaging in interactive dialogues


  • Standard Version- Free
  • Super Duolingo – Family Plan ($9.99 / month)

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

2. ThirdSpace Learning

Founded in 2013, ThirdSpaceLearning is one of the US’s most significant online math learning platforms. Working closely with more than 4,000 schools and delivering lessons to 1,62,075 pupils, the tutoring platform is evolving as a growing community. The platform has transitioned into AI-powered learning to improve the overall engagement and learning experience.

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ThirdSpace Learning’s AI involves recording lessons and identifying patterns in tutor-pupil interactions. The platform offers both primary and secondary tutoring programs.


  • Personalized learning paths
  • Identifies familiar patterns during interactive lessons
  • Lesson recommendations by diagnostic assessments
  • Real-time feedback for student’s progress


Available on a personalized quote

Devices: Web

3. Babbel

Babbel is one of the best AI tutor platforms integrating AI to offer a personalized learning experience. The app offers both bite-sized courses and virtual classes for a dynamic learning experience. The platform allows users to learn 14 languages, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, etc.

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Do you need an app that caters to diverse learning levels? Then, your search ends here! Babbel’s comprehensive learning program caters to different learning levels, from A1(beginner level) to C1 CEFR level (proficient learners). The app’s machine learning algorithm gathers user data to identify the areas for improvement.


  • Speech Recognition to improve pronunciation
  • Practice exercises for writing, listening, and speaking skills
  • AI-enhanced speech recognition for accuracy of pronunciations
  • Everyday conversation feature simulates real-life conversations
  • Personalized learning to evaluate learner’s progress and enable adaptive learning


  • 6 months – $13.45/ month
  • 12 months – $8.95 / month
  • Lifetime – $349 (one-time payment access to all languages)

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

4. Thinkster

Another mathematical learning platform that merges the power of AI and machine learning is Thinkster. The platform personalizes student’s learning plans by assessing their level of understanding in Math. It is popular in 30+ countries and promises to improve the student’s expertise quickly.

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Thinkster’s expert tutoring is rendered by certified tutors who deliver the lessons through 1:1 private sessions. The platform infuses its patented AI to offer data-driven insights and supercharge the overall learning experience!


  • Tailored learning plans to address the skill gap
  • Patented AI Tech that guides in problem-solving
  • Real-time insights for accelerated learning
  • Monitors the student’s problem-solving ability
  • Identifies problem areas and suggests productive strategies


  • Free Rookie Plan
  • League/Premier Plan – $20/ month
  • All-Stars Coaching – $24 / session
  • Courses & Classes – $28-$24/ session

Devices: Web (Laptop, iPad, Android tablet)

5. Squirrel AI Learning

The first K12 Edtech Chinese company specializing in AI-based adaptive education, Squirrel AI, developed by YiXue Education, is a market leader. The intelligent platform leverages the power of AI to offer a student-centered and personalized learning approach.

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The platform was developed to offer personalized attention and equal educational opportunities. Powered by the large adaptive model (LAM), Squirrel AI improves student efficiency and engagement. Moreover, it offers premium Chinese, Math, English, Physics, and Chemistry courses.


  • Adaptive and real-time learning based on student interactions
  • Divides subject essential knowledge points for better understanding
  • Diagnostic test for students to identify learning gaps
  • Adaptive learning that infuses AI, machine learning and cognitive science
  • Level L5 human-machine interaction


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6. Memrise

Memrise is a robust language-learning app that supports over 23 languages. The app provides courses in diverse languages, such as Spanish, French, German, and Italian. Although Memrise is less popular than its popular counterpart, Duolingo, it is evolving as a preferred language platform.

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The app’s ML algorithm analyzes user data to offer targeted feedback and personalized learning experiences. So, what differentiates Memrise? Its learner-centric features, personalized towards language learning and vocabulary building is the platform’s unique selling point


  • Engaging video clips of native speakers
  • Gamification techniques make learning interactive and engaging
  • Personalized learning plans based on targeted feedback
  • Multiple exercises for improving learning, listening and writing skills
  • Spaced repetition learning systems at the end of each lesson


  • Monthly – $22.99/ month
  • Annual – $89.99/ year
  • Lifetime – $249.99 total

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

7. Lingoda

Lingoda is an online language learning platform known for its interactive live classes. The platform offers small group classes of a maximum of five students and 1:1 private tutoring via Zoom. A structured curriculum and maximum flexibility are Lingoda’s two distinctive features.

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Speaking of languages, Lingoda offers classes in English, Spanish, French, Business English, and German. Its AI-powered features are viable for evaluating learners’ progress, offering a clear roadmap.


  • Personalized lesson plans
  • Quick feedback on student’s performance
  • Classes conducted by certified language instructors
  • Interactive and dynamic exercises to improve language skills
  • Affordable rates


Group Classes (3-5 students) – 5 classes per month ($79.99 ); 12 classes ($147.99); 20 classes ($203.99); 40 classes- $359.99

1:1 classes – 5 classes($193.99); 12 classes($323.99); 20 classes($424.99); 40 classes ($719.99)

Devices: Web

8. Rosetta Stone

An immersive language learning platform, Rosetta Stone, proves to be the OG of visual learners. From everyday scenarios, audio clips and interactive activities, the platform teaches new words and phrases through visual cues. With classes for over 25 languages, learners can pick any language and build fluency quickly!

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Mastering the pronunciation is a crucial aspect of learning a new language. And this learning platform nails it from day one of learning! Its flagship speech recognition technology helps learners to ace pronunciation in the new language.


  • Customized lesson plans with AI algorithms
  • Visual cue cards for association-based vocabulary building
  • Real-time feedback on pronunciation with the TrueAccent feature
  • Bite-sized lessons to grasp concepts better


  • 3 months – $15.99/ month
  • Lifetime Subscription – $399 (one-time payment)
  • 12 months – $13.99/ month

Devices: iOS, Android, Web

9. Busuu

Busuu is a language learning platform where the courses are developed by the internationally recognized Central European Framework of Reference (CEFR). It offers training in languages like Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, English, French, etc.

10 Best AI Tutors Diversifying Learning Experience (9)

Busuu offers courses catering to the following different learning levels:

  • Beginner (A1)
  • Elementary (A2)
  • Intermediate (B1)
  • Upper-Intermediate(B2)

On the other hand, some courses, like Spanish, have up to advanced C1 level courses. Busuu Live offers 1:1 private lessons of 45 minutes with an expert tutor. Busuu’s AI-powered grammar trainer makes it one of the best artificial intelligence tutoring online.


  • AI-based language corrections
  • Vocabulary Review combining AI and flashcards for spaced repetition
  • Grammar Review predicting the grammar exercises to practice
  • Video-Bites integrating real-life scenarios, colloquial expressions


  • Basic Version- Free
  • Premium Version – 1 month ($13.9/ month); 6 months ($50.70); 12 months ($83.40)

Devices: Web, iOS, Android

10. Knewton

Founded in 2008, Knewton is an adaptive learning platform that delivers a personalized learning experience. Adaptive learning curates personalized learning experiences, improving overall learning outcomes.

10 Best AI Tutors Diversifying Learning Experience (10)

Further, the platform’s advanced analytics provide additional information to educators on which course is most effective.

Knewton Alta’s content is WCAG 2.0 AA-level ADA compliant and accessible to all learners. So, what does the platform offer? The platform offers courses in different languages, such as Biology, Physics, Economics, Psychology, etc.


  • Personalized learning that adapts to student’s learning level
  • Comprehensive tutor analytics to assess the learning outcomes
  • Specific and detailed explanations for each question
  • Affordable courses curated from open education resources(OER)


  • Single Term – $44.95 (single course access)
  • Multi-Term – $89.95
  • Monthly Subscription- $10.95

Devices: Web

What are the Benefits of Choosing AI Tutors?

Given evolving learning needs and styles, the traditional learning approach is undergoing a monumental change. Recently, AI has been a key catalyst driving this swift change. From tailored learning experiences to speech recognition tools, AI is revolutionizing the one-size-fits-all approach to personalized learning.

Here are the benefits of using AI tutoring apps:

  • Chatbots: Language learning apps include chatbots to initiate conversations and get real-time feedback. The bots typically advocate tips on spelling, grammar, and pronunciation.
  • Speech recognition technology: It helps learners refine their speaking skills by comparing them with native learners.
  • Real-time Feedback: Evaluate the tests and essays immediately after submission and offer instant feedback.
  • Increased Engagement: Synergize powerful gamification strategies and AI to curate customized learning paths.
  • Assessments & Analytics: Track the learner’s performance and offer detailed insights on the learner’s progress and the course’s effectiveness.

Wrapping Up

The transformative power of generative AI heralds the fourth wave of the Industrial Revolution. With the growing number of AI tutoring platforms, AI is definitely emerging as a disruptive power in the online learning industry.

Traditional learning emphasizes a one-size-fits-all approach. On the other hand, NLPs and machine learning algorithms identify users’ learning styles, patterns, and interests, helping them curate customized learning paths.

The growth of AI has bolstered language learning. AI-powered chatbots, speech recognition technology, in-depth assessments, and analytics are the primary applications of AI in online learning.

Lastly, the best AI tutors are not here to replace human interactions but rather complement traditional learning and offer an unparalleled user experience!

FAQs-Related to Top AI Tutors

1. How can AI be used in online learning?

AI helps to create personalized learning paths based on learning styles and preferences. Besides, AI learning platforms offer real-time feedback based on interactions and performance.

2. Which is the best AI platform for learning?

Duolingo, Memrise, Thinkster and Babbel are prominent AI learning platforms.

3. Can AI help in language learning?

Yes, AI’s capability to assess individual learners’ styles, needs, and pace significantly helps language learning.

10 Best AI Tutors Diversifying Learning Experience (2024)
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